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Name: Edwin

Age: Unknown

Eye Color: Blue, Green, Gold, etc ( Ever Changing depending on his mood )

Hair Color: Sandy Brown with hints of chestnuts and reds

Race: Dobhar-chú ( Water Hound )

Status: Single


A man born back in the time of the 16th century with many secretes that surrounded him. Born to a fairly noble class, Edwin grew up being taught things expected out of any common man. His father was the head command over the British Navy and ruled the seas with what was seen as an iron fist.  He often brought Edwin along the ships to sail the seas, teaching him everything he needed to know. By the ripe age of 10, Edwin knew how to fully run a ship and sail her.  His vast knowledge over everything left many in awe of him, and started the many rumors. 

People assumed he would grow up to rule the country if he so tried, and how he would easily surpass his father eventually. Both were not amusing ideas for young Edwin, and in fact, he sought a more quiet life. He enjoyed learning, but he enjoyed tinkering around with things as well, something his father wasn’t pleased about.  The man wanted a son to follow in his footsteps… stand tall and proud and take on the role of being a man worthy of the riches and ladies he felt was deserved. Edwin refused every time… and it began to cause a rift between Father and Son. 

Due to their opposite opinions, Edwin’s father took to trying to beat him into submission, which back fired and did quite the opposite. He became more stubborn and hard jawed against his old man. Their heads constantly butted in battle and neither wished to give up their footing or ground. It wasn’t until Edwin witnessed his father killing ‘Pirates’ that Edwin saw what he wanted out of life. To become a pirate… to help make a point and change the world… THAT is what he longed to do… to be. 

He knew his old man would be furious, but at the young age of 17, he packed up and left in the dark of night and took up refuge on a pirate ship after joining. Due to his fairly young age, he was a mockery for a short time… until a nasty storm came up and he saved the crew and the ship with his quick thinking and sailing abilities. It was after that incident that the Captain at the time made him second in command. A deep respect formed for Edwin, who seemed to know the sea better then any other pirate before them. 

He grew to be a well known Pirate… a Captain that was fair, yet strict when it was needed…. and able to take down every Navy ship that sailed after them.  It wasn’t until another storm swept up that everything changed. The storm was all wrong… the heavy feel dark and evil as it battered against his beauty of a ship. Then from the water arose a mighty beast…. terrifying to any that saw it… yet was intriguing by Edwin. The beast from legend known as the Dobhar-chú…a water hound rumored to sink ships and swallow men whole. 

The men were screaming and jumping overboard.. only to be drowned in the rough currents. None were left other than the Captain… and he stared down the beast before him curiously. In all his life he had not seen something so strong… so magnificent…. and it asked him a simple Question. 

” Do you Fear? “

To which Edwin responded in kind with a shake of his head. 

” No… I only seek…” 

Everything blurred after that and Edwin’s world changed… HE changed into the very creature he had been staring upon. His new life was exciting… he understood everything so much clearer now… how he was born to become the very beast of the sea that protected it from harm… from corruption. Yes…. he was where he wanted and needed to be and he soaked it up. Throughout the centuries, there were sightings of the Water Hound… some horrendous of taking entire fleets down to the bottom of the seas… others just a passing glimpse of the creature unknown. 

Through the ages though, he mastered his forms… even able to split the Water hound into an actual canine form so that he could roam along the lands without giving away his more human like appearance.  To him, the changing world was exciting.. and there was much to learn and much to understand. Though his heart is forever given to the life of being a Pirate, he had grown into a man with power and standing when he wants it, yet can easily be low-key and invisible when not. 

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  1. Deadpool 7 years ago

    OH Yeaaaah makes ya wanna shake your ass off and feel that rhythm down your pelvis and shaking it hard. 

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