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Dreams of a Fateful City 3: Shattered Paths

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The continuation of Dorian’s dreams.

This night was like all the others. Odd dreams, none of them seemed to be memories of mine, o where they someone else’s? Why did that specter of death seem to follow me through them?

He had a plan. They took a person that was held by us. He was turned into a weapon of our own. While also staging a ‘massacre’. The Reaper seemed to be a very powerful force.

He went about to show the fruits of his efforts, and that’s when things broke down. Was that part of his plan? I wouldn’t know, or at least didn’t think I would. It all went black when the Demon Fox shown.

From there… It’s fragments. I hear the Reaper’s voice saying he wanted to fix it. He needed to correct the world.

I kept hearing the word pheonix.

And then, I heard the Reaper had died… but he was coming back? How do the dead comeback? Are these memories? Broken fragments of something? Who was that Reaper? Where am I? What what is with these machines? Where is m—-

****—–System Error—–****

Drone connection to host server failing: Synchronization dropping below 85% Terminate drone REM cycle.


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