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Event Log: Peril of the Missing

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[DM] Samraen 2:13PM

-The sound of wing beats and feathers fills the room, just in time for the kestrel to come barreling through an open window, a cast of cloud about its beak from the wintry temperatures outside before it suddenly, and very accidentally, clips one of its wings on the rafters above, barreling into a cloud of white downy and feathers that bristle and blow about. He tumbles down from above, frantic and breathing heavily, human form and upon his back before groaning and quietly rising to his feet. He’s wearing a white robe, the whole right side of his face distinguished by blue markings that glow brightly and pulse with an energy that seems to thrum with the nature bound creatures around him, white hair tinged with oranges, yellows, even a red streak, feathered with ‘ACTUAL’ feathers, wings rarely seen sprouting at his back- I need help. I desperately need help. Is there anyone here? -His voice is fast-paced, breathing on par, and something about him seems to allude to the idea that he’s lost something because his eyes are streaking through the room as if trying to find whatever -it- is-. She’s gone. It just… happened. She was there this morning but she started acting and weird and just vanished. -He stumbles forward, holding at his arm as if he’s injured it and stops after he reaches the bar, turning around to run those vividly painted eyes of his on the patrons of the tavern- Something’s wrong. This wasn’t meant to happen. -He slams his fist on the ground, the normally composed bird guardian resorting to beating himself up rather than doing something right away- I need help. Yes. Lots of help.


Drezvahlu 02:20PM

~*”That is so confusing, but amazing at the same time?” The shaman laughed, soon letting go of Mr. G’s hand. His olive eyes would find sight of the newcomer, somewhat surprised at the hurried emotions that radiated off of the bird-man? One last mouthful of food was taken before he turned slightly in his seat to watch the new man. “Help? What kind of help are you needing?” He asked, arching a brow in thought, listening to Ixxrien silently yell at him for speaking up. The white tattoo on his back would sear his flesh, causing him to crane his neck as if to block out the pain. “Damnit, you snake.. Stop it.” He muttered, then shook his head, forcing the dreads and braids in his hair to drape over his bare shoulders. Bells and beads would hit together to create small ringing sound almost like a wind-chime would when being blown at. “Who? Who’s gone?” The question slipped from him, regardless of the thought that he would have absolutely no clue who the man was talking about. Drez was new here after all and did not truly ‘know’ a soul aside from the handful of people he met the night before. *~


[DM] Samraen 02:23PM

Quetzalli. Quetzalli has gone missing. Search and rescue, making her whole again. -He seems to go hazy for a moment, as if regarding something he’s never thought of before- Will you help? -he questions the stranger before Samraen lifts a hand and as he does, a shimmering portal opens in the center of the room. At its epicenter, a call that seems to ravel around your mind. It’s urgent, branching off to not only this Red Sun Inn but to the Blue Moon Tavern and most other places as if by magic. Samraen walks toward the portal only to step through but before he does, his voice rings out to those willing to listen and answer- Quetzalli has gone missing and I need help both finding her and making her whole again. If you wish to help or join in, please step through the portal. It’ll take you where you need to go. [Event will take place in Otherverse.]


The Gentleman 02:23PM

<He also turned, wondering what was wrong with the newcomer. He stood and walked over, crouching down beside him> “Just take a deep breath, and explain everything to us slowly.” <He stood and turned to Drez> “Um, should we help? I’m not quite sure what to make of this.”


Alexandria Giovanni 02:30PM

-a portal opens, only for Alexa to run in. She heard the calls for help and was tapping into her device, before looking around- What are you waiting for? A written letter?


Drezvahlu 02:32PM

~* The shaman watched as the male had spoke, then looked between Mr. G and Alexandria. “Eh.. I believe I’ve had enough of portals for the time being.. I can’t even get back home from this place, why should I take a chance at this one?” The elf was very hesitant about helping, especially with his inner dragon clawing at him to leave this place. *~


The Gentleman 02:33PM

<He smiled at Alexa before turning to Drez> “I get it. I’m not much of a fan of rifts. But I believe that you shouldn’t refuse help, no matter what you may think or fear.”


Alexandria Giovanni 02:34PM

Because it’s what we do. G? -she took her lab coat off and with another tap on her device she smiled back to them- You got a shot at helping someone. Or many, take it. -then she steps into the portal-


The Gentleman 02:37PM

<He nodded to Alexa and stepped towards her portal.> “Last chance, my good sir. I must go, but if you decide to come with us, fantastic! If not, then I bid you farewell, and I hope to see again.” he said and stepped through the portal.


Drezvahlu 02:40PM

~* A small sigh was given as the elf watched the two leave through the portal. “Alright, alright.. Damnit. Ixxi keep your mouth shut. I don’t want to be causing any shit..” He muttered, rising from his seat to follow after the two people through the portal. *~


[DM] – Shadow 02:29PM

Dense foliage surrounds the group of those who were willing, or some might say foolish, enough to come help. Tall trees towered overhead. Ferns were as tall if not taller than the shorter members of the group and mosses normally underfoot come up to at least their shins. What portion of the sky that could be seen through the canopy was a brilliant blue, as if some ancient god were shining a light through a polished and faceted sapphire.  The air was with humidity causing those not accustomed to the almost oppressive heat to start sweating profusely especially compared to the cooler pre-winter temperatures of Persistence and Consequence. The first ones through the portal see a visage, a woman dressed in a loose-fitting dress… but something was off. She was incorporeal as if a ghost.


[DM] Samraen 02:34PM

-Samraen has disappeared, though swirling around that ghost-like visage of the woman, the woman in that loose-fitting dress, is the same bird that appeared inside the Red Sun Inn. The difference is that, like the woman, that bird is incorporeal as well. It’s as if you’ve stepped in on something that makes you feel awkward, a lover’s quarrel, though the bird’s visage suddenly seems to change, leaving behind a man that looks like the Samraen before only not. There are no markings of rich blue or wings upon his back, just an orange and yellow speckled shirt and that colored hair of his from before. And, of course, he’s still very much like the woman-


æ Kaler Eland æ 02:36PM

[Thankfully those portal messages had reached the sunny one too, and being a friend of the lost friend in question, he decided to tag along in hopes of helping discover her whereabouts. Also fortunate for him was the fact that he encountered a similarly dense and murky-air’ed environment earlier in the year, that and his biology helped him to not be so caught by the heat; nevertheless it was a bit of a rush, seeing as snow had begun to fall around his log cabin under Twine’s mountains. Stepping out into the jungle-like biome, Kaler was both confused and intrigued at the rather maddening growth of the plants, as if the quell of man had never touched these lands, but at the same time, death and decay were nonexistent. His eyes eventually trained on the two incorporeal figures, tilting his head to one side] A-are you two meant to be…. the guides to our quest? [Pretty cheesy guess, but, perhaps it’d be true]


Alexandria Giovanni 02:37PM

-she quickly steps out of the portal and checks her device for any abnormal occurrences. Anything that would set off alarm bells health-wise. Soon she stepped over to Kaler, offering him a soft smile- Hey Kaler … fancy seeing you here …


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 02:40PM

Karma wasn’t sure what to expect as she stepped forth through the shimmering portal to parts unknown, but it sounded like there was a missing person. The short brown haired woman appeared in this forested area, silver eyes peering through her helmet to size up her area. She wore heavy armor, a longsword and a shield like a knight of old with a modern twist. While her aura defended her from the intensive heat, that didn’t leave the huntress unaware of how uncharastically hot it was; her just assuming that they were on some other part of the planet. She spotted Alexa and being one of the few people she even knew in this world, she’d stay beside her. “Hey. Do you know what’s going on?”


Mitch Tupolev 02:41PM

Suddenly, there is what sounds like a small thunderclap, and a humanoid Snowy Owl appears. Mitch has arrived, her Gaian tomahawk in hand. Her spontaneous appearance through Calabi-Yau spaces has created a small shockwave. Her turquoise shirt with integrated chainmail flutters in the breeze, and her jeans hold a holster with an AMT Automag pistol. She also sports hiking boots with small metal spikes on the bottom. She quietly trudges up to Kaler and Alexa, sighing. “I-I’m Brad Tupolev’s daughter, he told me about you guys… what’s going on here..?”


The Gentleman 02:41PM

<He stepped out of Alexa’s portal> “… and I hope to see you again.” he said, walking through backward and turning around to face the group with a smile.


[DM] – Shadow 02:42PM

The lover’s argument appears as if it were an afterimage, an imprint left for the newcomers to see. The voices were, wispy ethereal as the pair talked heatedly. “…they act like a key. We have to get them back.”


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 02:42PM

She stops and blinks repeatedly at Mitch, very much confused. Is that a bird……? The huntress stood there stunned for a few moments.


Alexandria Giovanni 02:43PM

And here´s my bodyguard. -she winks to Karma, motioning her over. This was a good opportunity for Alexa to see Karma in action. Good Gaia help her, cause Alexa was quite the trouble magnet… then her thoughts were cut off by Mitch´s arrival- I´m Alexa, this is Karma … and Kaler


Drezvahlu 02:44PM

~* The shaman stepped out of the portal and looked around at the many heads that gathered. He felt very awkward, knowing that there was a chance that he could get into trouble. “Well damn.. Mr. G it’s not my fault if my dragon eats someone.. Your nanobots or whatever are pulling my heartstrings. So, I suppose I’ll lend a hand.” He spoke with a grin. The elf crossed his arms as he looked around, noticing the bird? Oh and the owl-woman. How interesting that they’d meet again. A small wave was given to Mitch, then he refocused on the others. *~


[DM] Samraen 02:44PM

Didn’t mean it. -The kestrel, or Pharis, suddenly announces- Just gone. Dunno what happened to it. -His face is more along the line of looking distraught and as the group of others appears, he coos toward that woman he’s talking to- They’ll help, am sure of it. Pharis believes. The fate dominoes must be found. They’re the key. The key to everything. Pharis didn’t mean to lose them.. -Pharis stops to peer in the way of Kaler, head slightly crooning in curiosity at the man before overlooking both Alexandria and then Karma- Something is missing. Not made whole. Must find and repair. -His language, unlike before, is broken and not very clear but it’s obvious that he’s trying to communicate with the others the best he can. It’s made hard, though, because his actions seem, as mentioned above, like an after image, even if they’re being regarded as if he were there at all.-


Mitch Tupolev 02:46PM

Mitch is a humanoid Snowy Owl – naturally, she’s a literal owl. But she also has a humanoid form, and hasn’t figured out how to switch forms yet. She waves to the three, including Karma. She’s holding her Gaian tomahawk, given to her by Brad. She waves to Drez as well. Her father is the Owl of Gaia, so she has some Gaian powers… but doesn’t know how to use them yet. Mitch blinks, listening to Pharis. Someone’s missing?


The Gentleman 02:46PM

<He smiled and patted Drez> “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure everyone doesn’t become dragon food. But thank you for coming!” he said before looking around the group, waiting to see what to do.


Alexandria Giovanni 02:47PM

-she tilts her head to Samraen and thinks for a moment. Something is missing … She taps her chin int thought and steps to the front of the group, closer to the two birds- Something is missing? From this place? -she looks around, squinting her eyes. If this planet had the same problem as Hellifyno … then it might not be so easy-


æ Kaler Eland æ 02:47PM

[Kaler looked to Alexa, nodding with a smile] A-aheh, well, Quetzalli is a friend, so, I had to come along to see what was going on. [He was seriously worrying for his friend with this news, hoping that wherever she was, that she wasn’t truly harmed or hurt, etc. His eyes then glanced around at the group that joined the two first appearances, glancing over to Mitch as she moves up to him and the Phoenix, first noticing the Gaian weapon she had; she may notice the Gaian presence in Kaler himself] Ah, hey there, w-well we’re here to help find a friend of mine named Quetzalli, though r-right now I think we’re all equally confused… [He gave a kind nod to Karma before looking back to the Pharis one, who he recognised from a while back, also] Huh…. w-what do you mean by ‘they’? [He asked Pharis after a moment, along with Alexa]


[DM] – Shadow 02:50PM

For the first time, the shadow looks at the group. Kaler would recognize it as looking like Quetzalli, only ghostlike and distorted. “They took them. We came to find… to make right..    but things went… wrong. Trapped…”


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 02:50PM

While the writer is aware of what Mitch looks like, this was Karma’s first time in seeing such a …. Different type of creature. A humanoid bird? She’d come from a place where the most far out thing was mostly human save for one or two animal like parts. This… Was something else. Something to stump her for a few moments, but hearing her name brought her back enough for her to knock the side of her helmet; shaking her mind free and accepting what she was seeing. Being new to Hellifyno, there were things that still surprised her and hopefully, that wouldn’t get her in trouble during this endeavor she just embarked on. “Hello everyone.” She stated to Mitch and to Kaler and anyone else who was around before looking towards Pharis. Something was lost and broken? Sherise quieted down and listened to the clues.


Drezvahlu 02:51PM

~* The shaman let out a sigh as Mr. G patted him, though the dragon tattoo on his back began to glow and move along his skin upon the touch. Ixxrien was not pleased at all that her host was partaking on such a dangerous task in an unknown land with mysterious people. “Well, beautiful.. Can’t let these people down now can we? They need our help.” He mumbled to himself, tilting his head in thought as he listened to the dragon’s silent complaints*~


[DM] Samraen 02:51PM

-The forest itself seems wrong, a hazy pink gas floating in the air all around you. It arouses your interest, lowers your inhibitions slightly, but it’s not as strong as a certain gas. Something about it seems rather familiar as if some of you have been there before. Every time you think you catch a whiff of it, it fades into the background as if never there only to appear in your peripherals when you turn your face or head. That Pharis, as incorporeal as the woman beside him, peers incredulously at Mitch and then at Kaler- Her. She. Pretty bird. T H E M. -He sniffles, the sound causing a small breeze to pilfer through the area you’re all standing within- You help? -He stops, though, when that ghost-like Quetzalli begins talking. It’s as if he’s berating himself and he shrinks down a size- Dunno where is.


Mitch Tupolev 02:52PM

Mitch suddenly poofs, having to be somewhere else. When she does, the word “SORRY” can be seen written with snow on the ground. Her writer needs to do other SLs, and is very busy. (Sorry guys!)


Alexandria Giovanni 02:54PM

Wait …. who´s they? -now she´s looking to Kaler, then to each of the tired looking beings. She´s never met Quetzalli, so the girl´s image doesn´t hold anything familiar to her.- That´s what we´re here for … and I got a feeling that we shouldn´t be around for long. Don´t overstay our welcome … let´s move, please. Kaler, you and your friends should lead the way …-she smiles brightly to the bird folk-


The Gentleman 02:55PM

<He smiled as he stood next to Drez when he heard Alexa suggest the group starting to move.>


[DM] – Shadow 02:56PM

The air feels heavy, thick with humidity and the pink haze only makes it feel heavier as it continues to roll in. The shadow points behind the group where the air looks the clearest… towards an area that looks like a dense bog. “Go. Follow the River.”


æ Kaler Eland æ 02:57PM

Huh? Wait, Quet, i-is that you?? [He said suddenly, looking at the shadow that talked to them, recognising the shape of the feminine body shrouded by that strange darkness. Oof, the sunboi did notice that weird… hazy pink mist in the air, which seemed to be of a slightly /less/ wholesome kind, but so very minute that with even the slightest shifting of his gaze or head pivoting, it was gone] Weird… [He muttered, looking next to the incorporeal Pharis as he makes it clear who ‘they’ is] O-ohhh, oh ok ok, I get you.. [He nodded, looking next to Alexa along with Pharis’ last words] G-good idea, yeah, let’s see what we can find. [With that, and the Shadow’s directions, he took the first steps down towards and alongside that river]


[DM] Samraen 02:57PM

-He doesn’t seem too bothered by Mitch’s disappearance though the ground in which the bird woman stood thaws rather quickly, her sorries lost to the heat of the forest altogether. He moves his gaze from Alexandria and Kaler to the forest and animal path that leads forward. The forest is rather overgrown, though, as it should be. There’s no true, rugged path but water, not very deep, mostly up to your knees, covered in green algae and mossy affront awaits you all as you move to begin along your path-


Alexandria Giovanni 03:00PM

-she follows after Kaler, tapping into her device, trying to get a reading of the pink mist. Cause as pretty as it might look, that is never good. The air made her huff and gasp every now and again. And she´ll do so until she adapted to it. Though for now, she was more focused on following Kaler and her readings-


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:00PM

Not really knowing who they were looking for or even the slightest idea what to expect, Karma quietly follows alongside Alexa with her shield in one hand. The metal cladded warrior was… at least prepared this time for this kind of gas, being able to mentally fight off the effects enough to focus on the situation around her. She was to protect Alexa right? The brunette would perform those duties to the best of her ability. Not to mention this Quetzalli person needed help!


The Gentleman 03:00PM

<He smiled and began to walk with the group towards the area the shadow had directed them towards>


Drezvahlu 03:00PM

~* The pink gas was a bit alluring, striking curiosity in the shaman. “I wonder what that is..” He mumbled, then glanced over at Alexa, taking note that she seemed to be the one to be quick to point fingers in a direction. A leader? Maybe.. But only time would tell. The encouragement to follow the river brought a small roll of shoulders from Drez. “Alright, let’s get this going.. I suppose we should listen to the shadow? Whatever the hell that thing is.. Or perhaps the trail.” He stepped forward, his olive eyes searching their surroundings with caution. There was no need to be ignorant about the dangerous situation. He didn’t know these people and to carelessly volunteer his help was a hazard. “Let’s go.. Someone make a decision. ” *~


[DM] Samraen 03:01PM

-Behind you, as you begin to walk forward, those mirages, those images of both Pharis and Quetzalli, fade, leaving you to push forward on your own path and senses. The water beneath your feet, wrapping around your legs, is thick. Something scuttles passed The Gentleman’s legs, curling around his foot before disappearing. Green moss and algae stains Drezvahlu’s legs, matching his olive eyes only now with his clothing or bare skin-


[DM] – Shadow 03:04PM

The pink haze was thinner here, but it was tantalizing, luring those who breathed it in too deeply into a false sense of security… deadening their senses to sudden sounds and movements.


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:05PM

[This jungle really was quite dense, wasn’t it? Along with that pink gas which was ever present yet out of reach of being too broadly overwhelming, it was like mother nature was drunk and going on a bit of a rampage with the life in the area. Thankfully this sunny one didn’t /need/ to breath to survive, but it didn’t stop him also reacting to the heaviness of the air at times, waving a hand in front of his face, which really did little to push away the hazy gas or the humidity in general. He alternated between taking steps and hovering over the dampest areas of their somewhat nonexistent path alongside this shallow, life-covered river] Take care with stepping guys… a-and try not to breath in too much… [As even him with his lesser breathing here noticed that lowering of his own super-keen senses, which he tried to avoid]


Alexandria Giovanni 03:06PM

-she looks up from her device for a moment and blinks to Kaler. She felt pretty safe now … what was he so worried about?- What Ka… -and she trips on something underwater and goes headfirst to smack into Kaler´s back, nose first-


The Gentleman 03:08PM

<He didn’t need to breathe, so he continued walking like nothing was wrong. He then helped Alexa back up, seeing if she was ok.>


[DM] Samraen 03:09PM

Wrong. Everything’s wrong. Is this what becomes of our home? -The voice comes from nowhere, casting a hazy, but warm, aura over Kaler who’s closest to it but the trees are spreading apart a bit further but they’re larger now, far larger the further you move into the forest, taller too. All around is the stench of rotting leaves and wildlife, the scent of algae and swamp, methane and even sulfur. But also that pink gas that occasionally trickles beneath and into your noses as you move further through the bog-


[DM] Steve 03:09PM

The further everyone gets into the swamp, the louder a hissing growl seems to get. But anytime anyone looks, whatever may have been watching is gone. Bubbles rise to the surface of the water, fading almost as quickly as they begin. And that growl is back.


The Gentleman 03:11PM

<He seemed to be the only one on guard, realizing the mist would’ve been some sort of drug or hallucinogen.> “Oh dear me.” he said, seeing everyone was now starting to slowly relax beside him.


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:11PM

The gas was something else, making her light-headed and unfocused. The forest was thick and dense, the water enough to slow her down as she had to watch her step with every movement forward. She was going to help Alexa but it was too late! She already smashed into that blonde boys back. Though while the fog was trying to get her to relax, it only made the Huntress more nervous; a strange world in a stranger forest were there could be anything staring at them from just beyond their line of sight. Upon the sound of a growl, the brunette put her hand over the hilt of her sword; bringing her shield up defensively.


Drezvahlu 03:12PM

~* Drez glanced down at the water they trudged through. He had no problem with water.. Nor the green stains that lined the tattooed skin of his legs. “Of course.” He responded to Kaler’s warning. “There’s no telling what lies in this murk.” His heavy accent flooded his lips. The pink smoke was a bit intoxicating to him, drowning out his sensitivity, yet his inner dragon was clawing at him and silently scolding him for thinking this was safe. He had glanced over at Alexa when the girl tripped, causing him to smile a little bit, but he shook his head and continued to walk. The smells.. They overwhelmed his nose, causing it to flare at the many things he inhaled. Ixxrien stirred upon hearing the hissing, making the tattoo on Drez’s back writhe against those broad muscles. His eyes had caught sight of the brief bubbling in the waters, causing him to shudder at the unknown forces. *~


[DM] Samraen 03:13PM

-The gas that moves around Karma should remind her of a recent event she had taken part in, only the gas is in its beginning stages. It hasn’t evolved so fully yet that it has the same lasting effects-

-In the distance, there is suddenly the sound of an explosion- BOOM -It vibrates the water around you, as if the entire world is quaking-


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:14PM

Hu-! [He was cut off from whatever he was about to say though as Alexa face planted into his back, him turning around to see what had happened, though he noticed Gentleman and whoever else; he too offered any assistance needed] Ack, t-this is what I meant… [He too was able to remain on guard about as much as Gentleman was, due to his lack of required breathing, though likely the gas managed to float into his nostrils as he moved once or twice, accompanied by him shaking his head a bunch to clear the hazy feeling] I-I have an idea what could be lurking… [He was trying not to talk as much, as speaking required air unless magic was involved, and he wished not to breathe too much either. He continued to push through the bog and plants, confused over the warm feeling as he pushed through the spreading trunks]


[DM] Samraen 03:14PM

-Trees wriggle as if caught in an unseen wind-


[DM] Steve 03:14PM

Another hiss. A sloshing of water. An odd rippling that seems far too long to be a normal creature. But just as quickly as it was there, it was gone. Whatever was there on the surface dropped back down.


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:14PM

[And then, explosion!] What the?!


[DM] Samraen 03:14PM

-Larger explosions. Smaller ones, like gunfire. The cling of metal against metal-


[DM] – Shadow 03:16PM

There is a loud ruckus as a flock of brightly colored birds flee from the area of the gunfire and shouting.


[DM] Steve 03:17PM

And, if anyone pays any mind, a pair of yellow eyes might be felt staring at the party.


The Gentleman 03:17PM

“Ok, this isn’t good.” he said, as the area became more and more violently active.


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:17PM

Karma was very familiar with this gas due to recent events, which was both a blessing and a curse as she had built up a bit of immunity with the fact that she knew what to expect. This gas was also very mild to the stuff she was…. introduced too. But that was a party environment, Sherise’ mindset was far away from that as the sound of an explosion rocked the area! The brunette steadied her breathing, standing right in front of Alexandria with her shield in front of her; silver eyes instantly moving down to the staring yellow eyes. “What should we do?!” She asked out to anyone, ready to pull her sword.


Alexandria Giovanni 03:18PM

-she grumbles and rubs her nose. Of course, something would be growling … and go boom boom? Why not?- Of course… this couldn´t be just another collect mission, couldn´t it? -her gaze narrows in the direction of the shouting and before anyone could stop her, she takes off in the same direction. If there were people hurt, she won´t lose time on weighing her options-


[DM] Steve 03:19PM

And the more the water was disturbed, the easier it was for the beast lurking within to stay hidden. The eyes vanish once more as it slips beneath the water, the movements of the people making its ripples harder to spot


Drezvahlu 03:19PM

~* Drez had to keep his arm out to stable himself as he felt the ground shake beneath them. His olive eyes stayed on the water below them, slit pupils narrowing to the thinness of a needle as he searched for the creator of the rippling and splashes. A forked purple tongue flickered out from his mouth, tasting the hazy air in caution. “No.. Not good at all.. Perhaps we should find higher ground? Get out of this murk, at least before things fall to shit.” The tattoo on his back was burning, searing his skin as if asking for release. “No, not yet, beautiful..” he mumbled under his breath.*~


[DM] Samraen 03:20PM

“IT’S OURS, BLARGFOOT,” -A voice carries through the bog, an echo that swarms around you. You move forward only for the world to erupt into violence. A cannon ball blasts toward the group, only to fall short, splashing Alexandria with bog water right in her face. Before you are two very impressive looking ships. One seems built of this world, planks of bright green that illuminate a glow that seems to cast a myriad of warm feelings deep within your soul. Aboard this ship, pirates wearing suits of green leaves and feathers, swords, guns, blades of varying length. It’s their direction that the sound of that voice comes from. The other, a black ship that seems crafted from the darkness, draining both light and emotion from the world, hazy with pink fog that writhes from it like tentacles, lashing out with cannon fire toward the other ship. This one has pirates of dark hue, shadow writhed around them.- ‘OVER OUR DEAD BODIES’ -Neither has seemed to notice your group yet but at any moment, they could.-


The Gentleman 03:20PM

“Something’s her- Wait! Alexa, come back!” he said, starting to go after her.


[DM] Steve 03:21PM

At the sudden interference of the pirates, a massive reptilian head burst from the water to snap one of the pirates up. Another hiss. And it’s gone.


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:21PM

Wh- Alexa! [He took to following after her, hopefully encouraging the others to do the same. He felt like eyes other than the groups own were watching him, though he initially didn’t try to locate them, yet] The heck, i-is there some war going on nearby?? [He talked to himself as he hovered after the Phoenix, taking note of the multiple distant shouts and booms. Once arriving, he quickly deduced something important, pointing to the green vessel] I think we’re gonna trust /those/ guys… [Nodnod, indeed]


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:21PM

“There’s something underneath us.” The Huntress pointed out as she moved into a sprint as well, keeping pace with Alexa despite her armored self. Realising just now how hard it was going to be to bodyguard someone who runs towards the danger. “Oh…Shit.” She responded to those pirate ships, eyes going wide.


[DM] Samraen 03:22PM

-It’s obvious whose side you should be on. The good side, right? There’s surprisingly an equal number of each until… of course, a GIANT caiman snaps up, biting one of those dark pirates and SPLOOSH, there are screams and cries and now gunfire from each lot. Two of now seven dark pirates fires a flintlock pistol at Karma-


Alexandria Giovanni 03:22PM

-she comes to a screaming stop, falling backward with the cannonball slamming down inches away from her feet. And her heart was racing. She claps a hand over her mouth, feeling so sooo small in comparison to the ships. Don´t scream … don´t move … don´t breathe-


[DM] Samraen 03:22PM

-A cannonball from that dark ship rockets toward The Gentleman-


The Gentleman 03:23PM

“Dammit!” he said, and ran towards Alexa before getting slammed by a cannonball, disappearing into and under the water.>


[DM] Samraen 03:23PM

-The water bubbles beneath Alexandria, a tentacle of that pink gas erupting forth to entangle its grasp at the woman before flinging her at the dark ship-


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:24PM

Karma doesn’t waste any time now, drawing her longsword quickly. She stepped in, to cut that tendril of pink gas that was trying to fling Alexa before it could!


[DM] Steve 03:25PM

The reptile lifts its head out of the water, and the look on its face is almost a grin. But, you know, Caimans and all that. Its tail smashes back towards the ground, aiming to break a ship apart. Steve doesn’t see good or bad. Steve only see dinner!


Alexandria Giovanni 03:25PM

-and now she screams, clawing at the tentacle- Get me out of here …!


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:25PM

[Jesus! If that isn’t a Jaws entitled moment, he didn’t know what was, witnessing the giant caiman lunge from the depths to cronch upon the hapless pirate. He witnessed Gentleman being bapped by the ball, moving to help the man up and out whilst watching Alexa, frantically hoping Karma’s efforts helped as he pulled Gentleman up and out] You ok??


[DM] Samraen 03:25PM

-You’re caught in the middle of a fullscale battle. A cannonball crashes into the water in front of Karma, splashing that bog water in her face just as she slices toward that tendril of pink, a cloud of gas spewing in Alexandria’s face before it can toss the woman. A bullet pelts the back of Kaler’s head and one of those pirates charge him, crashing through the water like a raging bull, splashing water everywhere-


[DM] – Shadow 03:26PM

The Swamp Pirates seem rather nonplussed about the eruption of the Caiman outta the water. “Atta boy Steve!” erupted from one as a chorus of ‘Yaaaaars!’ followed. They continued firing on the dark Pirates as the Captain maneuvered the ship to get between the black ship and the small group of adventurers.


[DM] Samraen 03:26PM

-Steve’s tail smashes into the black ship, sending pirates clamoring down into the waters-


Alexandria Giovanni 03:27PM

-she coughs violently and wipes at her face, trying to clean off invisible residue from the gas. The more she inhaled, the more it should affect her, right?-


[DM] Samraen 03:27PM

Swamp pirates? One good. One bad. Help good. They know things. -The voice pops out of nowhere near Alexandria-


Alexandria Giovanni 03:28PM

Who … are .. the good?-she asks while still coughing-


The Gentleman 03:28PM

<He stood there, water dripping from him after the man helped him up> “Oh, I’m delightful.” he said, and the water immediately erupted off him as steam before picking up the cannonball and throwing it hard at the pirate charging them>


[DM] Steve 03:28PM

The Caiman belches. And it turns its attention to the group. Meh. So few of them. He’ll be hungry if he eats them. But…. OH! THE SHINY ONE! Steve lunges back into the water, the movements of the pirates making it easier to hide. And he swims right for Kaler.


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:28PM

Karma flinches and shakes her face clear of the bog water she was covered in, moving backward as the shockwave of the cannonball went passed her. “We gotta get the fuck outta here.” She exclaimed to Alexa, shield up as she looked over to her charge to make sure she was at least physically alright.


[DM] – Shadow 03:28PM

A ladder tumbles off the side of the green ship towards the group with a pirate peering over the edge. “Iffin ya don’t wanna be caiman snacks, I’d advise ye get your arses outta the water!”


[DM] Samraen 03:28PM

-You’re slopping around in muck, the mud and bog soil gripping at your feet as you try and move through it. There’s only one path forward and it’s through that stiff bog and toward the pirate crew-


Drezvahlu 03:28PM

~* The shaman glanced over at Alexa and Mr. G as they were shot at or nearly shot at by the cannons. His eyes widened a bit as the nanobot went underwater. “Well, shit.” He muttered, not daring to make a move to help the male, he was still unsure as to what lay in the waters. The image of the large reptile that had jumped out of the water to attack the pirates was quite alarming to him and Ixxrien. Setting him over the edge from her painful internal claws. Sounds of screaming from Alexandria caused his ears to flick in her direction, then he saw the tentacle. Finally, he made up his mind and trudged through the waters to search for Mr. G. “Come one where are you?” He muttered while leaning down to run his hands through the water to search for the man. *~


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:28PM

Ow! [Well not truly ‘ow’, as the bullet would ping right off of the back of the sunny one’s head, thankfully being of a non-enchanted pellet. Turning around after helping Gentleman, he quickly altered his positioning and readied. When they got close, Kaler used one hand to grab their attacking side, throwing them into Gentleman’s cannonball effectively. Oh, now the Caiman wants him too?!]


Alexandria Giovanni 03:29PM

-she looks up towards the ship and nods to Karma- Everyone on the ship … now!


[DM] Steve 03:30PM

Steve’s attention was drawn to Alexandria. She was making noise. And he was hungry. Carefully, the beast makes its way through the water, that tail barely visible a good twenty yards away from where his head should be.


The Gentleman 03:30PM

“Over here.” he said to Drez. <He had been pulled up a ways from where he disappeared, a small current forming from the splashes.>


Alexandria Giovanni 03:30PM

Karma … get everyone up! Drag them, if needed. -she looks around, for Kaler and G- Guys … up, now!


[DM] Samraen 03:30PM

-The bad pirates trudge toward each of you, guns and blades brandished, trying to push you all toward that giant creature in the water. A whip of pink gas captures Drez about the feet, slinging him toward that black ship. Another dashes toward Alexandria again, only it misses and instead, grabs hold of a tree behind her, showering her in splinters-


[DM] Steve 03:31PM

That head bursts from the water again. But nothing to kill. Just enough to snap a hand off of Alexa. Mmm. Fingies!


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:31PM

Hm? [Oh, it suddenly /didn’t/ want to attack the sunny one? Well then, this gave him a good opportunity. To help the others get onto the shop without being eaten alive, Kaler performed a mighty leap right over to the tail, hopefully landing on it with a hefty kick, aiming to afterwards grab it to pull it away. Too bad for the pirates, he’s doing it himself!]


The Gentleman 03:32PM

“Alright, enough of this.” he said and burst into millions of black nano bots. <They reformed into the 50 foot black, metallic dragon with green glowing eyes. and he roared, stepping on the Caiman before it could bite Alexa.>


Drezvahlu 03:32PM 

~* The shaman glanced over at Alexa and Mr. G as they were shot at or nearly shot at by the cannons. His eyes widened a bit as the nanobot went under water. “Well, shit.” He muttered, not daring to make a move to help the male, he was still unsure as to what lay in the waters. The image of the large reptile that had jumped out of the water to attack the pirates was quite alarming to him and Ixxrien. Setting him over the edge from her painful internal claws. He was a bit glad to see Mr. G rise up from the waters, making him let out a sigh of relief. As Alexa would speak of the ship, he’d give a nod. “I am in agreement, let’s move our asses!” he spoke sharply, then hurried to get through the water, but to his demise, he felt something wrap around his leg to throw him. “Ack!” he yelled out.  *~


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:32PM

[One thing he did notice, sadly, was this Gas’ effect on one’s senses limited his ability to fly; he could for now only perform his leaps, which were still good enough!]


[DM] – Shadow 03:32PM

A loud BOOM! echos across the water as a cannonball is launched toward the cluster of Dark Pirates, careful to avoid collateral damage.


[DM] Steve 03:32PM

Steve just darts back under the water, rolling.


[DM] Samraen 03:33PM

-Two of those dark pirates go under a wave of bog water where the cannonball from the glowing pirates lands between them-


The Gentleman 03:33PM

<The dragon growled loudly, wrapping his tail around Alexa and picking her up and placing her on his back>


[DM] Samraen 03:33PM

-The dark pirates are swarming toward their own ship-


Alexandria Giovanni 03:36PM

-she moves to evade whatever it was that came for her, stepping right in Steve´s way. Eyes widen in shock and she sees the creature sink its teeth into her flesh in slow motion. She couldn’t understand what happened until she felt some of his knife like teeth sink into her shoulder, puncturing a lung and taking off with her arm. She won´t scream … she only falls to her knees, desperate eyes searching for Karma-


[DM] Steve 03:37PM

Once the other pirates get knocked under the water, Steve swims towards them, massive jaws gnashing. His head is nearly as big as that dragon alone. You can only imagine how big he *actually* is. But the pirates? Easy prey. He swallows the hand, snapping up the two that fell. And the only indication that he has them is the splashing of water as he rolls. A tail flicks to throw Kaler off of him because the writer totally missed that. Oops.


The Gentleman 03:38PM

<He continued growling, standing in front of Alexa protectively. He’d have to see what he could do about her arm. Maybe he could give some nanobots to her. But one thing at a time. The metallic dragon continued and watched the creature move through the water.>


[DM] – Shadow 03:38PM

As the group makes their way to the ship and out of the waters, one of the pirates is helping them aboard while the others continue to send hails of bullets and the occasional cannonball toward the opposing ship. 


[DM] Samraen 03:40PM

-Fire is returned upon the glowing pirates from the dark pirates that are already turning their dark ship toward the group of heroes and the good pirates. But they’re slow and several holes are punched through their ship’s side, cries barking out for the sails to be let down as they steer through the trees surrounding the group in the direction of you all-


Drezvahlu 03:41PM

~* Drez struggles against the grip around his feet, reaching his hands down to claw at the pink substance that had grasped him. Ixxrien was tempted to just release herself as she had done yesterday, but would that put her host in a more vulnerable position? As he was let go near the black ship, he’d skid across the waters, then found his arms waving around him to keep himself above the murk. His olive eyes widened as he looked up at the dark ship. *~


The Gentleman 03:42PM

<The dragon growled, smoke slowly curling from the edge of his mouth, as he watched the Dark Pirates slowly begin to surround his group.>


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:43PM

[He tried his best to get it off and away from Alexa but it was too late, just managing to maybe give it a nonexistent bruise before the tail flicked the sunny one away, him moving to get onto the ship, moving up to find the Phoenix] Alexa!! [Jesus, his eyes widened as he realised her entire left arm had been lodged from its socket. Quickly the CoL went into action, letting gently flowing green Gaian energy move from his hand onto the open wound, to hopefully (and less hurtfully than intense heat) cauterise the wound so it would stop bleeding. Now someone needed to find something to use as a bandage]


[DM] Samraen 03:43PM

-Just as Drez is flung toward that black ship, the pink gas fading, hands from the glowing pirates grab hold of him, yanking him to join the rest on that green ship and into the safety of the other good pirates-


[DM] Steve 03:45PM

Steve lifts his head up from the water, a loud belch shaking and rippling through the water. And right back down he goes.


[DM] Samraen 03:45PM

-The green ship begins moving as the last of you find your way to the glowing pirates and their ship- The fate dominoes. The key… it’s here. Can feel it? -And indeed you can. It’s as if something here upon the ship has reached into your very souls. It calms you, seems to drawl upon the goodness in your hearts. It soothes your injuries, causing pain to dribble away only it is not healing you. Only you can do that. Those dark pirates, though, are right behind you. A bullet careens toward Kaler as he works, only to bounce off and pelt into the hull-


[DM] Steve 03:46PM

And behind those pirates is Steve. They’re tasty.


[DM] Samraen 03:46PM

-Another swoops toward that dragon Gentleman-


The Gentleman 03:46PM

<The 50 foot black, metallic dragon stood in the water next to the green pirates, where the rest of the group was.>


[DM] – Shadow 03:46PM

The incoming bullets from the opposing ship catch a couple of the Swamp Pirates, sending them falling into the murky waters below. The captain snarls and yells back to the one assisting the ones outta the water. “Gotta move! We’ll lose them on the river!” Little did they know that the river’s water was not stagnant and moved quickly around rocks that jutted out from beneath the water’s surface.


Alexandria Giovanni 03:47PM

-she lifts her arm to press her right hand over the wound, over where Steve bit her arm clean from the shoulder. She tried to keep her body from going to shock, trembling lightly- I´m immune to … magical healing. -and though Gaia´s light was warm and welcomed by the woman, all that was taken away was the pain. And even that was temporary- I´m … still alive .. -she tried to grin to Kaler, her lips bloodstained. And she felt it, the soothing feeling, the pain subdued and she was grateful for both Kaler and whatever was calling for her-


[DM] Samraen 03:47PM

-Where the bog ends, a river begins, white water splashing over the ship’s sides. You cascade through them at a steady, growing speed-


The Gentleman 03:47PM

<He huffed as a pirate smacked into his side. He carefully place the pirate back onto his ship. He huffed, offering to be an escort for the ship>


[DM] Samraen 03:47PM

-A splash of water pelts into the ship, pushing The Gentleman on board. The ship crashes into a rock, the crunch of wood and the groan of wood breaking sounding at the right side-


[DM] Steve 03:48PM

“Food! No!” The Caiman speaks. Which really isn’t the weirdest thing out there. He lunges, snapping at the dark pirate ship, trying to snap the thing in half.


The Gentleman 03:48PM

<The dragon stood there for a little bit longer before bursting into nanobots and reforming as The Gentleman as the ship hit the rocks.>


[DM] Samraen 03:49PM

-Behind, that dark ship is bitten by the caiman, erupting into a shower of splinters and broken wood and they’re lost to the darkness of the bog a distance away. The ship is still moving, pushed through those waters at break neck speed-


[DM] Steve 03:49PM

Behind them, rumbling laughter as Steve enjoys his dinner.


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:49PM

[Well, he agreed with the pain being gone but damn it she might still be bleeding, or at the very least she needed some sort of bandage. If no one had anything he was very well ready to use his own hecking shirt to help stop the wound from getting any worse. His head canted forwards at the bullet, looking behind him with an annoyed expression. Queue the Pirates of the Caribbean theme]


Drezvahlu 03:50PM

~* When he was pulled to the safety of the green ship and the others, he let out a sigh of relief as he hunched over to take a breather. “Remind me, why I came..” He mumbled, soon finding himself rolling his eyes at his dragon’s silent words. Slowly, he went over to Alexa and knelt down beside her. She had spoken of being immune magical healing, yet Kaler said she needed cauterized. Surely a flame would work. “May I burn your wound?” He asked, his expression was soft as he looked down at the bloody stub on the woman’s shoulder. He held a hand out, letting a blue flame ignite in his palm. It would hurt.. Burn like hell. It was a dragon’s fire, so the pureness should cleanse the wound. *~


[DM] – Shadow 03:53PM

The ship moves faster now as the captain tries his best to avoid the rocks. “Hold on!” The impacts from the rocks jostle the passengers. Those who don’t have their sea–er, river– legs might feel a bit, or very, seasick. At least with the pace they are moving the air is clearer and more easy to breathe.


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:54PM

Writer comes back as Karma comes too, looking around to see what she missed.


Alexandria Giovanni 03:54PM

-she must have been in shock still cause she wasn´t reacting to anything. the dark ship, Steve eating all those people. She just looked up at Kaler. What good was a phoenix without her wing? Finally, her gaze drop on Drez and she nods- I´m … a phoenix … Fire doesn´t hurt me … -she needed to think … she needed to understand how. How did she not see Steve coming? When the ship rocks, she grips a hold to Drez´s arm, but soon starts coughing. All this rocking is causing her pain-


Femina Draco 03:56PM

Rhys was still seeking out the location of her missing objects as she’d appear at the RDI, she’d noted the strange portal and for better or worse the dragon hybrid was stepping through with a soft “chirp” onto the deck of a ship? Curious golden orbs blinked as her long black tail whipped In the air behind her and black leathery wings folded. She stood currently at five foot three./d


[DM] Samraen 03:57PM

-You begin to hear the crashing of water in the distance, the absence of a continuous river. A mist seems to consume the air before you, farther in the distance. It sends the spray of water cascading over the ship and soaking you to the core-


The Gentleman 03:57PM

<As the boat rocks, The Gentleman walks with mechanical like precision, keeping him upright and moving towards Alexa.> “I’m so sorry.” he said to her, a crouched down. “But I know how I can make it up to you.”


æ Kaler Eland æ 03:57PM

[Welp, thankfully Drez was able to cauterise the wound on Alexa’s shoulder/socket, so the bleeding would thereby stop, leading Kaler to keep his shirt on instead of using it as a makeshift bandage. Instead, he moved towards the front of the ship, looking out to witness the rapids and rocks in their path. If it was any help, the strong sunny one used his strength to potentially /pull/ the ship side to side to assist in avoiding any super jagged rocks, but it wasn’t a perfect travel solution, and they may find the ship obtaining more and more holes. And then, fog! And more water!] Ack! [Rhys may have to watch her footing as she suddenly appeared on this PotC boat chase of rather epic proportions!]


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 03:58PM

“Shit…” The brunette huntress stated as she noticed that Alexa was hurt. As a bodyguard she had failed her duty, which made her sigh deeply. At least she could try and keep this woman from falling into more harm, assuming that Alexa was even going to make it through this. Under her feet was the deck of a ship, this wasn’t where she expected to be when she woke up this morning. She stored her weapon, not having her sea legs yet and afraid of falling over. For now, she stepped up behind Kaler towards the bow, looking outwards as she held onto the edge of the ship.


[DM] Samraen 03:59PM


-The ship begins to tilt-

-It rocks back and forth, hitting several sharp, jagged rocks-

-Water begins to bubble to the surface of the ship, coating your feet-




The Gentleman 04:00PM

“Damn. Hang on!” <He threw out nanobot strands to wrap around the group, hoping to get to them in time before the ship fully capsized.>


Alexandria Giovanni 04:00PM

-she wanted to answer  G, but she couldn´t. She whimpers and looks up to Karma, still holding on to Drez´s arm and he better hold on to something else-


[DM] – Shadow 04:01PM

One of the pirates that did not heed the warning fast enough is thrown from the ship with a charactistic terrified scream before being silenced.


[DM] Samraen 04:01PM

-And indeed, you are. As the ship nears that towering edge, you can see a HUGE ravine right before you, a giant drop leading down to a DEEP body of water beneath. A giant crack in the earth so deep that all you can see to either side of you is stone, jagged rock, jewels poking through the sides of the earth-

-The ship groans-

-It cracks-


Femina Draco 04:01PM

Rhys was currently in hybrid form Clawed black feet would sink into the wooden boards of the ship if needed or her tail may coil around. And as the boat was tilting she is chirping with excitement and starting look for any others if she can she is going to extend wings out for any near her. Black scales are rippling over her skin/d


Drezvahlu 04:02PM

~* The shaman gave a nod, then carefully pressed his hand holding the blue flame against Alexa’s shoulder. Smells of burning flesh filled his nose as the fire worked on searing the wound closed. He had to keep his other hand against the wooden planks below to keep him from jostling around as the rocks had hit the ship. Ixxrien began to speak to him once more, warning him of the presence of another dragon. His olive eyes would find sight of Rhys, the needle-like slit pupils narrowing. A forked purple tongue flicked out, tasting the air like a snake as his inner dragon took a momentary hold of his thoughts. The second the boat tipped, his skin rippled and white scales erupted on the surface of the hand holding the ground. His arm mutated to form Ixxrien’s and the claws would outstretch to grasp onto the wood below.  *~


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:02PM

[He was right! The assistance of steering didn’t help in the long run, and now water was filling the ship apparently. Upon hearing a Wilhelm scream, Kaler holds onto the side of the ship, perhaps helping Karma to do the same as she came up behind him, staring down into the ravine. Well heck, this wasn’t going to go well]


[DM] Samraen 04:02PM

And the front half, that actually has every one of you, suddenly splits from the rest of the ship and you all tumble over those falls. Gentleman’s nanobots can only get so many of you at a time and either way, you all free fall for what feels like ages-

-Even those of you who might be able to fly. As if the gift of flight has been taken from you-

-It’s sudden. It’s fast. It feels like you’re being thrown into a cement wall but you crash into the large body of water beneath, that ship sending a wave over each and everyone of you. Water fills your noses, mouths, ears, sending you shooting toward the coast-


[DM] – Shadow 04:03PM

“AND I’M FREE…. FREEEE FALLIN’…” ..And screaming…


The Gentleman 04:03PM

<He tried shifting and bursting into nanobots, but he couldn’t. He could only control nanobots, but no longer change forms> “Oh shit.” he said as they started their fall.


[DM] Samraen 04:03PM

-It takes the air straight from your lungs. You’ll drown. You just might-

-And then…-

-You each break the surface, taking in that first deep breath of fresh air-

-The world has gone dark but either side of the ravine is lit by torchlight that leads far into the distance where the cusp of a giant arch can be seen, leading into a giant cave-like system-


The Gentleman 04:04PM

<He sputtered in the water, hanging on to the ship. He’d sink, automatically, if he didn’t hang on to the ship>


Femina Draco 04:05PM

Thank goodness she can swim some and in turn, her raven haired head breaks to the surface. Rhys will head over to Mr. G and coil her tail around him. He can use it like a life preserver/d


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:05PM

[Ack, more endless falling, followed by more endless falling which leads into being underwater, and being almost drowned! Granted, once more the lack of needing to breath helped the sunny one, but, it was nice to catch a breath after that maddening rush of activity as they fell down that ravine. Once breaking the surface, Kaler looked around frantically, assisting anyone to get out of the water who may find themselves weaker than others]


[DM] Samraen 04:06PM

-The flooring beyond the banks is full-on gravel and stone, at least solid ground that isn’t quaking or shifting with water.-


Alexandria Giovanni 04:06PM

-oh boy, oh boy, oh boy … she goes underwater fast, taking a big gulp of it, hoping to all the Gods above that she would still be holding on to Drez, because SHE CAN’T SWIM!-


[DM] – Shadow 04:07PM

With a groan, the pirates start bobbing up to the surface and swimming towards the shore with the torches. Coughing and sputtering, they crawl ashore and the captain pats down his clothing. “Please… please… still be here…”


The Gentleman 04:07PM

<He sighed and looked at the tail curling around him.> “It’s you.” he said, and smiled, and hung onto her tail.


[DM] Samraen 04:08PM

All around you are those glowing pirates, each soaked to the core by the water. They are coughing and sputtering, trying to wring the water from their clothes. As you settle on the shores, some saved from drowning by Kaler and Drez, there is only that path to follow-


Femina Draco 04:08PM

Leathery wings will act like a surface bubble trapping air underneath.  She will haul Mr. G towards the surface and chirped to him. /d


Drezvahlu 04:08PM

~* As they had fallen out of the ship into the harsh water below, he felt the air knock from his lungs only to be filled with liquid. The elf violently coughed as he resurfaced, gasping for air. His olive eyes opened and he frantically looked around to make sure the others were safe.Of course he felt Alexa go below the second he had, so with the draconic arm he quickly found hold of her and brought her to the surface, holding her closely. “A-Are you alright?” He stammered. Ixxrien lurched in him. She had tried so hard to escape him to save him from the fall, but was frustrated that she couldn’t break free and fly to safety with him. Now, the dragon was pissed and clawed at his insides. The white tattoo on his back was glowing brightly, burning his skin all the more. *~


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 04:09PM

Karma could swim, and swim well despite her armor. The better explanation was the gravity dust she had inserted into her armor earlier this morning, lightning her load ever so slightly while keeping her from drowning and falling too fast! Still, she looked out for Alexa, dragging her to the surface with Drez or if he had it, she’d find herself to the water’s edge; trying to recover from the sudden capsid and fall


Femina Draco 04:09PM

Seeing the others on the shore they were head to join them/d


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:11PM

[Thankful that some managed to be saved by his efforts and those of others, he sighed, his body /slowly/ drying itself off. He really hated those moments when he couldn’t fly. He moved out of the water then, towards the others around them, to see what was to happen next]


[DM] – Shadow 04:11PM

The Captain looked around after getting nods of confirmation from his remaining crew before turning attention to those in the group. “How many remain?”


Alexandria Giovanni 04:11PM

-she nods to Drez and to Karma. She was still alive, her device beeping and warning statistics popped up on the screen around her right wrist- I’m … okay … -she coughs into her hand and quickly wipes it on her leg-


The Gentleman 04:11PM

<He smiled at the dragoness and stood up, letting the water evaporate off him into steam. He tried to reform, the nano bots buzzing and shifting, but they wouldn’t. He tried again. Same result. He sighed frustrated and tried a third time, being successful and shifting into a wolf before shifting back into The Gentleman.> “That’s better.”


Femina Draco 04:12PM

batobot jahus zi trelk vur jaka si mi shio soaked. batobot jahus ti diwhaf sva shio”  She exclaimed wringing out her hair and shaking out her tail. Golden orbs blinked as she looked to the others. /d


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 04:13PM

Karma flopped on her back as she caught her breath again, silver eyes staring upwards into the sky for a few moments before she jumped up to her feet. “I’m good.” She nodded towards the pirate Captain, sword in one hand and shield in another as she stood beside Alexa.


The Gentleman 04:14PM

<He nudged the dragoness with his arm> “You’ve got to teach me draconic. Or whatever dialect that is.” he said with a smile.


Drezvahlu 04:14PM

~* The shaman trudged through the water, still keeping his arm around Alexa should she need the support. His olive eyes finding sight of the others and a sigh of relief would escape his lips. “Thank the gods.. We didn’t need any casualties.” Ixxrien silently spoke to him upon hearing the draconic language in the air. Drez craned his neck, glancing over at Rhys with an arched brow. That woman was tempting Ixxi to make herself known.. He wasn’t sure he liked it. *~


The Gentleman 04:14PM

<He turned and faced the captain> “Luckily, we’re all accounted for.”


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:14PM

T-thankfully most are alive. [He nodded along with the others who were accounted for]


[DM] Samraen 04:17PM

-As you all gather yourself, those lights on either side of the ravine guide you forward. The path is straight but it seems as if it stretches for miles. Before you, eventually, comes the archway which seems as if it were carved by the peoples of this place hundreds of thousands of years ago, decorative runes and sigils of magic etched into stone and polished so that it glows faintly with the golden light of the pirates who walk with you. It’s like a ripple as you pass through those arches, only a few short feet away from that, a chamber that seems to widen, fitting only you before the world behind you disappears-


[DM] – Shadow 04:17PM

“Fate has smiled on you all that you have made it this far.” The captain held out two pieces, dominos in his flat palm. “Take these – the key for your search. If but one is missing or is out of place, the winds of fate will change and the catastrophe that is hoped to be avoided will become unavoidable. Take one each and go.” The captain nods and indicates deeper into the ravine where the light of the torches cannot yet reach. Along with the dominos held by the remaining pirate crew, there enough for everyone to take one each.


Femina Draco 04:17PM

“Draconic..Dialect.  Yes ” She chirped to Mr. G and waved her black scaled tail in the air. It was the only dialect she spoke well and could rip off retorts quickly in. She caught some of the other comments of good..and thankful golden orbs blinked as her armor pieces were pulled back in place. Clawed feet took a few steps as she’d try to pay attention and listen as best she could/d


[DM] Samraen 04:18PM

-Lights flicker into existence along the walls, casting a hazy glow upon each of you. And those pirates hold those dominoes out to each of you-


Alexandria Giovanni 04:18PM

-she remains silent and as soon as they were on solid ground, she was checking her device. She takes a deep breath again, only for her to erupt in a coughing fit. And once it settled, she takes a domino, then silences her device and tries her best to stand-


The Gentleman 04:19PM

<He took a domino and the nano bots immediately secured it with in his body. He stood next to the dragoness before spotting Alexa and walking over to her.>


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:20PM

[Kaler would take a domino also, nodding to the captain before following the others on their path through the cave-like tunnel, looking to the lights that guided them forwards. His eyes find Alexa, seriously worrying over her safety as of now, being only one-armed currently. Clearly, she was going to need some sort of mechanical prosthetic once they got back to Hellifyno if his assumption that this was a different world or realm was true]


[DM] – Shadow 04:20PM

One by one, as their dominos are taken by the adventures, the pirates dissipate and disappear, the captain being the last one to vanish.


Drezvahlu 04:21PM

~* Drez carefully walked forward and took a domino from the pirates. His olive eyes then found sight of the archway and he quickly made his way over to it. A hand was placed against the stone, tracing over the runes and sigils with great interest. The place seemed sacred.. Obviously touched by strong magics of some sort. *~


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 04:21PM

Karma sheaths her sword and takes her piece with a nod, putting it away as she took out her Scroll device and checked it as well. It was great that her Aura level was detectable like this and it showed that she was still in the green. Satisfied with what she saw, Karma put the thing away then she too went to Alexa. With those around her helping her move, the Huntress would do a hell of a better job actually protecting her.


Alexandria Giovanni 04:21PM

-her eyes find Kaler and she nods him to a side, a bit away from the group-


Femina Draco 04:21PM

As she is handed a domino, the dragoness summons her puzzle box and the piece is placed inside as the box is turned once more it phases out of view from the others.. “nomeno ui zi odd vorqir” /d


The Gentleman 04:23PM

“Alexa, when we get back to Hellifyno, and we will, I’ve got a plan.” he said to her before standing and walking along with the dragoness. “What’s your name?” he asked her.


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:24PM

Hm? [Quietly he hums to himself, spotting Alexa’s motioning nod, as he slowly made his way back to be closer to her, though slightly away from the others, at least in the way that she seemed to display her actions. He put the piece in his pocket for the time being]


Femina Draco 04:24PM

“Rhys ” She understood the word name and it sounded like a question. Her tail waved in the air behind her as golden orbs blinked and she would instinctively stay with the group since it appeared each had one of the odd token pieces./d


Alexandria Giovanni 04:25PM

-she smiles weakly to G, then moves to join Kaler- I got a favor to ask …


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:25PM

“Honestly, if you take any longer, I might actually start to age here.” There’s a voice from within, the tap-tap of a staff against the ground as she waits impatiently. Kaler might recognize the voice, as he’s heard it before. “I’ve seen SNAILS move faster. The very grass grows faster than you people move.”


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:26PM

A favour? [He questioned, quietly though in return to the weakened Phoenix, being closeby as to help if she felt herself stumbling at all, waiting to hear her apparent ‘favour’. Meanwhile, he indeed did gain a memory or two from that voice, now slowly understanding where they must be right now…]


The Gentleman 04:27PM

“Pleasure to meet you Rhys.” he said, petting her scales, knowing most dragons like being pet, before walking forward to join the group.


[DM] – Shadow 04:28PM

“…you started with magic, your greed. Should help… fix…. before too late.” The shadowy version of Quetzalli sounds distant, standing before the figure of the one who spoke out to the group. She seemed weary, struggling to find a way past the woman donned in blue feathers and the reek of sinister perversion.


Femina Draco 04:28PM

Leathery ears caught the phrase move faster. Rhys chirped and slipped forwards towards the Witch Doctor and Chirped with the pet. They didn’t have any more time to daddle.. A black tail would curl to take Mr. Gs wrist..They were moving/d


Alexandria Giovanni 04:29PM

-she leaned into Kaler, gulping down, then licking her lips- Don´t let me die here … I can only revive on Hellifyno … -then she looks up to the woman and the shadow. She saw the shadow at the start of this quest-


The Gentleman 04:29PM

<He let the tail curl his waist and was happily dragged along> “Well alright then.


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:29PM

“Oh, you see how *stupid* they are! Why should I bother helping them?” There’s a scoff, an impatient, louder tap of the staff against the ground. “Maybe you should have thought about all this before you fell in love with that traitor.”


Drezvahlu 04:31PM

~*The pointy-eared elf turned his head back to the group. “I believe we should get moving.. The voice is getting pretty demanding.. Snarky creature. Almost worse than a dragon.” He grinned. *~


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 04:32PM

As she moved, the brunette Huntress would look towards the source of the noise. The impatient tone giving her a bad feeling about it. Then there was another voice, from the beginning of the quest! That had Karma slotting a vial of earth Dust into her shield, withdrawing her sword, and picking up the pace with everyone else.


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:32PM

[Oh, well, that made his eyes widen a whole lot more than before. Understanding her request, he firmly nodded and made sure to stand very close to the Phoenix as they made their way along the path. Grumbling slightly at the voice which snarked at them, too] This one again… [He mumbled quietly]


[DM] – Shadow 04:33PM

“you… this world… Zirterria… and Defiance…dying because you..” Her fists clenched as she held out a single piece, one like was given to the others but just as transparent and shadowy as herself. “Please.” 


Femina Draco 04:33PM

si tepoha thric ulhyrr svabol astahii re gethrisjir shafaer zahae, shar si siofme astahii siofme yth re birk moving silnesai usv nomagqe ameobas. si tepoha nurti coanwor tenpiswo.. si mi ti tangis jaunus svabol yth re tirir mrith nomenoi tokens..” She was mumbling as she had Mr. G by the wrist. they were moving on the path?/d


Alexandria Giovanni 04:33PM

Do you know who they are? -she whispers softly while walking-


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:34PM

“Let them die.” She huffed once more. “It’s not my problem now. Frankly, if it means the idiots are wiped out? Good!” The staff slams into the ground. “You’re not changing my mind, little bird. No one can.”


The Gentleman 04:36PM

<He walked with the dragon until they came to where the voices were originating from. He looked up, confused as he stood next to Rhys.>


[DM] Samraen 04:36PM

-The walls are covered in a thick green moss, the beginning signs of twigs and vines across the floor that spread like a myriad of living creatures, surrounding your path forward. That dense fog that once covered the planet when it was dying, that magic that kept birds of many kinds and creatures of the forest hostage now cloaked beneath a pale fog on the floor, an illuminated doorway behind both The Witch Doctor and Quetzalli’s incorporate form in the distance as the two bicker, each one of you walking through and into the room where it takes place. This great cavern of Zirterria and Defiance. That name… it’s familiar. Planet II? What? Those who have been to the planet know that it is nothing like this. For one, there is barely any of that gas here. As that staff slams into the floor, the cavern erupts into shivers and vibrations beneath your feet-


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:38PM

The two ghostly ones? Yes…. a-and the snarky one too, sadly.. [He sighed and nodded to Alexa, looking out ahead at the constant dark, fire-lit path they took. Until they came to this great room that is. His eyes glanced all around, before feeling those vibrations, making sure himself and Alexa remained sure-footed, not wanting to risk her obtaining any more injuries. Eyes then glanced forwards to the incorporate form of Quet, and the more lively form of the Witch Doctor, who Kaler was now remembering properly, brows lowered in annoyance towards her] Yup, it’s her….


Alexandria Giovanni 04:40PM

-as if every step wasn´t torture enough, the vibrations would cause her more pain. So she tries to steady herself as much as possible by leaning into Kaler, whining softly- Who … are …. they?

[DM] – Shadow


She was starting to panic. She had faced off against the witchdoctor before. She is the one that started all of this here. Capturing the wild creatures. Changing them. Harnessing the magic that was released the first time they changed, but her methods were devious. It started to kill this world by making the plants grow unchecked and silence the cries of the denizens of The Great Forest.


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:40PM

“Finally.” The woman turned, her face stretched into the most sarcastic grin anyone could ever imagine. “Oh, and you brought the most adorable little thing. I remember you. Shame I didn’t get to kill you myself the last time.” She leaned against the staff, which was no more than a walking stick, really. “I was almost hoping that Steve would have eaten all of you.”


The Gentleman 04:41PM

<He cracked a smile and walked forward, before whistling boldly to the Witch Doctor.>


Drezvahlu 04:41PM

~* “The tokens are meant as a sign.. The pirate spoke of them holding importance, best not lose your piece.” Drez continued to walk alongside the group, but shot a glance over his shoulder at Rhy. Ixxrien got a hold of his tongue. “nomagqe astahii jalla yor ekess klae asta hoinpic instead di tarir astaha korja hefoc wer slimy rekisixi wux renthisj di.. nomagqe astahii ornla ti tangis qe persvek nomeno spot tepohada astahii truly coanwor di klae..” The elf quickly covered his mouth with his hands and his expression twisted. He hated when the dragon spoke through him, it made him so uncomfortable. His olive eyes found sight of the two new forms, then closed as he released a heavy breath of air. *~


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 04:41PM

Unsure of what to do at this point, Karma widened her stance a bit as she stepped forward to see those ghostly forms arguing while carefully trying to keep balance as the floor shook. Without knowing what to do at this point, she just kept an eye on Alexa; keeping close enough to spring into action should something more direct occur. 


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:42PM

She steps closer to the group. And that staff lashes out to smack Gentleman upside the head. She steps back, frowning. “Shut up. I don’t like you.”


Alexandria Giovanni 04:42PM

-she tried to step in front of Kaler, thinking that the woman was talking about him. Her body was starting to shut down though, legs barely able to keep her weight-


The Gentleman 04:43PM

<His head burst into nanobots before she smacked him and reformed, still smiling> “Well, from what I’m gathering, you don’t like much of anyone.”


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:43PM

T-the one on the left if Quetzalli, she’s the friend. The other one is… W-witch Doctor, I believe. She’s…. not so good. [And he was sure to hold onto Alexa to stop her unbalanced body from falling over as the vibrations shook the room. He tilted his head some at the Doctor, sighing some] W-what’s your grudge against this world anyway? [He would instead move more in front of Alexa, for he knew she was in no real condition to battle or made a stand at this point, holding her up also]


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:44PM

“Boredom. The fact that humans are idiots. Well, all of them except me. Though, not really human am I, sunny boi?” She leans against the stick. She glares at Gentleman. “I said shut up. If I want to hear your voice, I’ll ask.” She huffs.


The Gentleman 04:45PM

“Freedom of speech.” he said casually, leaning on his cane which had formed suddenly.


[DM] – Shadow 04:46PM

Eyes, far darker than normal for the usually colourful birdwoman shifted to the group. “Guardian from far away. Corrupted by greed… happening again. Can’t let it happen again.”


Femina Draco 04:46PM

” Those golden draconic eyes blinked There were a lot of common words spoken by the Witchdoctor and Rhys just blinked.” svabol persvek wer uoinota re wer common ooblei si missing kiarf?” She also saw Mr. G get slapped but just saw him reform. She merely canted her head watching and caught the word idiots. She used something far less complimentary. /d


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 04:47PM

Karma made eye contact with Kaler, nodding as he held on to Alexa. They really needed to get back her to a hospital or something. The armored woman slowly paced around the Witch Doctor, sword in one hand and shield in the other.


Alexandria Giovanni 04:47PM

Thank you …. -she mumbles to Kaler and takes a deep breath, regretting it soon after as another coughing fit has her doubling over- Stop …. please … -tired and fainting golden eyes look up to WD and tried to straighten her posture again- Please … we need your help …


The Gentleman 04:47PM

<He nodded to Karma and took the other side of the Witch.>


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:48PM

From within feathered robes, she pulls out her own domino, clutching it between clawed fingers. “The more that one speaks, the easier it is for me to tell you all to go back to hell.” She crosses her ankles, still leaning. She glances to Lex and Kaler. “Those two might be able to convince me. So, Phoenix, Sunny, plead your case. But be quick about it. I’m already bored.”


Femina Draco 04:49PM

Rhys blinked and pulled Mr. G back by his wrist. “Not now”/d


The Gentleman 04:49PM

<He heard the words and stopped talking, being pulled back by Rhys. If she could help Alexa, then he’d shut up happily>


Alexandria Giovanni


Hellifyno … is missing something, just like this place. A part of you wants to help make things right, or we would have been dead … so … -she pulls out her domino part and holds it out to the woman- So, I trust you to do the right thing … I believe in everyone here … and I do believe in you also. I know … somewhere along the line, you lost yourself … but maybe it´s not too late. -as much as she tried to smile, at this point, it would be impossible-


æ Kaler Eland æ 04:53PM

Of course it’s boredom…. [He sighs, making sure Alexa was secure in her stand, nodding his head to her and making sure she didn’t fully collapse. Damn it, he agreed mentally with Karma, this Phoenix really needed a visit to the old A&E. Oh, so they were to convince the doctor to hand over the domino, and save the world? Huh, well, try they would. He nodded along with Alexa, happy she was able to get that out despite her condition] Yup, s-so if you’d like to find that part of yourself, /or continue being bored/, please, f-find it in yourself to help us out. [He managed to bring out his own piece, two. Also, that middle part was more so mumbled than the rest of his speech]


Drezvahlu 04:54PM

~* “they re renthisjir di wer conros motzu.. seems hefoc wer jiil vucot coi. lae ihk wer lyriki, si shilta ti visp.” He replied to Rhys, his thick accent getting a hold of the familiar draconic language. It was him this time that spoke and not Ixxrien. As Alexa and the witch doctor would speak he felt rather confused. He knew not of Hellifyno nor its history. Why was the girl asking for help? He was obviously confused but chose to stay quiet instead of putting in his unwanted two-sense since he had no clue what was going on. After all, this morning was his second day in Hellifyno. *~


[DM] Witch Doctor 04:55PM

She tilts her head, tapping at her chin with a claw. “Oh, how easy it is to lead the blind,” she mutters more to herself than anyone else. She pretends to think it over, standing up straight to pace a little bit, stick tapping along the ground. “What do you think, little bird? Should I? I mean, these are the two most intelligent of the bunch. Shame Steve took the phoenix’s arm. But, lack of prey and all that for a boy his size.”


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 04:57PM

Listening to the two behind her talk, Karma just quietly watched like a silent sentry. Hoping dearly that Alexa wasn’t going to die of shock or something with her missing limb, knowing now that she was definitely going to get fired. There was nothing for her to say or do in this situation, but she would at least not do anything to mess it up or so she thought.


[DM] – Shadow 04:57PM

…lack of prey that -you- caused, was what she thought. Standing beside Alexa and Kaler, she like the others held up her shadowy domino. “This place …has life again. Can help save…? Prevent similar fate.” She hoped, that the others would join in as well. If they could not convince her to turn over her key, perhaps they could off her theirs?


Alexandria Giovanni 05:00PM

-she looked back and offered everyone a nod- Give her your domino pieces, please … -her voice became softer and softer, the fire behind it slowly dying down-


[DM] Witch Doctor 05:00PM

A foot taps against the ground. And she tosses her piece towards the door behind her. She turns back to face the bird. “Never say I haven’t given you anything.” And she poofs.


The Gentleman 05:01PM

“Dammit, this better work.” he muttered to himself before holding out his hand, palm up. <Nanobots brought the domino up in his hand before he looked around confused as the witch disappeared.> “Um, is that good?” he asked more out loud.


[DM] Samraen 05:01PM

-As each of you hold your piece of domino up, they begin to glow right along with the Witch Doctor’s and Quetzalli’s. The door behind the Witch Doctor and Quetz begins to glow brighter, a pattern of light spanning around it, slowly coming into creation. When the Witchdoctor flicks her piece, it clings onto the door and is then absorbed. Each of yours begins to vibrate, to throb within your grip, as if begging to be tossed, released-

-They glow brighter, consumed by that light, so bright even, that they may blind you if you look at them too long-

-They are like keys-

-The world begins to quiver and shake-


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:02PM

Karma takes out her piece and tosses it up into the air, so it could go flying up towards the door.


Alexandria Giovanni 05:02PM

-she released hers and looked up to Kaler- Let it go …


Femina Draco 05:02PM

The draconian would hear the words puzzle piece and see that others were producing their’s.  So she’d summon her puzzle box once more and retrieve the item once it phased once more into view.  She hands it to the phoenix not sure what to do with it./d


[DM] Samraen 05:02PM

-Rocks stumble down from the roof, casting dust around each of you-

-Alexa’s piece joins the door-

-Karma’s joins the door-


Drezvahlu 05:02PM

~* The shaman watched as Alexa and Kaler had handed over their dominos. His eyes went back to the witch doctor, cautiously watching the woman? Slowly, he’d pulled the domino that he had taken out of the furs and skins wrapped around his waist. A glance was given to it to observe the number of dots on the symmetrical sides before holding it out in front of him in offering. He was unsure as to what importance the domino held, but if it had more than just the piece of acrylic in his hand he would have to have second thoughts of this gift. *~


The Gentleman 05:02PM

<He watched the witch and looked at his domino before the nanobots launched it into the door>


[DM] Samraen 05:02PM

-The door begins to crack open, each time a bit farther-


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:03PM

Dammit, Alexa don’t you do it… [He held onto the Phoenix more so, keeping her upright thanks to his physical strength so she wouldn’t falter to even more injuries on the ground below them. He let his own go, watching it move to the door before turning away, hopefully shielding the blinding light from her eyes as well as his own, cause yikes that was bright]


Femina Draco 05:03PM

Chirps the door. She extends a clawed hand towards the door/d


[DM] Samraen 05:03PM

-As the witch doctor disappears, the pieces latching onto the door, it suddenly flings open with the last piece being tossed or released over to it. The world suddenly goes dark-

-You fall into that darkness, darkness so deep it leaves lasting impressions behind your eyes-

-It’s like a peaceful song that enraptures each of you with its presence-

-It’s soft. It’s warm-

-It’s all-encompassing-


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:04PM

Karma screams suddenly at everything going dark. First time and all that.


The Gentleman 05:05PM

<He was shocked. He was feeling. He felt… warm.> “I’m… feeling.” he said in shock


[DM] Samraen 05:05PM

-And then a light flickers within your eye sight. You appear in a room similar to the one before but it’s as if the room itself is filled with dragonflies, lightning bugs, the flickering light of little bulbs that surround each of you-


Alexandria Giovanni 05:05PM

-she leans into him, her breathing shallow- I got my lung punctured in three places … I´m done Kaler … -her eyes close to the dark, listening to the song- Hmmm! Sounds a bit like the Songs of Being …


The Gentleman 05:05PM

<He appeared in the room and stood before falling to his knees.>


[DM] Samraen 05:06PM

-In the center of this great cavern is something akin to a fountain. Filling it, though, is not water but great orbs of various colors, orbs that suffuse with the world, casting the last impressions of the dead. But this isn’t a cold sensation. It’s something that seems to unravel the disdain within your hearts, filling your life with a fleeting song. It’s a bird’s call-


The Gentleman 05:06PM

<He turned and stood, becoming ever more exhausted. He began to make his way to Alexa.> “Don’t..”


[DM] Samraen 05:06PM

-The ground beneath your feet is soft to the touch, soil that sets your heart to fleeting trembles. You feel as if you could sink into the soil and grow like a tree-


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:08PM

[He shook his head down at Alexa whilst she were talking, even whilst the world around them darkened indefinitely, until light returned] N-no you are not…! [He said in response, similarly to TG, whilst he helped lead her onwards to this fountain-like structure, and whatever else was required of them to reach. He was hoping they could get aid to Alexa, very soon]


[DM] Samraen 05:08PM

-The orbs, the various colors that drift through the room, are souls. The souls of the planet, a certain magic that feels familiar. There are no vines, no trees, just soil and that fountain, a path of leaves all colors of the season leading from it and toward one side of the huge, half-orb cavern all around you-


The Gentleman 05:09PM

<He knelt down be Alexa.> “Alexa, this… this won’t feel to good, but this will stabilize you.” he said. <A needle formed from his pointer finger and he went to inject Alexa with a drug he called a stabilizer.>


Femina Draco 05:10PM

“Orbs” She’s been looking for three of those, but those are not the orbs she’s been looking for. Rhys stands clawed feet flex and knees bend one and then the other.  She’s looking for shadow orbs, these are different. Golden orbs blink as she looks towards the injured phoenix. Her raven haired head cants and she’s tugging Mr. G along. “Help that one”  Clawed finger is pointing to the Phoenix. And he was already on it./d


Alexandria Giovanni 05:10PM

-her eyes snap open, that certain energy held something familiar- It can´t be … -she was bound to Hellifyno and it´s core, it´s magic. And she could feel it here-


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:10PM

Karma just followed behind Kaler and Alexa, confused and disoriented with everything that was going on. The sudden scene shift, this strange music.


The Gentleman 05:11PM

<He had almost injected Alexa, but stopped when she started speaking more confidently.> “What… what is it?”


Drezvahlu 05:11PM

~* As they were all plunged into the warm caress of darkness, Drez would open his eyes to the glowing sight around him. He’d look over at the others to make sure that they were okay before observing the orbs that drifted in the room. Slowly, he stood to his feet, not caring to dwell in the softness of the ground. A hand reached out to stroke at the souls that passed by. Sadness flooded him as he realized what these were. The shaman knew of life and death.. The important line that stood between them. He praised the gods when life was given and mourned when it was taken away. It seemed in that moment he had no longing to do either. He was simply confused as to why he’d be in a place filled with souls of the dear.. Surely they hadn’t died.. He’d get tormented forever by his own gods for leaving his temple just to die for no reason. *~


[DM] Samraen 05:12PM

-Those orbs begin to flit about the room, some small, some large, but with Femina looking toward the phoenix, Mr. G. injecting her with something, several burning orbs that cast a fleeting warmth, a warmth that is almost fire-like, descend upon her. Those in tune with their natural elements, some dark, some not, find the same thing happening to them. It surrounds you all and you slowly start to feel better. Wounds slowly stitch together, blood fading away. Scratches, injuries. This magic is absorbed into you, empowering you-

-It floods you with the light of what was, what is, and what will be- Follow the path, little ones -It begs, a voice that fills each of your minds- You’re almost there. Find the bird, find the magic, find the book that will help fix things.


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:13PM

Huh? [He looked down to Alexa again, then up to the orbs that floated all around them] Wait… t-they’re souls, aren’t they…? [He began to understand. So they /were/ cut off from Hellifyno! Or something, but either way, souls! And yay for mystical soul warmth and healing energies. He began to lead onward via the voice in their heads, still helping Alexa along, unless this sudden movement of magic was beginning to heal her at all, despite her unfortunate disadvantage]


[DM] Samraen 05:13PM

-All seem to heal but Alexa who is just given strength to carry on-


The Gentleman 05:15PM

<His energy levels, which were depleted severely, suddenly spiked and recharged way past his limit. He cracked a very enthusiastic smile and injected Alexa with the stabilizer. He realized what he did, but it was too late to stop himself. The drug flowed through Alexa’s body, keeping her alive.> 


[DM] – Shadow 05:16PM

“Lost Souls,” the Shadow says absently, “Waiting to be reborn.” Her eyes were focused along a fixed path. While the orbs flitted and floated at will, they seemed to be drawn lazily in one direction. “There…” She points towards the direction in which they are moving


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:17PM

Karma’s Aura had been supercharged by these magics, causing it to flutter and causing her to glow a cerise color for a few moments as any cuts and bruises she had disappeared. On top of that all the energy she expended up until this point had been rejuvenated, which made her sigh in a surprised relief. This… place was so weird! Things were happening right now and they were so out of place in her mind that the silver eyed warrior could do little more than follow the group, not even able to protect her charge as she did so.


The Gentleman 05:17PM

<He was doing his best to ignore the call and stay with Alexa until she could move with them>


Alexandria Giovanni 05:17PM

-she was happy that they were all healed and back to normal. There´s a slight wince to the shot, then she just looks to G- Please don´t do that without my agreement again ….-her voice is soft, low, powerless. Whatever G shot into her held no effect. For the bird it was too late-


The Gentleman 05:18PM

“I’m so very sorry, I don’t know what happened. I just got… energized.”


[DM] – Shadow 05:18PM

As freeing as this place seems, as warm and welcoming, it still feels odd. Outside influences behave in strange ways, as do any drugs or medicines that were brought with them. “Gone, but not lost. Must keep moving.” They all feel an urge, an undeniable tug to keep moving. They all get a sense that they do not belong and are not welcome here.


Femina Draco 05:18PM

These are not the Orbs that were taken out of her home. But the orbs do amplify her natural senses. The black opalaesnt scales reverberate along the line of her body like dominoes. If the others were assisting the phoenix as she seemed just stabilized or not, the dragon was going to start to just start taking a few paces down the path. The orbs fascinated her of course.  Golden cat like eyes blinked/d


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:19PM

[Kaler was determined not to let it be too late for the bird, continuing to help her along the path, guided by the voice and the shadow towards where they pointed. His own aura of gentle, energising/healing energies returned in full force also. Being able to fly now, he decided to scoop up Alexa to move her weakening form quicker towards their end goal]


[DM] Samraen 05:20PM

-You approach a wall at the far east of the cavern, a wall that seems to ripple as one of those orbs pass through, almost as if leading by example before you’re ever to set foot forth and through it-


The Gentleman 05:20PM

<He stood and couldn’t stop smiling, his eyes flashing. He then made his cane form and he walked towards the calling place with the rest of the group>


[DM] Samraen 05:20PM

-The orbs, as warm and fleeting as they are, seem to lead a path along those leaves on the floor, all of which move toward that single wall. As if trying to push you from this place of warmth and of loss toward a space you should be in, compared to this place where you shouldn’t be at all-


Alexandria Giovanni 05:21PM

-she had no force to oppose Kaler, though she still wanted to walk, to carry her own weight. But Kaler did seem to help take the pressure off, so she just looks around-


Femina Draco 05:21PM

The dragoness is canting her raven haired hand and extends a clawed fingertip through the wall. She licks her lips with her forked tongue. Chirps and goes./d


[DM] – Shadow 05:21PM

As she approaches the wall, the Shadow steps through it, passing along with the orbs while the others are stopped by the tangible wall.


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:22PM

[Ah, it appears they were about to commence a Mario 64 painting move. He approached the wall also, extending a food to test said wall to see if they could indeed pass through. If they could, he went right on through]


[DM] – Shadow 05:23PM

The wall is just that – a solid wall. Perhaps there is some means of getting passed it close by?


Drezvahlu 05:23PM

~* Drez was unsure whether or not he wanted to carry on. This felt like a funeral pyre.. As if someone was digging their own grave if not all of them. The dragon tattoo on his back writhed over his skin, twisting its tail and head in discomfort. Ixxrien warned him of staying with the group should he choose to. A cautious glance was given to the others, then to the wall that the orbs lead them to. No.. He didn’t want to continue. That is what his mind and the dragon told him. If there were death he didn’t want to see it, nor feel it. A drastic change in his usual happy expression was written over his face. He was cold, no longer holding feelings to those near him should they drag him with them. He was unsure, frozen in place as he stared at the others nearing the wall. *~


[DM] Samraen 05:23PM

-Kaler’s hand touches right against that wall, though on the ground before it is a sigil, a little marking carved into it. Beneath that, a small envelope of golden coloring. The wall shimmers again-


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:24PM

Karma came up beside Kaler as she tested the wall with her shield.


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:24PM

[Oh, solid wall. Aw, no painting jumps for them. But oh, what’s this, an envelope? Either he’d try to reach for it, still holding onto Alexa, or someone else would beat him to it]


Femina Draco 05:25PM

Rhys was apparently stopped from going through the wall. So as Kaler is getting the envelope, Rhys is holding up Alexa/d


[DM] Samraen 05:25PM

-To all extents and purposes, the wall is solid for all who are not the shadow or the souls. The sigil begins to glow, that envelop thrumming with unseen energy-


The Gentleman 05:26PM

<He looked at the orbs as they went through the wall.> “So… these are souls. I’ve always wanted one.”


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:26PM

[With Rhys’ help, Kaler managed to pick up the envelope, holding it, and opening it if required]


[DM] Samraen 05:27PM

-It takes but a moment but when Kaler’s hand touches that envelop, the world flickers and then inverts, like a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing that ejects you all through that wall that suddenly strikes out to absorb each of you into its folds. And then you’re spit out into a smaller room. There’s nothing here.. at least not for a moment while your eyes adjust to suddenly being cast into darkness-


Femina Draco 05:27PM

The dragoness would use a black leathery wing and her tail to curl about the injured phoenix. It was clear that these two were the key to getting out. /d


The Gentleman 05:28PM

<He was thrown into and through the wall, by the wall. He rolled on the floor and his eyes adjusted quickly to the change in light.>


Femina Draco 05:29PM

And then out they go to another room..Alexa is wrapped up as they go/d


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:29PM

[He hoped Alexa would be good as they once more were /FLUNG/ through time & space, him landing on his butt in the new, dark room] Ohf…


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:30PM

Karma was suddenly thrown through the wall! “What the hell?!” This was definitely the bottom of the rabbit hole where things just didn’t make sense anymore.


[DM] – Quetzalli 05:30PM

The other side, as it were, was a room with rough stone walls. Smooth dark floors and pale lighting. Up ahead, sprawled on the floor is Quetzalli. She looked just as the shadow appeared before them, only real. She was actually there.


Alexandria Giovanni 05:31PM

-there is no sound from her. Only coughing from time to time, wiping some blood that oozed from her nose. Rhys was doing a good job, cause she didn’t even feel the yank-


The Gentleman 05:31PM

<He stood up> “Everyone alright?” he asked, turning.


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:31PM

Quet!! [Kaler reacted upon spotting the birb fren, after he shook himself off from the weird flinging moment. Quickly he moved over to her sprawled self, helping her up if need be, if she was conscious at the moment]


Femina Draco 05:33PM

The blunt of her scales would take the bounceing but the dragoness wasn’t uncoiling the phoenix just yet. She’d lick the blood off the woman’s face to clean her and chirped as they stood.  The eight foot tail was coiled in several layers around her waist and wings were under her arms for support. ” Okay”/d


The Gentleman 05:33PM

<He nodded, seeing Rhys was alright, and Alexa was as alright as she could be.>


Alexandria Giovanni 05:34PM

-she saw the bird and gasped- Let … me go … please …-she tried as best as she could to get to Kaler, summoning a golden feather in her hand. Quetzalli might have been injured-


Femina Draco 05:34PM

With a chirp, the dragoness complied and the tail uncoiled now/d


Alexandria Giovanni 05:35PM

Thank! -she whispers to Rhys and continues to walk, wel wobble to Kaler, dropping with a huff besides his bird friend- Is … is she okay?


The Gentleman 05:36PM

<He walked over and stood by Rhys, watching the scene unfold>


[DM] – Quetzalli 05:36PM

There is a sharp startled gasp as her eyes fly open. She was uninjured but still seemed out of sorts as she looked around the group in confusion. She didn’t know these people…. except… “..Kaler?” A relieved sigh escapes her lips as she unsteadily moves to stand. “Why? How?”


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:37PM

The brunette was far from alright. She was physically well, but all this sudden throwing around and jumping from place to place was just so overwhelming for someone who wasn’t expecting it nor having to go through it before. There had been no sense, rhyme, or reason for anything that had transpired yet. Still without a word, the silent sentry went over to Quetzalli in the middle of the room with the others.


Drezvahlu 05:37PM

~* Of course to the shaman’s disapproval he was sent hurtling after the others into the darkness of the new room. A look of discontent lined his face, but lightened up as he saw the bird. He couldn’t quite tell if this was a good thing or not since he had no clue who most of these people were and it was hard to tell who or what was an enemy. He sat up from the ground, propping himself upon his hands. The long black-brown dreads and braids fell over his shoulders, causing the bells and beads to ring as though they were tiny wind-chimes. *~


Alexandria Giovanni 05:38PM

Hi! -whispers to Quetzalli, but she doesn’t stand. She just offers a weak, but soft smile-


[DM] – Shadow 05:38PM

The Shadow moves silently now, looking even more transparent is it moves through the group. It seems to pay no mind who is in front of her and ends up stepping right through Sherise. A truly unnerving sensation if there ever was one.


Femina Draco 05:38PM

The dragoness simply followed as she’d gathered the tall blonde male and the phoenix were key on the trip. Tail for the moment curled around Mr. Gs wrist.  Wings snapped shut as her clawed feet sunk into the ground for support. For the moment her golden draconic hues were curiously looking around the room./d


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:39PM

[Ack, he really disliked seeing Alexa in her current state moving, helping Quet to stand if needed since he were closest her, and giving Alexa support again, since both were rather wobbly, Alexa more so than not] W-we took a journey through your world, I believe… f-found some magical domino pieces, now we’re here. [He nodded, smiling at seeing his other friend was safe.]


The Gentleman 05:40PM

<He walked with Rhys, wondering if the tail around his wrist was like her holding his hand.>


Femina Draco 05:41PM

For a moment she clicked her fire glands to see if she could spark them to life and tried to exhale a fireball out of her mouth towards the ceiling of the room.  Wings ruffled. Scales lifted up and resettled once more. /d


[DM] – Quetzalli 05:41PM

Quetzalli seemed a little taken aback, not by Kaler’s words but by something that was… her but not her step through the space that someone was standing and head further into the cave. “Should follow. Will explain along way.” She looked at the group and nodded before following.. well, herself, down the corridor. “Thanks all for coming.”


The Gentleman 05:43PM

<It was his turn to pull Rhys, gently pulling her with his wrist as they followed the group down the corridor.>


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:43PM

[He tilted his head in confusion at the ‘other Quet’ moving somewhere deeper into the cave they were currently in. Damn it, they had to get out of here soon, otherwise Alexa might die permanently! So he moved to pick her up again, and followed along behind Quet]


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:43PM

Karma followed along behind Kaler.


Alexandria Giovanni 05:45PM

Kaler .. I wanna go home … papá must be worried sick … -she whispers as Kaler picked her up. She was just rambling at this point, curled up in sunboi’s hold-


Femina Draco 05:45PM

The dragoness chirped and started to move along. Clawed feet picked up as fast as she could at being only five foot three.  She was a bit of a short thing. Golden hues peered ahead. Looked like kaler had the phoenix okay for now/d


[DM] – Shadow 05:45PM

There was a light up ahead, one that seemed to glow softly at first but then gets brighter as they continued to walk slowly towards it. There was also the sound of gently flowing water heard trickling from overhead. Slowly and steadily, the incandescent glow of the room began to come more into view. The narrow passageway began to slowly open up into a larger cavern, one with a large clear lake. The water was clear and seemed fresh, the Soul Orbs floating about and hovering above like an ethereal chandelier.


Drezvahlu 05:45PM

~* Slowly, Drez picked himself up off of the ground and quietly began to follow after the others. Ixxrien begged him for release, wishing to keep her host from harms way. She did not want to see the elf get hurt. *~


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:46PM

I-I know Alexa…. we’ll be home soon… [He nodded, holding her in a safe, comfortable manner as he followed the birb fren into the larger cavern, one with a fresh lake of water, and the souls still floating around and about]


[DM] Samraen 05:46PM

-As if he’d always been there, flying above the waters is that kestrel only, like the earlier versions of Quetzalli, he is incorporeal and his screech sounds as if as an alarm before he swoops down in something of a dive to wing around the group as they enter. He does not attack, though, but he does seem to glow-


The Gentleman 05:46PM

<He stood, Rhys’s tail still around his wrist as he gently pulled her into the room with the others. He smiled widely.>


[DM] – Quetzalli 05:47PM

Quetzalli’s jaw dropped slightly as she stepped into the larger room. There were plants, but the edges of their leaves and their veins pulsed and glowed in gentle tones of greens, blues, yellows, and oranges. She muttered something softly before finding the proper words for it. “The Lake of Lost Souls..”


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:49PM

Karma stepped into the room and looked around, trying not to think about it too much. Such strange, magical places she’s been tonight.


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:49PM

[He looked up confusedly at the screeching kestrel as it flew above them]


Femina Draco 05:50PM

The dragoness moved forward and took note of the water the plants another other life. The young drake had never seen anything like it. Draconic hues blinked as she kneeled down to look just out of curiosity. If Mr G was tugging the tail would let go a moment and wings formed a roof over her head before she stood back up. The screeching made her lift her head. How big was the kestrel? /d


The Gentleman 05:51PM

<He looked at the bird above their heads but heard Quet say something about souls. He unwrapped Rhys tail from his wrist, not because he was tugging, but because he was very out of place here.>


[DM] – Shadow 05:52PM

The Shadow’s eyes turn upwards toward the space above them as the cry of the kestrel catches her ears.  Soon she goes to stand beside a woman that can be seen further down along the shores of the lake. She was dressed elegantly in a gown of soft greens and golds, long feathery locks of hair spilling around her shoulders. Her steps were light as she walked slowly towards them, carrying an ornate box in her hands.


[DM] Samraen 05:53PM

-The kestrel is of average size for the species, smaller than any other falcon but of the same family, it’s call shrill and ear-piercing if not for its shorter breath. It seems to swoop around Quetzalli before its glowing eyes light upon the lake and the mysterious woman of soft greens and light steps walking toward them with that ornate box-


Drezvahlu 05:53PM

~* The shaman grimaced upon hearing Quet’s words, or well description of the place. Nope, not somewhere the elf wanted to be. He’d find himself behind the others, not wishing to get any closer than he already was. There was no need for him to surround himself with souls of the dead.. Nope, he kept life and death apart with the thin red ribbon. This was a disgrace to mix life with the dead, for them to even be in the presence of the dead.. Surely the gods would punish them for such a blasphemous endeavor. The elf’s arms crossed over his bare chest, showing his discomfort of the situation. He didn’t care if he was ‘helping’ someone.. He wasn’t going to offend his gods by tampering with these souls. Ixxrien was focused on the kestrel above, causing the white tattoo on Drez’s back to glow.  *~


[DM] Samraen 05:53PM

-The kestrel stops flying, landing on the ground, its head tucked down beneath one of its wings-


Femina Draco 05:54PM



æ Kaler Eland æ 05:55PM

[He lightly winced at the screeching call of the kestrel, before glancing towards the woman who approached them, and the box in her hands; he got the feeling that this was the end of their journey]


[DM] Samraen


-It almost seems… afraid. Or apologetic but those beady black eyes peer out from beneath one of its wings as it moves closer to the edge of the lake, one little hop at a time-


Alexandria Giovanni 05:55PM

Pretty box … -she whispers softly to Kaler, though her eyes were closed still-


[DM] – Quetzalli 05:56PM

Quetzalli noticed the apprehension of some in the group because of the name. “Is okay. Sacred place. Safe place.” She watched as the woman, the original guardian of Zirterria, approached.


[DM] – Shadow 05:57PM

The Guardian nodded in greeting. “Your planet was destroyed not long ago was it not?”


æ Kaler Eland æ 05:58PM

[He looked down at Alexa, his worry growing more and more as time went on. His aura of calming energies would perhaps either keep her alive longer; due to the energy within it; or just keep her peaceful, maybe also keeping her alive longer] Y-yes, it was. [He nodded towards the Guardian]


Femina Draco 05:58PM

Simply nodded. She had been around long enough to see that and got  planet destroyed/d


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 05:59PM

A planet was destroyed? What?! And it was spoken about so casually. What the high hell did she really step into…


Batgirl 06:01PM

” that actually explains a  lot” Batgirl came from the shadows wearing her vigilante uniform with the yellow symbol on her chest of the bat


[DM] – Shadow 06:02PM

“When that destruction occurred, fragments of that place were scattered; flung throughout the cosmos. Parts of those magics, carrying with them the memories and scars of those who influenced the shaping of that planet, were also scattered. This is what happened to our dear Quetzalli for it was her death that birthed the Void on the shores of Thyme.” The Guardian held out the box for Quetzalli to take. “Inside is a piece, the small part that will help in the further healing of your new home’s magics.”


Drezvahlu 06:02PM

~* Drez shook his head upon hearing the destruction of a planet. No.. His home was not destroyed. Or at least hadn’t, but who was he to say about the others in the group. Perhaps he was missing out on something involving knowledge that he was unaware of. Feeling as if he were no help, he’d focus his olive eyes on his surroundings, not daring to look at the intricately designed box. He for one did not trust the bird lady regardless of her calm words to them. Ixxrien spoke in silence to him, applauding him for actually being able to make up his mind on the situation. *~


Alexandria Giovanni 06:04PM

-Kaler’s energy was the reason she was still alive. Now the device on her wrist beeps with red warning lights, Alexa trying to ignore it as best she could, though her soul was mostly drawn to the box. Inside was a little bit of what was currently incomplete. Inside was the very thing she used to in order to exist, in order for her to heal and revive people-


[DM] Samraen 06:05PM

-Seeing that box, the kestrel hops its way over toward the real Quetzalli, inquisitive eyes locked on the box itself-


æ Kaler Eland æ 06:05PM

[Oh lord, he didn’t want to have been reminded of that time on Thyme, his eyes clenching shut as he tried to put the memory away. It wasn’t mind-shattering, but it was painful, as were the thoughts of the events that came before and after it, that entire marathon being just a bit too much for someone of his calibre, to an extent at least] T-thank you. [He extended thanks though towards the Guardian, a nod and a smile forming after a bit. That energy of his would persist, making sure Alexa remained in the land of the living for as long as it took to get them back home]


Batgirl 06:07PM

Batgirl remained silent just watching the movements and the words of the others. If there was something she learn from Batman that it was good to be silent


[DM] – Quetzalli 06:09PM

The cover of the box was expertly crafted, a large sprawling tree on the cover. Slowly, cautiously, she opened the lid of the box. Inside was a book bound in green leather with intricate sigils and gilded lettering. Confused, she let her fingers trace over the cover before she looked up at the Guardian. “But what does it mean?”


Femina Draco 06:10PM



[DM] Samraen 06:11PM

-It’s as she opens the box, Quetzalli, that a flickering light behind her begins, a song filling the air with a crisp bird-like whistle, familiar in tone and trait. It is joined by sing-song through the kestrel on the ground as both incorporate forms seem to become golden mist that surrounds the corporeal Quetzalli, swirling like little tornadoes that feed into her flesh, lengthening hair, increasing the power of the bird-woman, flooding her with Guardian magic that both fill her with the strength of the Great Forest and of the planet that Shaman was once given the power to guard. It’s still not a hundred percent aware, what Shaman gave up in his deal but it becomes obvious as an understanding sinks into Quetzalli and that woman within the lake turns to peer at Quetzalli again before she sinks beneath those waves, Quetzalli’s question hanging on the air. By the time she’s gone, faded into a mist and ripple over the water, Quetzalli has undertaken her appearance and the bird’s call and whistle, the song that has been lost to the bird for months, has returned-


[DM] – Quetzalli 06:16PM

The Ancient Guardian was gone, having sunk beneath the waves, Quetzalli nodded. When she speaks again, her language is no longer broken and choppy as it was before. “It means that there is still hope. And even if things still seem broken beyond repair, or missing, there is still a way for them to be made whole again.” She turns to look at the group again, giving them a small nod. “Your journey here has come to an end, and you have my deepest gratitude for all that you have done here today.” She purses her lips and whistles a short tune. As the last note hangs in the air, a shimmering portal, its surface’s swirling colours making it look like a bubble, opens to carry the adventurers home. “May the grace of the Ancients be with you.”


Alexandria Giovanni 06:18PM

-by now she was curled up in Kaler’s arms, eyes closed. She was still alive, but one by one, her organs were starting to shut down and soon she started to wheeze-


Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe 06:19PM

Karma just blinked as she watched everything happened, sheathing her weapon and removing the dust capsule she slotted into her shield. “Hey. Will that bring her to a hospital?” She asked Kaler, pointing towards the portal.


æ Kaler Eland æ 06:20PM

Woah… [He says quietly as the mystical things happen around them, watching the apparent transformation of Quet into the next Guardian. His lips formed a happy smile towards his friend, nodding gently] Thanks, Quet… [Hopefully he’d see the birb again sometime, but right now his priority was to save the weakening Phoenix. So, with a final nod to the new Guardian fren, he made for the portal] L-likely one of the Inns, but we can get her wherever after that. [He nodded to Karma, and with that, they were gone]


Femina Draco 06:21PM

The dragoness will make sure that she has Mr.Gs wrist wrapped up in her tail and tugs him along back to the RDI.  

Drezvahlu 06:24PM

~* The shaman’s interest piqued as he saw the portal. Quickly, he made his exit back to the comforts of an inn. *~


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