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Emily Sagestone Infected

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“The Destruction Of Hellifyno has happened many times before but never on this size” -Abigail Angelang

She got converted & infected trying to protect me,so I ran from those infested zombies of the void.

Mom (Abby) said that Mother (Emila) had Portal burns and that this would mean that she was Classified as a Hell Zombie

Now I’m Writing This Before I Have To Put her down and I don’t wish to do this..but I must..

After they had fought and Lily came out Victorious,The Destruction Of Mars happened but thankfully She got out alive

“Hellifyno and Mars are gone, but we must leave this Universe and flee from it” -Pandora (Lily’s Grandma

Author’s Note:I’m so sorry this is short but I have been so down lately seeing the Void win in writing,This has taken me a couple weeks to write and honestly I am just gonna wait for Hellifyno to end so from now on I will be writing my Stuff that happens after this all ends -Lily


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