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Eva’s Meeting/Trial Part II

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However, Eva’s images continued to play out the scene. “No..” Eva whispered as she realized what Michael had done. “Crow…” She watched as his face changed, could see and feel enough to know that his heart stopped. She moved then and instead of touching Crow, Eva caught Michael’s sword against her stomach, thankfully the Twilight Aura was still in effect. She stopped, turning her head slowly to stare at the Archangel with flaming red eyes. Her silver hair was now blood red, redder than even Uriel’s now and for a heartbeat, Fear shown in Michael’s eyes as he thought he was suddenly facing Uriel. “You killed him…” She whispered as she stepped back, her knuckles white around the hilt of the Chaos blade, which flared to life once more. This time, the flames burned hotter than she had ever seen before, not that she noticed. Her eyes were only for Michael. “You took another from me.” She whispered the last before lunging at Michael, the point of the blade aimed for his stomach. Michael danced back, his wings flared in surprise, aiding his leap.

   He threw a burst of Archangel fire in her face, but it was merely swatted away with a flash of her own, tainted. Red started to bleed into her clothing as she stalked the bastard who stole yet another from her. With a scream of rage, she swung the blade for his throat but it was a feint and the actual attack came a second later when she vanished and appeared behind him, her sword now thrust for his spine before she dropped low, attempting to hamstring him. Michael only managed to save himself because he had watched her fight for so long. She liked her old tricks and rarely shifted from them. So, he jumped out of her way and gestured. The shadow demons moved in on Rey, those blades that appeared insubstantial actually quite deadly to the living.  They moved in perfect concert, all six long swords moving to strike various parts of her body, aiming to impale her. The idea was to distract Eva by desecrating the bodies.

   Michael, for his part, managed to hold the irate Nephalem off but barely. She was nicking him, making him bleed from numerous cuts and wounds. If he did not think of something fast, she would actually best him. Michael felt fear. Not even Uriel had been able to keep him at bay and score even small hits against him. Eva had a weakness with her rage, she had always had it. He just needed to push her a little more, beyond reason, beyond thought. It would not take much. Eva was renowned for her rage and her lack of control after that point. So, he threw the last barb he held. Back stepping out of her reach, he smirked at her. “If Azrael could not best me, you believe that you can? He had training by the best our court had to offer and he still fell, screaming and begging into death. My blade bled him dry and even then, he begged. Coward. Abomination just… like…. you..” He bit off each word slowly, his tone mocking.

   Surprised whispers broke out. Was Azrael Sparda dead? Even Uriel tensed but Sil soothed her with but a touch. Eva already knew how this would play out and she stood there, watching the crowd as they watched her show. 

   Eva froze, staring at him. Her red eyes flared slightly as she spoke. “You killed Azrael too?” She whispered, though her voice was off. Wrong. There was rage, surely, but there was something else. Something more. Power that had always remained untapped. It flowed from her now in waves, washing over all in the cave. The Shadow demons even paused in their game to look over their shoulders. Eva however, had indeed lost control. The sword fell from her hand but did not clatter upon the floor. Instead, it vanished as she shrieked her rage and anger. As she did, a shimmering sphere of red appeared around her, growing larger and wider as she howled her pain for miles.

   The sphere, that feeling of rising power grew stronger, choking out the air in the cave so much that even Michael had trouble remaining upon his feet. Even now, with this being a mere shadow of the past, everyone felt it rising. Then, without warning, the sphere exploded outward, throwing everyone near her back. People cried out around the Real Eva as they were thrust from their chairs. Michael was thrown into the wall. Once the dust and dirt settled, Eva stood tall, clad in flaming red armor to match her hair and eyes. “He is the last one Michael. You will slay no more.” She growled, her voice a hauntingly deep tone that would send shivers down spines, if Michael had one.


Slowly the shocked Angels pushed to their feet, peering over the edges of the balconies to see the show. They needed to know the truth, how it ended. Even Uriel had been pushed backward but she did not fall. Now, she was looking over the edge, looking surprised.

   Michael was thrown into the wall behind him, hard enough to slam his head against the rock, drawing blood that trickled down the wall and the back of his head. The Shadow demons were also tossed like rag dolls into the walls and fell into splinters that were slowly reforming. However, Eva stood in all her transcended glory and stared down the bastard that she hated beyond any other. Her sword was gone, she did not need it. “You..” She breathed. “You have taken EVERYTHING from me.” She snarled at him and waved a hand and suddenly her tainted hellfire rose up around them all, everyone who was present in the cave came along for the ride. 

   When the fires faded, they would find themselves in a city. It was a beautifully made place. A medieval city of stone and wood. The city was teeming with beings, Angels and mortals as Uriel is not nearly the purist that Michael is. There are shops of various things in the market at the center of the city. Things were not paid for by cash but rather the barter system. All within the city walls bore the Mark of Uriel as it is the only way to enter. Either you held the blood, fire or mark of Uriel to enter. The only Demons that ever crossed the threshold was Vergil and Cyprian, his Captain of the Guard. Michael would know this for he did not approve of whom Uriel allowed to walk her city. But the first question on his lips was simple.

   “What have you done? This city was destroyed.” He cried in confusion as he rose to his feet and stared around them. He even dared to shove someone who was passing by and earned a dirty look in return before they scampered off. Eva stood tall and still, her red eyes watching the people who passed them. 

   “Yes it was destroyed, you did it. You stepped in here and wiped out everything that my mother had worked so fucking hard to make. You destroyed the only home some of these beings ever had. Because you are no Angel, Michael. You spent so much time impersonating Demons to fool me that you became more of a monster than any of them could ever dream of being.” She paused a moment, a dark smile spreading over her face. “So, I am going to make you pay for it.” 

   MIchael stared at her, incredulous, before his gaze shifted to his shadow demons. Mentally, he gave the order for them to break off from Rey to attack Eva. The four shadow demons that moved toward Eva were utterly ignored. Well, except for the blast of crimson fire she threw at them, incinerating them on the spot. In this form, Eva had more power than she had ever dreamed. It was just incredibly draining to maintain. Right now, she was high on rage and anger. She had lost everything and there was nothing else for her to care for so she sank into that power and let it bleed through her.

   “You took everything from me.” She said in a matter of fact voice. “Now, I will take everything from you.” Once more the burst of her hellfire surrounded them all and brought them somewhere else. This time, it was a city of gold. Everything seemed to be cast from the precious metal though that had to be impossible. “I have never stepped foot inside your city before Michael,” she commented, not even looking at him. Instead, she unfurled wings of pure fire and hovered slightly off the ground. “You never allowed me to enter. You made me wait outside the gates while my mother spoke to you. I was a mere child and you treated me like dirt.” Her voice grew darker, heavier as she shifted her gaze to his face before looking out over his city once again.

It was dead silent in the hall now, everyone watching wide eyed. Some had the grace to wince and look away as Eva spoke of the Angel’s treatment of her over the years. Most had not been kind.

   The City was Gold of course. Nothing less for God’s right hand. Even the streets are paved with gold, the shine was said to be able to befuddle mortals if they somehow managed to gaze upon it. It is a lush city, with plant life, blue skies and bright sunshine. A perfect realm from all appearances. Various levels of the Heavenly order walk it and most are his own troops. The Demons that he has used are never allowed within the walls. None but the purest of Angels were allowed to tread these roads. Eva shook her head. “It is funny how you have a golden realm whereas God himself has the Silver City. You overstep. You over value yourself.”

   Michael looked around, confused as to how they had entered his city, and it was his city. Everything was perfect, exact. “What have you done…?”  He asked, raising those blue eyes to her angry red. 

   “I am going to take what you took from me. From my mother. I am taking your home Michael. And all those within it.” She rose higher into the air, her arms spread wide as though she intended to hug the realm. Twilight constructs formed in the air before her, around her. Ten, twenty, three hundred, a thousand. Too many to count and the number rising higher and faster. Her face was a mask of violent concentration as she filled each of those with as much destructive power as she could. Michael’s eyes widened as he suddenly realized what she had in mind. “You would never do it.” He taunted her. “You would never hurt another living being on purpose. You have always been weak and you have not changed.”

   The girl said nothing to his barb. Instead, her lips twisted into a half smile and one of those constructs flew out, slamming into the northern part of the city. Instantly, there was an explosion. Dirt, wood, metal, bodies, came flying at them but would be incinerated before reaching them as she met it all with a raised hand and a shield of Twilight infused fire. The shock spurred the Archangel into action and he lunged for her. Or rather, he tried. Fear showed in his face as he realized he could not move. Not an inch.

   “Eva… please… Do not do this.” He begged softly and the Girl looked at him. 

   “My mother said nearly those same words, from what Azrael told me. Yet what did you do? Oh yes. You rained judgement upon her and the city.” three more constructs flew from her and into various points of the city. Screams of agony filled the air and the Girl smiled. 

   “I did not kill her people!” He cried.

   Eva stared at him and snarled. “No. You just invaded MY city, slew MY people and then sent ME to the master where he KILLED MY BABY AND LEFT ME FOR DEAD.! She shrieked at him and as she did, all those constructs flew out from her form. Michael, Crow’s body, Rey’s body were all protected somehow from the blasts but his city did not fare so well.

   Michael tried to recoil from her rage, realizing that he may have underestimated her. He knew that she could be dangerous if she ever managed to get her fragmented self back together, clearly he had been right. “I should have slain you as a child.” He spat. “Look what you have done Eva! Look!!” He cried. “You have slain innocent beings. You killed an entire city. Destroyed everyone inside it.”

   “You care nothing for them.” She snarled back as she landed lightly upon the ground. “You only care about yourself and the status you think you have. You have lost Michael. I have claimed everything from you and you will never get it back. God and everyone else will know what you have done.”

   “You will never enter heaven. Never will you pass the gates of the Silver city” He said and spat in her face. “I should have killed you when you were born. Or better yet, killed your mother before she gave life to two undeserving abominations.”

   Eva laughed and stepped closer, the spittle from his gesture still on her face, but it burned away slowly with the smoldering flames that caressed her body. “You do not get it do you. I do not want to enter a Heaven that claims you. I would rather die a million times over, I would rather have the Master take me again. I would rather watch everyone I have ever loved die again before me.” She leaned closer. “I do not want to be classified as anything like you. You are beneath me Michael, Fallen angel. Lost soul.”

   Michael’s eyes flared with rage and he found he could move again. His sword was in his hands and thrust for the Girl’s heart. Eva shifted very slightly, letting his sword sink into her right shoulder as her own drove into his chest. They stood eye to eye, as Michael was just a touch taller than her. His eyes widened in shock. “You were supposed to retreat.” He whispered.

   “I always backed away from you.” She admitted. “But today, after you killed Crow, you were going to die. It was just a matter of when.” With a smile, she twisted her blade. There was a sharp sound and the spines that were built into the blade, the ones she rarely used, ripped his innards to shreds. Blood seeped down his white robes and he cried in pain. She drew him closer, using the blade, despite the fact it drove his sword deeper into her shoulder. “I would ask Lucifer to do me a favour and ensure that you never know peace… But Luci does not rule Oblivion.” With that, she ignited the blade with her tainted flames and watched the Archangel burn. Hers was the only fire that her realm knew of that could hurt Angels and Demons. It seemed it worked on Arch’s too.  As Michael burned slowly, she watched his eyes the last to fade into ashes.

   Once he was gone, her sword fell from her hand and clattered to the ground and the girl swayed on the spot. With a growl, she pulled his blade from her shoulder and dropped it too, her own vanished a second later, returning to her arm. Eva fell to her knees as the Illusions she had made slowly faded. Michael was right. She would never kill an innocent but he went to his demise believing that he had lost everything. A moment later, she fell on her face, her eyes closed. She was beyond exhausted but alive, just utterly drained. The Girl was too weak to even cry over Crow though the tears made clean tracks down her face. A small light rose from the ash that was Michael. It hovered for a moment before falling onto the prone Girl.

The images slowly melted away then. “You do not get to watch me mourn him. None of you do.” Eva said softly, though her voice carried throughout the room and none argued. She moved forward and tossed the copy of Crow’s Memory Core to Phanuel. “I have other copies if that gets destroyed.” She said quietly. “So do not try and fuck me over. I will not play those games anymore.” Her purple eyes roamed the room and everyone was staring at her. “Are there any questions now?”

   There were whispers and the beautiful Angel who had spoken before did so again. “Forgive us, Eva, Daughter of Uriel. We should have listened. We are so set in our ways that sometimes we fail to see the darkness that is right within us.” 

   Phauel sputtered, trying to find the words to counter her words but there were none. Before anyone else could speak, the door was pushed open and Azrael crawled inside. He was battered, broken and bleeding profusely. One wing had been nearly ripped off but the boy crawled toward his sister. As soon as Eva realized who it was, she let out a cry and ran to him before falling to her knees. Her hands shook as she sought to reset the wing, to help him. She was crying as she did so and did not notice Phanuel trying to slip away. Uriel caught him as the pink haired Aure rushed to Eva and Azrael. Seconds later, she was joined by Rafael. The two started to work immediately upon Az. Eva refused to leave him as they did so.

   “I was attacked.” Az whispered through bloodied lips. “I tried to get here. I really did Eva. I tried.” There were tears running clean paths through the blood on his face.

   “I know.” She whispered as she tried to hold him. 

   The room was in chaos as it became clear the boy had been attacked by one of their own. Phanuel showed his guilt by trying to flee and in a high pitched voice, he named some of those that had assisted him. Eva did not care. In her mind it was over. 

   Soon, Uriel moved to kneel beside her children, hugging them both. “I will rebuild the city.” She whispered. “We will have our home again.” Eva and Az smiled at her.

   “Will Dad join us?” Azrael asked, groaning as someone reset his wing fully.

   “We will certainly ask.”

   “What of the demand you and he not remarry?” Eva asked, drawing surprised looks from both. She grinned slightly. “When I fought the Master, he spilled the beans. With him and Michael dead, there is nothing to stop you… Right?”

   Uriel gave her daughter the brightest smile she had ever worn upon her face. With a laugh, the woman hugged them both and vanished in a burst of fire. Eva laughed softly and looked at her brother. “Think she is gone to see him?”

   Azrael snickered and nodded.  “Stay with me a bit please?” 

   Eva nodded. “As long as you need me.”


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