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Edge of the Spider-Verse

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The Inheritors were everywhere they not only took Benjy and killed most of the Spider-totems but Parker and the rest of the Spider Crew had to figure out where to hide to next. Only place they could spot was with another universe with Uncle Ben, Spider-Man was shocked to see Uncle Ben in this other universe but as long as their safe there’s nothing the Inheritors can do but search for them.

“Uncle Ben how are you?” “How did you?” “Well all and all we’re happy to see you I’m glad Silk was able to find you in this place, tell me how did Silk find you?” Uncle Ben told Peter and the rest of the Spider men to come and he will explain how this place was empty and destroyed but as for the other spiders they kept jumping around other dimensions recruiting more Spider-men before the Inheritors can get to them. 


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  1. Greg 7 years ago

    (and then there was popcorn popping in the microwave.)

  2. Spider-Man 2099 6 years ago

    After arriving back with the lady spider, Miguel can only see the body count on some of the Spider-men totems who were badly killed by the inheritor named Solus who is the great leader and father to Morlun and the other Inheritors. “No how could this happen, Spider-man 2099 was shocked and devastated he could not bear to see more of his fallen comrades murdered and slain in cold blood but there was no time for sobbing he jumped forward to the next dimension with the Lady Spider who joins him in the fight as well. After the two jump through the portal, they end up somewhere in a different universe with a plain New York only to find another Spider-man fighting a Scorpion but it was a cross species Scorpion that looked human but it wasn’t. This Spider-man was young, agile and had a slick attitude like he was a badass, Miguel didn’t care but they’re job is to recruit more Spider-totems before the danger and threats hit them on the long run.

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