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Dreams of a Fateful City 2: A War of Four Minds

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For two nights in a row now, Dorian Corwin has experienced strange dreams. Here again is his inner dialogue.

That ringing sound. It’s like something that makes the teeth in your head vibrate. It was a weapon, inspired to fight one enemy, made to fight all our enemies. It was genius, and terrifying.

The effects of the first few tests where terrifying, and seeing what it did to a living being was just as harrowing.

With the new weapon and a fight breaking out between the Demon Fox and Witch Goddess, we had a chance. We did not yet wish to take the city or retrieve the child. We had to make a show of force. One stone was already found, we couldn’t let them take a second.

Once we left the small Island, the one that brought our people pain, we had an opening, a weakness. A woman of Nightmares and Dreams felt lesser than the Fox she worked for. And the bait was made. The Dream Woman went out to betray the Fox.

A thought of faces bursting in flames wakes me, and I sit up in a cold sweat. A skull, like the specter of death, seeps through the dreams, as if it’s following me.

What is going on?

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    1. Alena Kross 9 months ago

      -shivers and doubts she wants to know-

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