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Elashada: Explanation of the Species

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Brief History: The Elashada are the second beings created by the Herald of Creation in the beginning of the Ethonian Multiverse during the war of creation.Tasked to spread life and magic throughout the multiverse from their dimension within The Center, The Elashada spread far and wide. However, being the eldest species within creation, they soon became a proud race with an empire spanning multiple universes. Through superior power and technology they dominated many dimensions and realms until being pushed back by the Divines of those worlds that they had tried to conquer. Learning from their mistakes, they settled into their home dimension and cut themselves off from the rest of the multiverse.


However, defeated as they were, their pride remained as they sought to colonize the entirety of their universe, using their paradoxical powers to do so by developing hyper advanced magical technologies and eradicating the other sapient life forms that had begun to naturally evolve. Unfortunately, without the power to destroy and remove the matter and energies that they birthed into existence, their universe began to crack and splinter until it eventually imploded and became a desolate dimension of emptiness known as The Void. With this in mind, many Elashada escaped their destruction through the use of interdimensional ships and spread out once more into the multiverse as refugees rather than conquerors. 


With the destruction of their home universe, the power of the Elashada diminished greatly. Pure bloods are a rare thing now, having either been bred or hunted to near extinction. Though, those that boast blood relation to the Void Dwellers are a somewhat common thing, often being hailed as powerful heroes and tyrants with the ability to naturally perform feats of magic and strength far beyond that of any mortal. Of course, such powers become diluted as the blood is mixed with more and more outside of the line.


Power source: The Prime was once the source of all Elashada power. Granting those born on the homeworld the abilities that they possess. However, with the homeworld’s destruction this power has been diluted. No longer are the Elashada born with the immense power that they once had, now only starting with a fragment of their abilities while the rest remain locked away. No longer are they the “perfect beings” they once claimed to be, though naturally empowered by their connection to The Prime, now called the Void, it is a power that must be practiced and cultivated. Though they are able to return and exist within their home dimension, without the ability to cast their power in such a place, it provides little more than a power boost and a focuser to those that make pilgrimage there.


Physiology: Pure Blooded Elashada are often mistaken for Albino Humans. With incredibly pale skin tones and Violet eyes. However, in the light their origin becomes clear. Their white hair, you see, is not white but made up of strands of crystalline locks that reflect the light around them in all its spectrums, giving them an almost rainbow sheen to the color of their hair. Of course, this can be hidden through dyes and other concealments, however most purebloods refrain from doing so, viewing such an act as shameful to their heritage.


 Elashada range anywhere from 5’2-6’5 in height with a vast variety of other physical features and weights. Though, given their increased metabolism, they tend to weigh anywhere from 90-220lbs given the individuals diets and muscle mass.Physically, they are immune to most natural diseases, however, diseases and curses of a magical nature affect them the same. Whether it be the hex of an angry sorcerer or the curse of lycanthropy and vampirism. Though rare, there have been reports of such things in the past. All physical increases or decreases are in full effect making such cursed beings frightful creatures even in the presence of other “cursed” beings.


Void Dwellers, given the nature of their creation as soldiers and warriors, are a hearty bunch the weakest of which on par with human olympic athletes while the strongest have been shown to lift around 2 tons. They are a long lived species, many even going out of their way to become nearly immortal due to their understanding of natural and metaphysical energies. Chances are if a Void Dweller has died they have either accepted death or have been slain.


Personalities: As stated before, purebloods tend to be very proud of their heritage and will sometimes develop superiority complexes. However, this is mostly true with those old enough to remember the Home World. General temperament depends largely on the values of the house that they grew up in. That being said, the superiority complex seems to be a genetic trait as well as their tendencies to dominate the locations they reside in. Many Elashada take their places as Lords or other powerful men and women of status because of this. Elashada also have been known in majority to have strong familial bonds and connections, a family often working together in near perfect unison and harmony to improve and protect one another. Due to this familial tendency it is not uncommon for Elashada to remain with and loyal to an individual that they have produced offspring with. This is not to say that they are strictly monogamous in any way. Many Elashada take multiple lovers in their long lives until they find someone to produce offspring with. In the event of a partner’s death, some Elashada will even find other parental figures for their offspring and continue to reproduce. Others, however, will remain completely loyal to the memory of their late partner.

Classifications: Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely displaced. Such are the common laws of the Omniverse. However, due to their role in the creation of the Ethonian multiverse, the Elashada possess the power to bypass these laws entirely. Though there was a time when each member was able to wield the powers of creation to their fullest, since the destruction of their homeworld and the connection to the Prime Magic these powers have been separated and diluted. The side effect is the separation of the Elashada into 5 separate classifications.

Architect: The builders of the Elashada. Architects possess the ability to summon matter into existence in whatever form they wish. Whether this be simple stone bricks to deadly weapons. Special Ability: Architects are the only known source of a metallic substance known as Elas-staad, or as the inhabitants of the Ethonian multiverse know it. Void Steel. Elas-staad is a material said to be nearly indestructible. Excellent as armor for its ability to disperse kinetic energy and perfect for weapons as its sharpened edges easily cleave through iron and have even been known to cut through steel. A warrior clad in such weapons and armor are nearly invincible on the battlefield.


Archon: If Architects birth matter into existence then the Archon is his energetic equal. Able to create and focus all matter of energy into the universe and combine different types in order to create the desired effect. Whether this be the creation of solar energy in a place void of light, kinetic energy forum an empty source, or magical energy from a dead zone. There are few places in which the Archon cannot work their skills. Special Ability: Due to their understanding on the creation and flow of energy, high level archons have the ability to mimic any spell that they witness being cast. Provided that they themselves have the power and focus to perform such a spell, it is a simple task to use the spells and magic of their opponents against them.


Changeling: Also known as Displacers and Transmuters. If matter and energy can only be displaced and transformed, that is the key power of the Changeling. Able to use the subatomic particles of the area around them to change the composition of matter and energy around them. Turning steel into foam, Kinetic energy into static or solar, water into wine, etc etc. Special Ability: Given their connection to matter and energy as it exists, Changelings possess the ability to completely nullify the energy and matter around them within a certain distance. Turning matter into dust and increasing the expulsion rate of energy till it dissipates entirely. 


Patriarch/Matriarch: The peak of Elashada power. Those rare few that fall under this category are individuals within Elashada culture who have worked and trained their minds and bodies to be able to use the gifts of the three previous classifications. Immortal beings who are neigh unstoppable, they are the closest to The Prime in power that any have achieved. Upon reaching the status of Patriarch/Matriarch, it is common for those that reach such a status to drop their first name and to simply be referred to by their house name. To refer to a Patriarch/Matriarch by their first name without being given expressed permission is seen as a sign of huge disrespect.


Primus and Primus Ghosts: The rarest of the Elashada. A Primus is one who has made pilgrimage to The Homeworld and Meditated within the true source of Elashada power. A Patriarch who wishes to become a primas risks the possibility of true physical death. It is no easy feat, and many bloodlines have been destroyed in the process. However, if an aspiring Primus is patient, thoughtful, and possibly lucky enough, they will be able to fully unlock all the powers of their home dimension. Those that do not succeed, however, are not fully lost. Instead, becoming Primus Ghosts. Beings who have unlocked the true knowledge and power of The Prime at the cost of their original bodies. This means that they are unable to return to any physical dimension but may speak to and Guide Elashada on their journey. If their connection to someone existing on the mortal plane is strong enough, they may even be able to speak, empower, and even astrally project before them. A Primus is the ultimate form of the Elashada.


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