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Don’t They Know It’s the End of the World?

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When he had seen her, her once blue eyes weren’t the same. One eye was gone, and replaced by some sort of camera that was had a flickering red light, but that wasn’t as unsettling as the blood on her thighs, or the fear in her remaining eye. She was stammering, unable to hide the synthetic French accent, but yet she always worried about him. “I…am bleeding?” She was confused and surprised, and Nick wondered if they’d drugged her like they had him at first. “Monsieur! Y-you’re bleeding too!”

How sweet, for a moment he thought, but before he could explain, he heard a buzzing between his ears.. Something inside of his head, like he had picked up a bad signal, and then the voice of his brother, whom he had thought dead until the day before (Was it a day? It could’ve been hours or weeks, and he hadn’t seen a clock to know). “H-Hello? Is it over? Was… No.. These memories..It.. Did happen?”

“DiMA?” Nick’s head turned away from Curie, as he openly asked to the air, like Hamlet would monologue sometimes. “I’m glad to hear you aren’t screaming..” Curie however looked more confused, and it became more apparent to Nick now that the device on her eye was recording. “M-Monsieur?”

Whatever attempts that Nick had made to talk to DiMA were worthless.. He was ignoring him. “I, need to save them.. I must.. fight..” He felt something overwhelming against his body, almost the way someone would feel in a second before they threw up.. An entire body retching for control. It occurred to Nick that DiMA was stuck in the present of that situation. He hadn’t seen the bodies hit the floor, or at least didn’t have the memory. He just knew something was wrong and he had to get help.. Nick’s fingers reached up to his head, sticky with blood. “DiMA, we aren’t in Kansas anymore..” He pleaded to his brother.

“I can’t let them DIE!!” DiMA shrieked a desperate sound, fighting Nick harder for control of anything, from his fingers to his toes.

Curie had never seen anything like this before.. This was like witnessing a possession, and she wasn’t equipped to handle it, especially under the trauma she was already in. She scooted away from him to one of the many corners of the hexagon shaped room. “M-monsieur?! Please stop! You’re scaring me!”

DiMA wouldn’t stop screaming. He was demanding answers, and Nick was struggling to answer them.. He was fighting hard enough for Nick to lose his balance, dropping against the white floor, smearing his own blood against it. And in surprise, Nick felt his vision fade, but knew his head was raising against his will. DiMA was looking intently at Curie.. That red light mocking him.. He fought to pull Nick forward, while what control Nick had left, dragged his metal fingers against the floor like a cat.

Nick begged. Please, don’t, she’s Nora’s friend. She’s innocent. But DiMA was beyond the point of reason. Curie reached for his hand, pale, frightened and confused. The last thing Nick ever wanted to be looked at like. “M-Monsiuer? I am your friend too, yes?” DiMA, please don’t hurt her, god, please, she’s a victim too! But it was no use, his hand snaking in hers, and yanking her downwards to slam her head on the floor, with a thud. DiMA pulled the body atop of her, and started slamming their head over and over again. Curie screamed, crawling, and trying to fight back by hitting at him with her small hands, but not nearly as strong as he was. She begged for forgiveness, for whatever crime she had done to deserve this, but DiMA didn’t stop.

DiMA THAT’S ENOUGH! And Nick was fighting again for control. He wanted Curie to run, to do something as he dragged himself towards the wall instead of her, while a shaking metal hand reached for the newly implanted hard drive sticking out of his gut.. He wanted to rip it out, like it could help him, but before he could, his good hand was reaching for the wrist. DiMA hadn’t given up yet. “I will save them, Nick! I WILL SAVE THEM!” His head slammed against Curie’s again, this time, intended to disorient Nick and Curie. And yet, Nick’s voice fought back. “THEY”RE ALL DEAD!”

DiMA thrashed in denial, slamming and grabbing at the eye piece on Curie’s head before he finally gave a rough yank, to rip the piece from his hand and to toss it across the room.. By now, Curie was gargling blood and coolant from her mouth, a sickly mess of green and red, making a disgusting brown color that Nick couldn’t describe as anything that looked like shit. “M..Monsieur. Don’t let me… Power….”

Nick would never be used to that sound of silence. The death rattle. The stillness.. But it didn’t matter when DiMA started thrashing again, like he wasn’t satisfied that the girl was dead. Nick sobbed, begging for forgiveness from the girl as he covered his face with a bloodied arm.. He stumbles against his feet, to get free from the bloodied mess, before he collapsed again, eyes falling shut.


“Omega 1, can you hear me?” A voice spoke low and soft to Nick, and his eyes opened. In front of him, as a doctor, in a cleanroom suit, with a clipboard and pen.. “Can you hear me?”

Nick stared at the light for a second, wondering if his dream was real or not.. And he blurts out the question, of all things as his hands moved, before he remembered that she was shackled on the operating table again, like he had been for the last several rounds. He was uncomfortable with how familiar this place was becoming. “Where is Curie?”

The admin, they called him, leaned forward in his metal chair. “Who is Curie, and what can you tell me about her..?” He flipped to the back page on the clipboard and clicked his pen, ready to write. “Tell me about what she means to you, Omega, and why.”

“Nora, Hancock, and I met Curie in Vault 81.. We were looking for a cure for a little boy that had been bitten by a diseased mole rat.” He feels better, he notices, more clear.. Like they had given him more blood and fresh coolant, and the pounding in his head was less significant. DiMA was silent too. “We took her with us to see the world.. She’s… She was so curious about the world around her.. She asked me once, what it was like to be a synth, and if I thought it was worth it.” He remembered the Miss Nanny model of CVRIE, that eyed him with curious eyestalks. “I’ve always really liked her.”

The admin wrote notes, jotting them as fast as he received them, and Nick noticed that he wasn’t stitched up in the head, and he still had the same blood stains as from when he passed out.. It wasn’t a dream, and grief filled his chest. The admin asked him more questions, about Nora, and how she became a synth. They interrogated him about the Railroad, and he’d come up with a person of contact who he knew would keep them safe, until finally the Admin moved closer.. He put his hand on Nick’s forehead, making his own eyes close as he felt like he was about to sob. “How are you feeling, Omega? Is it painful? And if it is, what types of pain are you feeling?”

Nick swore, that if the room were any quieter, he could hear the sweet song of Skeeter Davis. “For the first time in a long time… I want to bite the bullet.”

I wake up in the morning and I wonder,

why everything’s the same as it was.

I can’t understand, no I can’t understand,

How life goes on the way it does.

Why does my heart go on beating?

Why do these eyes of mine cry?

Don’t they know, it’s the end of the world?

It ended when you said Goodbye.


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  1. Piper Wright 4 years ago

    <Dude… What in the actual fuck..? *Is so triggered*>

  2. Laurent Averil 4 years ago

    His hands were on her breasts the very instant she discarded her shirt.  Cupping them in his palms, he caressed her erect nipples with his thumbs.  He kissed her back, hard, sucking on her tongue and forcing his into her mouth.  


    When she broke away and kissed his chest, his hands instantly began to press her head further down with gentle insistence.  He had never needed anything as badly as he needed her mouth around his cock right fucking now.  


    And then it was and his fingers clenched her hair and his thighs went rigid and he pushed himself deep into her mouth, feeling her throat tighten around him as she gagged.  God!  He would embarrass himself if she kept this up so he was slightly relieved when she stopped.  


    He dug his fingers into her hips as she straddled him and ground his cock against her wet sex.  Plunging one hand between them, he coated his fingers in her juices and then brought them his lips and licked them slowly.  She tasted divine.  She lifted up to push him inside her and the rational part of his mind screamed at him.  STOP!  And for a heartbeat he considered ignoring it but his body was already reacting.  He sat up and shoved her off him.  “I can’t,” he rasped.  


    Laurent couldn’t look at her.  His eyes were squeezed shut and his fists were clenched and his breath dragged through his tight throat so hard it hurt.  “I can’t.  If Gideon finds out…”


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