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Don’t Posion My Niece’s Words,Arom

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Author’s Note:Read this carefully this time and also ask permission to use my Story Lines.

Mikayla had told me about what she called this:”Rumor Boy”

Abby:”Mika? Why are you panicking..”

Mikayla:”Because the Clan Commucations have been hacked into and Alyssa’s Information!”

Abby:”Mikayla,Calm down!”


Abby:”Play the broadcast..”

*Mikayla would replay the Broadcast from Arom*

Abby:”Someone trying to boss us all around? Spreading Rumors about my Niece?!?”


*A Message From The Entire Skymoon Family & Friends*

“Do Not Posion, Alyssa Hageshi’s Words..She is only Fourteen years old..She cares about the people of Hellifyno but when your in rule you gotta plan it out right not because of money or something but because she wishes to be successful at saving those who wanna be saved”

Abby & Mikayla:”Arom,take this as a sign of peace..and time you get into Alyssa’s Broadcast Channel..use the Guest’s one…”

  1. Arom 1 year ago

    To note she directly involved Arom into the blog and therefore the story line. And my character responded in a way that his personality would And he didnt “hack” anything Every message Arom sent is a open channel for everyone to hear it

    To Arom the direct message to him came off as a threat to block his messages So he reacted accordingly.

  2. Alyssa Hageshi 1 year ago

    Arom,I will just go off of it as best as I don’t be making rumors

    • Inara Decross 1 year ago

      I mean he or she just playing thier character…if the character is the kind to spread a rumor as a means to get something out of it then thats how it goes. Kinda unfair to tell someone to not play their character they way the designed them.

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