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El Trato con el Diablo

Candy RE
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I’ve known the Maidens for a while now.

I think I’ve seen all there is to see with these, Crazy group of Putas.

However, one day I was approached by the youngest of the bunch. The Teenager with the mental trauma.

I tend to be real soft on her, mainly because the others are so hard on her.

I remember when we had some down time she came into my chambers and we sat on the bed and snuggled some.

I remember her asking me what life was like before all this.

A sensitive tale, that.

“People haven’t always been the way you see them now, Honey.”

And I didn’t mean only me…

       Oh it was almost ten years ago. It will be exactly ten years in October. Me and my husband. A tall, dark, toned man with a mind always on his goals, and a gut to drive himself to accomplish them. His name was Gustavo or.. How our men called him”Papá Grande”. He a young man out south of the NCR’s boarders. The land was out of their jurisdiction and he and his three cousins had a knack for cooking chems. From the start it was the four of them selling the small time chems on the streets. But soon their little business was starting to pick up. More money called in for a higher demand in product. They hired runners, got a bigger set up, and before they knew it they were on their way to becoming quite the chem export. Of course, more people wanted a slice of their pie. Competition showed up but were quickly stamped out by the hired muscle. Though, I can’t say it was long after that they had their own sweet little empire going.

       Gustavo and his Cousins had found the perfect recipe that would keep them in business for the rest of their lives. They’d got this recipe for Ultra Jet that had the most potent and perfect high one could ever wish for on the stuff. They got to cooking the shit and soon they were expanding their business and pocketing so much money. My Father was a family friend to Gustavo’s and soon at the age of nineteen i was introduced to the twenty eight year old man who was Gustavo. We both fell in love from the day we laid eyes on one another. Compatible in every way, and had just the right amount of differences. He and I would get married a year later. Now at his side, he and I began to run things together. His cousins decided to spread out and leave it to us for managing things. They agreed that the business side of things was his specialty, and their was cooking and finding clients.

       Now, we move forward a bit in this tale. We’ve gotten so big that we want to expand into NCR Territory up north. However, we needed more armed guards for the shipments and those who could hold their own against NCR rules. We couldn’t afford to lose any of our closest muscle, they were at this point like family. Gustavo used to say that we weren’t a business, but a Familia. Gustavo and I searched far and wide for a people. Street thugs were too careless and untrustworthy. Raiders were snakes and would stab you in the back. Mercenaries is what we were in the market for. We sorted through several groups until we stumbled upon a new group we’ve never heard about, and it turns out they weren’t too far away. We caught wind that they were resting at the Hub. We sent a runner on over and sure enough, they accepted our request for a hearing. And one week later, they approached our heavily guarded manor.

         The first time I laid eyes on them, I knew something was different about them. Back then there was a total of thirteen Maidens. The leader of them was Flare, but boy, was she different. Back then that girl was way more ruthless than she is today. I knew when she sat at my table with me and my husband, that we has just let the Devil into our home. Me and my Husband were making a deal with the Devil. She was quite stern with my husband, even I was starting to get nervous by the way she demanded things. However, it must have been hard for an all female group of Mercs to be taken seriously. But that bitch sure held her own. We struck a deal. And all was well. We were right to higher them, those perras held there own against all kinds of shit. Money was racking in and me and the Gustavo decided to start living the luxurious life we so deserved. Our Manor was looking like it was it was never touched by the wrath of the bombs that fell from the great war. We drank and ate the finest foods and me and Gustavo never left our honeymoon phase.

         Two years pass, everything is great. Money is only accumulating. The Maidens were happy with their money, we were happy with ours. Shit was getting done. Well, one morning I remember standing out on the balcony of our chambers that looked over the court yard. A shipment was about to go out on a caravan with three maidens. Their little group leader was a little chica named Berry. She had a cute little Pixie cut that was dyed a wine color. I saw my husband approach the group. I swear I thought nothing of it, that was until he took his hand and stroked her cheek with his thumb, and kissed her hand before walking away. I was furious. It burned inside me so bright, I had no idea how to control such a pain. I didn’t say anything to him about it though. I kept t bottled in, but I knew it wouldn’t be long till I blew a fuse.

        When Berry’s team returned from another shipment delivery, Berry and her team entered the sleeping quarters we had set up for the traveling Maidens. A resting area for them so they had somewhere to stay on their break from traveling. I sat on the deck that night, watching their barracks until every light dimmed out in the windows. I drank a little too  much that night and was upset she was even on my property. I got up, and made my way over there. I opened up the door to their barracks and saw the bunks with sleeping bodies on them. But it was too dark to tell who was who. I waited for a while in the dark before I exited the building. I heard footsteps approaching and sure enough, I swore I saw that little tramposa. I quickly turned to face the noise, drew my husband’s 9mm pistol. I hesitated for a moment, my mind was in a blur, but I shot anyway. I fired at the woman six times. It took me a moment, but when I came back to reality I realized I had shot the wrong girl. My heart sank, I tell you. I had no idea what I had done or what I was even going to do at that moment. I quickly called two of my guards who rushed to my aid. We picked her up and rushed her to the wine cellar below. Maidens rushed out of the barracks but they didn’t catch us.

      The next morning I woke up hung over in the wine cellar. Covered in blood. I sat there in a ruined dress and with a girl that had passed away in the night due to blood loss. My guards stayed up and watched the doors. No one came in. No one had seen a thing. I quickly hid the body in an old empty wine barrel, one of my men rushed to grab me something to wear and escorted to a bath that was waiting for me. I was like the perfect crime. Once I got out fresh and clean, I greeted my husband. All was fine. I felt so relieved and just had to play my cards right. I played it cool. All was good again. But it wasn’t long after that there was a report of a missing maiden. Flare was all over it like blood bugs on a brahmin corpse. I ordered one of my most trusted men to quickly dispose of the corpse. I clenched my teeth and stood beside Gustavo. I didn’t have the guts to tell him what I had done. About five minutes after I sent my guy out, gun shots rang. Gustavo quickly got up, I begged him to stay but all he could say was: “What have you done?” I couldn’t bare it any longer, I fell to my knees and cried out.

“I did it, Gustavo! My Love, I killed one of them! I’m so sorry, Gustavo!”

       But my cries were for nothing in the end. Gustavo was rushed back inside our chambers by two of our men. The Maidens had opened fire on the man I sent out to dispose of the body. Gustavo didn’t look at me. He was either too upset with me, or was too lost in his duties as a leader to get distracted. He looked to the two men that were inside our chambers with us, they were grabbing furniture to barricade the doors with. I walked to the window and saw the crazy putas burning down the barracks and several other small buildings surrounding us. the twelve maidens rushed inside our home. Wrecking shit until they all rallied behind our chamber doors. Gustavo and his men stood ready, holding onto the barricade that they made to try and hold off the maiden’s charge. But those bitches didn’t charge the door… they just opened fire on us. Killing one of our guards instantly. Gustavo was injured and the other guard was in critical condition. I was fine, untouched by the bullets that turned the door to splinters.  Flare was the first to enter, quickly kicking the gun out of the guards hand and putting a bullet through his head. Gustavo put his hand up, but was quickly dragged by his feet into the crowd of blood thirsty maidens that awaited him outside. I however, was hiding under the desk. Flare finally kicked the desk over and picked me up by my hair and dragged my outside.

      All I saw around me was the night sky being filled with smoke and the flames that caused them, burning down my home and all of our men. I couldn’t believe it. This was how it was going to end for me… This was how I go out. They brought me to the floor next to my beaten husband. He looked at me and looked down to the ground. I looked up at Flare who was being passed a machete. My heart raced as she looked at it and quickly swung it, hitting Gustavo in the side of the head. The blade was stuck in his skull. It felt like the whole world was standing still. I let out a scream and tried to crawl towards him, but Flare removed the machete by putting her boot on his face and pushing him away while yanking the blade from his head. The other maidens were quick to begin stabbing him with knives, hacking at him with axes and machetes. I knew he was dead now, and it was soon to be my turn. Flare looked at my. My heart raced. God, I knew I fucked up, but never did I ever think I’d fall this hard. A swift kick to the temple put me right out. Night night, bitch.

        When I had woken up, I found myself on the sweat soaked matress in some scummy, run down Motel room. The air was thick with dust, smoke and the smell of incense. It took me a minute but the pain caught up with me. I felt so fucking sore. It hurt to breath or move. I went to touch the most pained part of my head only to find that my beautiful long hair was shaved on the left side of my head. With a gasp I quickly got up and ran over to the shattered mirror, to see a just as, if not more, shattered image of myself. Butchered hair. Dyed bright pink. Dressed in underwear worn by sex workers… What the fuck happened while I was out, huh? Well… That was easy. A woman, now my only true friend in this hell hole.. Noore. A tough crazy bitch all about making a cap on other people’s time. A pimp to put it lightly. She came in and nodded her head.

                               “Oi, Candy. You got yer first client, Love!”

         She cackled like the cold bitch she was and even is to this very day.

        “If it helps ya ease the pain, there’s enough Med-X in that drawer to put down a fucking Deathclaw. Just try and kill yerself and you’ll be in for a world of pain when you come to. Yer mine now.. And I paid top price for your sweaty mug. I expect you’ll enjoy your new home.”

         She turned to close the door, but she stopped dead in her tracks like she forgot something.

         “Oh, and welcome to Shangri La. This ya new home now. And I expect you to play nice with the other girls here. They’re just dyin’ ta meetcha!”

     She finally left. I didn’t have enough time to break down and cry before a a hulking man opened the door with a lustful smile smeared across his face. He came in shirtless and shoeless. I guess No shirt, No Shoes, No Service didn’t apply here…

     But that’s my Story… How I fell from the high clouds of heaven to the dark depths of an abyss. Though it seemed I was in total darkness.. a slave has to keep their head up.. How else will they see the light. Far away as it may be, it’s not unreachable.


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