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Episode 1 The Sh*t I put up with!

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Greetings everyone. LIMIT here and welcome to Episode 1 of Unnecessary,Unrealistic and Random Stories! Also keep in mind that I have put up with alot worse Sh*t then this in my life so buckle your seatbelts because there are way more to come 😀

So…  Have you guys been skiing before?  Personally, I love to ski and it’s probably my 3rd favorite sport aside from Tennis and Dodgeball.  I go skiing every Presidents Week during a 1 week break.  Last year I visited Whistler Mountain In Vancouver!  Fun experience for sure! But, not if you see your new friend you just met on a slope almost break every bone in their body.  So it starts out like this.  I met a 14 year old named Travis on a black slope, who seemed like a descent human being unlike some RETARDS who like to show off and end up hurting people while not shedding a tear.  Could have sued one of them for murder believe it or not.  Ok back to the story.  Travis and I were skiing down a black slope when suddenly this middle aged dickhead snowboarder sped right past us .  We were not particularly worried about him up until the point where he got super close to us and made a dangerous move.  He gave Travis a huge slap/shove off our planned route onto a ramp which sent Travis flying.  I rushed over to Travis’ aid after he landed on flat ground, cursing loudly at the man who had pulled off such a dirty move.  The man was nowhere to be found and the ski patrol had to rescue us.  It turned out that Travis had only broken his left arm and right leg, I mean the kid got sent flying off a ramp and could have died from the fall.  We helped Travis back down and contacted his parents who provided me with relief after they thanked me instead of filing a lawsuit.  Thank you everyone for listening, and if you have any suggestions or topics that you would like me to share feel free to overflow the comment section!

Ja Ne!


PS: If you are reading this, The dickhead who sent Travis flying… I strongly encourage you to rethink your life decisions.

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