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Eliza’s Diary, Entry 1

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Sundas, 6th of Second Seed:

Why is it that we all live? Some may think they were born for a certain job, and they are likely wrong. Most are born to reproduce, raise young, and die. As it is for most life forms, even if they go against the natural order of things to try and escape their inevitable demise, they will always know, in the backs of their minds, that there is no purpose to life, at least not an obvious one… I am not like them. I was designed by the gods as a weapon of genocide, I was designed to exterminate ALL  Dragons. I have not achieved this goal, and likely never will, but I can try. Some of these reptilian vermin may try to reason, though they cannot change something that I do not have a choice in. I will spare some, I will spare many, but when my soul is passed on to the next Dovahkiin, they likely wont spare them, and why should they? The Dragons caused an unspeakable amount of death, destruction, and chaos in their tyrannical reign. Even though I wont slay all of the dragons, I will certainly destroy those in Tamriel. Why do I even bother writing this anyway? 

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