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Experiments in Futility

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   Everything was laid out perfectly before him.  The tavern once more empty as he decided to take some free time to focus not on his work but himself.  So busy he had been at trying to see what all he could learn, that he had never thought to try finding out if anything he was unable to do before was no feasible.  Ever since he was born Merric could not use nor sense magic of any kind.  Interact with it, sure.  As well as feel the full effects of any spell cast upon him.  However when it came time to try conjuring the energy needed to preform even the most mundane of spells…. nothing.  Yet this world was different.  So infused with magic that it seemed everyone or almost everyone had some potential for magical aptitude.  


  So here he sat, surrounded by every components that was needed in order to cast one of the many cantrips that he knew. 


“Ok Merric, you can do this.  Just like you were taught.  Time to prove all those hours of lecture over magical theory, practice and execution were not put to waste.”


  Fingers reached out to grasp a small bit of the material needed to cast the first spell.  Start with something simple, a small flash of light.  One that could be used to blind someone if one had the skill.  All he could hope for was at least a little puff of light, or smoke.  The teen would settle just for smoke this evening.  It took little time to arrange the items needed in the small circle of power he had drawn upon a piece of parchment.  While more skilled mages had no need for either the circle or the materials to cast a spell.  He was neither skilled nor confident enough to succeed without either.   Again he checked over to make sure everything was properly aligned.  While he told himself it was to make sure that everything was situated so that he had the highest chance of success.  He knew that it was because he was nervous.  Never one to handle failure well to start with, his recent ability to master new forms of gunsmithing had given him a slightly large head.  So right now he just did not wish to have a failure under his belt.


   With a deep breathe he let eyes slips closed.  Hands coming to rest at a forty five degree angle to the circle and the contents within. 


  “Now just focus.  Call upon the ether that dwells inside.  Summon it from the world about you.  Pull it from the air, rise it from the ground, even grasp hold of the specs of dust.  It is yours to claim.  All you need but do is grasp it.”


  The words of his teacher filled his mind as he concentrated upon the spell.  Every ounce of his being reached out.  In an attempt to feel the spark, to feel that ebb of life that coursed through the air.  To drink from it’s power as he made it his own.  Yet there was nothing.  As it had happened time and time again his grasp came up empty.  Again he tried.  Deep breathe in as focus spread out into the world.  A void greeted him.  Oh he heard the sounds of life.  Felt the air from an open window upon his cheek.  Even the slight warmth that hung over the tavern.  However he felt nothing that could be classified as magical.  No swirling energies or raging maelstroms.  It was as if this world that overflowed with magic spat in his eye.  However the teen would not simply give up.  Any experiment to find conclusive proof had to be repeated.  So for the next hour that was exactly what he did.  Deep breathe then concentrate.  At a point he even switched spells.  Seeing if it was that he simply lacked the ability to conjure the energies of a specific school of magic.  Yet every test gave the same result.  An empty void.




  In a bit of adolescent rage he slammed fists down upon the table.  Knocking the contents of the circle about the surface of the table as he did so.  Ragged breathing followed as he tried to calm both body and mind.  Near the point of mental exhaustion from how hard he had focused each time.  With a careless hand he sent the remaining items scattering to the far parts of the table.  Head flopping heavily on the table in defeat.  Still nothing.  Deep down he had expected this result.  It was his curse as well as his blessing.  Free from the life destined to a male of his family.  Yet unable to obtain the one thing in life that he truly desired.  The ability to fit in with his peers.  To be able to react to magic with anything other then fear.  


  Tiredly he rose his head.  A pounding migraine now encompassed his mind.  Brought on by too much stress.  “And so ends another experiment in futility.”  The words were grumbled to himself as he set about cleaning up the mess he had made.  Helping despite the imps that were already busying themselves with removing the spilt ingredients.  One day he would figure out a way to claim magic with his own two hands.  The teen thought to himself as he set about returning to his room to get some rest.  


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