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End of a battle.. and memories coming back.

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Zoey had participated in the battle for Consequence.. only to witness the sudden loss. It stuck her hard. Only thing keeping her sane.. Was Lily. when they went back to Blue Moon, they had listened to Augustus’ speech.. How he has total control over the world. 


Zoey flung a bottle across the room in outrage. Lily sat on the bed, head still hung low. The dogs stayed in the bathroom, as they knew Zoey was angry. Zoey’s entire body ached with pain, but she ignored it.

Lily patted the space beside her on the bed, intending for Zoey to sit next to her.. which, she does.

“You’d think some stroke of luck would come our way..” Zoey says, now laying down. Lily leans forward, keeping herself propped up with her elbows on her knees. “We lost, Zoe.. and, i cant believe im saying this, but i dont think we can recover… Were gonna die.” Zoey stares at the ceiling. She doesn’t say a thing. Neither does Lily.

Zoey then stood up, walks to the bathroom, and stares herself down in the mirror. The dogs walked out the bathroom to give Zoey some privacy. “What’s happened to you..?” Zoey asks her reflection.

Truth is, she would rather be back on earth. But, she had devoted herself here. And she wasn’t going to give it up. 

She begins to think back.. Back to Corey.. She hadn’t given herself time to do so.. Even a year after..

A year after his death.

She found herself sitting on the floor, back against the wall. She stared at the sink in front of her.. expressionless. She keeps thinking about what Corey would want here.. ‘Would he want me to go back to earth?’ ‘Would he want me to be strong, and tough it out?’ So many questions in her mind yet none she could answer. 

“You alright in there?” Lily asked from the other room. “Yeah.. Im fine.” Zoey said, her tiredness now showing in her voice.

She got up and headed on to bed.. She needed some time to think. She began to wish that she would become stronger with her abilities, as well..




8/15/2028 – one month after Zoey came the age of 12, Earth, North Carolina Wilmington, USA

Zoey’s father- wait.. Her father? Was Zoey dreaming?- Zoey’s father had gotten rid of the last of Zoey’s memories.. Desmond helping in the process. Then, entirely out of nowhere, came the mugger.. Desmond panicked and grabbed hold of Zoey’s father and teleported.. back to Hellifyno? She couldn’t tell. She turned on the mugger.. but her actions were not her own. They happened with out her wanting them to.

The mugger was lifted, supposedly by means of Zoey’s telekinetics and-

he was torn to shreds.. right there in front of her.. just.. gone.

A scream was heard, her own scream, then she was running. 

And then she woke up.


Lily was still asleep.. somehow. Zoey had nearly fell out of bed when she woke. Her eyes were a deep blue again.. She entered focus in her sleep? She goes out of focus and slips out of bed. She pets the dogs and gets dressed. Nirvana T-shirt, Black jacket, Lucky necklace, And a pair of jeans. She sits down with the dogs.. She hadn’t had time to do such in a while.

Sabbath, A black lab and the oldest of the three, lays on his side, head in between his front paws. He stayed asleep, even as Zoey went to go pet him. Chloe, A hound, and 2nd oldest.. is belly up begging for love. Gibson, a small brown.. what ever he is, doesn’t stop trying to lick Zoey.

As she pets the the three, how ever she can, that is.. She thinks about the dream. She couldn’t get it out of her head. Was that something that actually happened? Was she regaining some memories? Or was it just a silly old dream? She couldn’t tell.

She didn’t care.

It was part of her now.


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