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Dreams of a Fateful City 1: Contain and Maintain

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In the time Dorian has chosen to use as ‘night’ on the station his slumber is disturbed with visions of time before and memories of an echo. From here this will be in the first person, as it is Dorian’s inner dialogue.

I am listening to a report on the news, brothers and sisters all dying, to a fog. The Witch Goddess slaying my people for just being who we are. They choke and die slowly.

That is why we are sent.

On the way to the city I hear a voice, it sounds like me… But is it? Is that my voice? If so why am I not talking? He says things about a fog, and devices to collect it. He mentions something about a baby? Where the enemy kidnappers?

He continued to speak, and drowned on and on… After a while I remember touching ground. I remember a horde of beasts, black as void and hungry.

Like locust they eat what gets in their way. We hold the line with fire and the mounds of the dead. 

We help people too, finding safe places for them. The voice that is and is not me says not to hurt those that don’t harm us. To calmly accept the people. They are also victims of the Witch Goddess and Devil Fox.

It is when the thunder struck that I awoke, a sound like static ringing in my ears.


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