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Dripping spice

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He is sweet ,

dripping in sugar and honey ,

every kiss delicate as a rose petal ,

fingers oh so careful around the thorns,

love overwhelming that drives me crazy

craving for spice while all i get

is sugar powder coating my tongue ,

the crave turning into an ache,

for the burn of spice ,

a heat strong yet i continue 

relishing each bit ,

eyes watering ,

ears ringing,

throat begging for mercy….

dreaming of him to turn this way 

keeping me awake on sugar blues he filled me with ,

but oh when he knew to read me 

his smile curled into a smirk ..

pricked himself on the thorns 

while his kisses turned into juice dripping bites,

hands no more held back to gentleness 

but turning me into a canvas for his hand imprints 

making me cry 


to never let the burn stop 

lasting till the garnish decorated the main course meal 

a love so spicy 

that the morning sugar kisses 

were more than welcomed as dessert 

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