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Eulalia – Still editing – Closed

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Eulalia: Eulalia is a robot. An amazing robot. She is over three and a half centuries old, created during the Airship Wars. Her Master built her for spare bits of metal, glass, and rubber, and a decade before the War was over, Eulalia was complete. She was strong, fast, and efficient. Her arms turned into tools and guns, several different sets for different conditions. She could recycle bits of metal into bullets by feeding the metal into slots on her sides. She didn’t need to eat, she couldn’t get hurt, and she had none of the other limitations humans had. Overall, the perfect weapon for war. That was, until her Master died. He had made her so very human, but neither of them knew the extent of Eulalia’s emotions until he died, shot down in battle. Eulalia mourned her Master’s death for a long, long time. Three hundred years after the Airship Wars ended, she was still upset. Until, she met her new Master. He repaired her, became her new flying partner, and in all honesty, saved her life. James, the thief with the robotic arm, has kept Eulalia from shutting down so many times, she has lost count. And she is sure that James feels the same way about how many times she’s saved him. But, another war is starting, and Eulalia’s humanity will be  put to the test…


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