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Don’t Tell,Okay?

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“I’m heading down to the market for a bit, your father should be home soon…” I heard mum call from the other room. My eyes widened with my mouth full of porridge and I dropped my wooden spoon back in the bowl just to topple out of my wooden chair and scurry into the kitchen doorway watching her in the living room just as she was gathering her things,

“No! She stopped to frown over at me when she heard the sudden words slip from my mouth, My Brother and Sister were suddenly staring at me from the kitchen, I glanced at them both just as she started to speak,

“No?” She repeated confused, her brows furrowing softly but her voice swayed like Apples falling from the tree and I went on softly,

“Don’t Leave…”

“Why not Honey?” She asked, crouching down to my height just as I caught my brother’s glance from the Kitchen. I hesitated looking back at her before going on softly,

“No….I….wanted to go with you, I mean…” I went on bravely, even after catching my brother’s glance, knowing I’d get it later.

“Awe, Honey…” She sighed, going over and crouching down next to me, cupping my rough cheeks with her loving hands, I took a deep breath of her woody sent and looked into her eyes, even though I knew both Piper and Hunter were in the other room chuckling at me right now, I ignored them as Deer went on
“You don’t have to worry about me…You have your brother here to protect you…”She snuck a glance over at him with a soft smile and I wanted to blurt out that, that was exactly what I was afraid of but before I could even open my mouth again she was finished

“Your Father should be home soon enough and before you know it we’ll all be gathered around the table eating dinner…” She saw my nervous look and sighed once more,

“I shouldn’t be gone long…” She said in a reassuring tone but a faint whisper before leaning in and planting a kiss on my forehead then smudging back my hair from my eyes with the smallest of smiles
“Watch the house and be good you three…Love you…” She called back as she headed to the door again and threw her fur coat on nuzzling it to her. I gave another quick smile but my eyes screamed for help as she disappeared out into the cool night. There was a moment’s pause, then three.

“You’re dead meat.” The words hit my ears like a deer’s to a gunfire and I practically did a three sixty as my little sister started screaming bloody murder. It wasn’t murder though, and I was on my toes just as Hunter’s hit the Kitchen floor’s running. I barely had time to pull my strength together before I was making my lap around the living room couch and Hunter was hopping the coffee table. I was fast yeah, but he was ten times faster. I found myself dodging behind the safety of the couch with my wide bambi eyes fixed on him just as his boots scraped over the carpet and he was heading at me like a wild bull.
“Hunter!” I pleaded moving around like a cowardly bear from one side of the couch to the other. He laughed cruelly and chased me around the fire before I was darting for the stairs.

“Oh no you don’t…” He sneered just as my sneaker hit the first step and slipped to his grasping hands. I flinched when his tough fingers gripped around my collar and strangled the string on my hood and I struggled to escape “Hunter let me go!” I huffed as he pulled his arm around my body and removed his grip on my hood, knocking me back against his chest just to grab a hold of my squirming shoulder with his death-grip
“I’m Serious!” I fussed as we tumbled into the other room, reaching my arms up to grip his arm and tug loose, he shouted out in pain just as I realized my jaws were clamping down on his arm
“Oi! That ain’t fair you brat!” He spat in his strong British Accent charging at me once more
“Doesn’t have ta’ be!” I managed, my eyes going wide again when he practically tackled me into the China cabinet knocking a vase and a few other figurines off
“Now look what ya did!” Hunter scolded grabbing for me again,

“Me!?” I hissed in protest ducking from his arm and throwing my arms around his stomach, I wanted to head-butt him straight into the dresser but my strength was weakening and before I knew again his arms locked around me and he was flipping me down on the love seat, I Managed to squirm from his grip only to get locked into another headlock and I closed my eyes tight trying to avoid the upcoming noogie, But suddenly the world around us froze and both of our eyes fixed at the front door to the sound of rustling and instantly we both knew who it was

“Upstairs.” Hunter hissed, shoving me out of his grip.

I froze like bambi fora second but his propel had me stumbling over my own feet “Go!” He snapped and that’s what I did.
I flew up the wooden steps just as the cabin door jerked open and there he was, covered in various furs, guns and bows with arrows strapped to his back as he tumbled through the door coughing. The smell of whiskey and wood life immediately filled the household and I didn’t know at the time but Hunter had snuck back into the kitchen to gather Piper
“What the hell is that smell?” Father’s voice boomed and I flinched from behind my bedroom door I was so glad I made it to in time.
“Um…Mum’s cooking.” I heard Hunter’s reply from the living room
“Did you- catch anything good?”
I couldn’t hear anything after that except a muffled conversation then sudden shouting over broken dishes and armchairs- Shit. I cringed and dove under the bed, crumpling my body against the hard wooden floor the best I could, my shirt brushing up from under me causing my stomach to rush against the texture and made me shiver. I managed to turn myself and buried my chin under my arms I had folded over staring at the bedroom door. It felt like my eyes would roll away if they got any wider at the sound of heavy footsteps trailing up the wooden steps. The bedroom door creaked as it flung open and I had to bite down on my lower lip from yelping.
“Pa!” I heard Hunter shout from beyond the steps trying to grab his father’s attention but his dark chocolate eyes were already scanning the room for me.

“Where the hell’s your brother at, Hunter?” He asked grimly, his thumb and index scanned his chin as his eyes turned away from my side of the room to the door again, He was leaving….I exhaled slightly
“No Idea…” I heard him lie from the bottom of the steps
“what?” I could notice his brows press together in a hard line.
“He stepped into town with mum at the market…”
Holy shit! I about gasped at the fact that Hunter had lied to dad of all people, and surprisingly it seemed like it worked as he stepped out of the room with the door half shut behind him

“Oh…Could’ve sworn she went out on her own….” He said thoughtfully, his voice fading and I figured now was the best time to make my escape… I tried to budge but my foot got caught and I cringed; trying again only made matter’s worse.
“She did…at first.” Hunter went on slowly.
“Really?” His voice almost came out as a snicker as he started down the steps,
“yeah.” Hunter nodded.
“That’s funny, because…I ran into your mum, on my way here…” His tone trailed and Just as I thought I was free I froze with Fear at the thought of what he might do to Hunter now that he found out he was lying…Of course it couldn’t be too bad- Hunter never lied, and he was father’s Pet- but what did I know?
“Ow!” I jerked my head up to squeeze out from under the bedsprings but the back of my head hit the bar and I flinched in pain, now he knew I was upstairs.
I froze again feeling my heartbeat escalate just as it disappeared into the bowels of my stomach and when I heard him pause I know he was dealing with Hunter but now his footsteps back up the stairs had my adrenaline pumping.

“Oi!” I jumped a bit when his voice matched the sound of the bedroom door hitting the wall when it flung open, luckily my grip on the window sill was tight enough so I hadn’t stumbled out during the process, but now I was more vulnerable than before halfway out the window.
“what the hell are ya’ doin’!?” he scolded, and I struggled at his touch, his knuckle wrapped around my pant leg and I tried to squirm through- I rather hit the ground and break a few bones then get it from him again- but his strength was above mine and by the time both knuckles were on each pant leg I found myself trying to smuggle the rest of my body out of them
“Let me go!” I hollered in alarm, possibly warning some village foke, I growled and fussed trying to kick the man off but now his hand trailed further and he was yanking me back into the room.
“Shit! Leave me alone!” I huffed hitting the floor
“what!? Boy- Don’t talks to your ol’ man that way! You’re already getting it! “There was more to it I knew but being as stubborn as I was I tried crawling away again but now he was grabbing my scuff
“Let me go!” I snarled out, his hands were everywhere, like giant clamps coming down from the ceiling and being me I only hoping to slip through the cracks of the wooden floor.

“Let me go! Let me go! I F*ckin’ Hate you!” I screamed, and there was only the second’s pause I could not see because my eyes were clenched tight, unable to tell whether he was shocked or angrier. It wasn’t a very long pause because before I knew he was yanking me by the collar to the feet and his heavy hands were now clamping around my thin throat and only a yelp of pain managed to escape. I felt my nails making their way from my side up to grab his wrist and struggle to pry him off again, Now I couldn’t scream, all I could do was kick and tug at his arm trying to fling him off but he’d only yell for me to stop squirming. I cringed squinting my eyes shut tight when I felt the air leaving my lungs and all I could think was that this was it and I was going to die with nothing and get nowhere and life…the thought was heartbreaking, but maybe it was for the best. And Just as I felt everything going blurry his hand loosened around me and I barley squinted to notice him wide eyed and froze just before going stiff and collapsing. I gasped and tumbled over on the wooden floor, choking for breath and when I looked up my brother stood there with his hair veiling his eyes and his breathing heavy, he was holding his shotgun in each hand and slightly slumped over behind father’s unconscious body

“Hunter?” I managed.
“Get out.”

He warned but I only flinched before looking back down at the corpse in shock, “Is he dead?”
“Go!” He snapped and this time I stumbled to my feet again, hopped the body and ran out from behind him. I gripped the railing just as I darted down the steps, each one creaking behind me until I slammed into the front door and jerked I to pen.
“Andy…” I heard a whisper and froze in mid-wind with the door standing open before shutting it slightly again where I noticed Piper sitting curled up behind the end table in the corner of the living room, her bony fingers wrapped around the legs of the stand and her wide eyes watching me and waiting from under the dim light of the lamp.

“Pipe? What are you doing?” I gaped and scurried over to her before tugging my Jacket back off and scooping her out from under the end table
“C’mon, we’ve got to get out of here…” I said softly after getting her out of there, the door smacked against my back as the cool night pulled it shut and our feet were crunching against every patch of grass. We walked/ran for what felt like hours until we reached a small cave carved out of the side of the ground by bears or some other wild animal as we waited snuggled against each other for the night to be over. Soon, a figure not much taller than us both emerged from the fog and once close enough I made out that it was Hunter…

He bought us some canned food and shoved it into my free arm, the one that wasn’t wrapped around my sister who was bundled under the fur coats.

“Dinner.” He mumbled and then started a fire with some wood he’d gathered
“Is he dead?” I asked again, finally after a moment of staring into the burning flames. He sighed after another moment and his eyes glared over at me from next to Piper and he wet his lips nodding once “I knocked him out Andrew.” He said sternly, like mum would say when she was upset.
“He’s not dead.”

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  1. Belle W??c?e??er 7 years ago

    o.o I died when I saw that BMW Gif <33 I wuv you Dani

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