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Ensign Kira Torres

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RANK  Ensign

LAST ASSIGNMENT  Aide-De Camp to Admiral Maximus Hunter. Federation Council- San Francisco. 

FULL NAME  Torres    Kira Lwaxana

DOB  3.14.2371


PARENTS  Cmdr Juan Carlos Torres. (SF- dec)  Rianna Grax (BZ-dec)

EDUCATION  Starfleet Academy 2378- 2383

                           Starfleet OCS  2383- 2386

                           University of Betazed 2386



2378- Commenced Starfleet Academy- Graduated Dux. of class

2383- Starfleet OCS.

2387- 2389 USS Exeter NC26531. Security officer 3rd Class under Captain Shelby.

2389- Accepted into Diplomatic Corp. Assigned Aide to Ambassador N’aal- Romulan Star Empire

2392- Assigned to Federation Council Aide Admiral Maximus Hunter.

2397       Classified- Level 6 Security Clearance  required.

Personal History.

Both parents deceased. Dominion attack of Betazed 2374. Raised by maternal grandmother and smuggled from Betazed and into Federation Controlled Sol System 2376. Educated at Starfleet Academy as per parental request. Grandmother dec. 2378. Became Ward of State and continued education with Starfleet. No siblings/children. No significant partnerships. 

Psychological Profile: Assessor Riga Doran- USS Exeter 2389.

Psionic abilities started to reveal themselves aged 12. Fully developed  by aged 14, surprising considering the weakened  Betazoid genome. Shows significant aptitude in Body language analysis, empathy, emotional manipulation and telepathy. Attended University of Betazed to develop further.

Despite trauma in early childhood, Ensign Torres shows a remarkable natural resilience, a keen aptitude to learn and attendance to duty. The Betazoid racial characteristics of dramatic eccentricity and idiosyncratic behavior appears absent in Ensign Torres, and she has displayed a well rounded temperament and personality throughout her education and early career. There is present an unyielding almost concrete process of attachment to policy and procedure which, through my observations, have made her unpopular at times with her peers.

Despite a nominally robust and optimistic outlook, she is prone to self doubt when it comes to psionic abilities despite glowing recommendations from her tutors at the University of Betazed.

She has strong organizational skills, time management and an uncanny aptitude for second guessing the needs of others, as reported by Security Second Officer Ramos Murray- no doubt a benefit of Betazoid heritage.

There have been no signs so far of  the Betazoid “Phase” although she has full knowledge of it, and the current research deems it unlikely, however it is a reported worry and could possibly have led to an avoidance of potential romantic/intimate partnerships perhaps as an attempt to suppress it.

She has however made friends easily on the Exeter, partakes in regular poker sessions within Security, has participated in tennis and Jai Alai tournaments representing the Exeter and shown a healthy competitiveness metered by a strong sense of fair play and respect for her opponents.

She is well trained in Iengar Yoga and Transcendental Meditation and has well developed strategies for management of stress, often caused by the reported “background noise” of her psionic abilities, she does however appear to be in full control of these abilities, and has been noted to share her time equally with time spent alone/with others. She also practices various martial arts, most specifically, boxing and taekwondo – and teaches boxing in her off duty to the crew.

Empathic sensitivity and strengths in conflict management makes her an ideal candidate for the Diplomatic Corp, however there is a perceived lack of ambition or perhaps doubt in her abilities to lead as she has not applied for promotional exam despite having multiple opportunities to do so despite being  eminently capable.

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