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It had been three weeks since Greg arrived in the magical kingdom of Fiore. Arriving just after the most powerfull dark wizard was defeat. His ever glowing blue eyes glow dim for a few seconds then back to normal as he sits down in a new build head master’s office. That was in a newly retored abandon guild hall that was once held by a local dark guild.  Blood runs down his armor as he finaly had enough time to give his report down.

People and young wizards enjoy their drinks as the newly formed Wolf Guild was starting to take in new memebers. It had only been a three weeks and the Job board was already filling up with jobs. Some were even namng it a guild to watch out for. Though many of the major big guild halls still took little or no notice of them.  

To the Grandmaster:

           I Hero Greg give my first week reports along with an import caution about the world of Fairy Tail. First off the warning. I would not recommend anyone entering this world that does NOT have control over their will or magical powers. The energy of this world increases our magical and will powers to dangerous levels. Recommend a limter lock on all heros comming here. I myself have had to teach the minions to make me a enchanted cape to limited my powers.

Day One:

I arrive here my usual way of through a portal yet arrive in a heavly wooded area just outside of a local mage tavern. When I closed the portal and step out I noticed my body felt like it was on fire and growing stronger some how. I shrudd it off as my attention drew toward a group of bandits  trying to rob some merchant tavelers. if there is one thing That gets my blood bioling quick it is bullies.

At first the bandits and merchants freaked out when they saw me in my wolf armor. Yet during the short fight the merchants were still fearfull yet thankfull. The male of the merchant traders ask me if wanted a job to watch out for them. Naturaly, I agree as i saw it as a oppertunity to learn more about this strange world I was in. the merchants and i talked for a good while as we made it over to the town.

The Trader paid me 40,000 jewels and we departed after showing me where a local mage tavern was. I thnaked im and after entering the tavern. i paid for the strongest drink and went to ask for more information and a place to rest. once i obtained the informaton and after nearly killing six stupid magic users I left the place and went to rest for the night. while releasing some of my minions to gather more information. 

Day Two: I don’t know what is going on, yet I woke up to screams and quickly when down to the main area to find that more bandits had held up the place looking for some guy in metal wolf armor. I growled in anger an quickly caught the fist of on of the bandits who swung at me. Fear was all that was in the eyes of the bandit, followed by pain as the dumb bandit met my right foot on his chest. Sending flying backwards as i let go of the dumb guys hand. 

The other tried to rush me yet met simular fates. the last bandit broke his sowrd over my armor before getting his first flying lesson out of the door. The look of the people workng in the shop were a mix of both suprise, then joy as they watch the whole thing go down. Turning around to meet them i asks them if anyone knew where their head quaters were.

The head shop keeper slide me a small map tha gave the directions to an abandon building that was reported to have the bandit gang located and told me their was a 100,000 jewel bounty on their heads.  Like I would care about some bounty, but I needed the money and the abandoned building was perfect for what I needed. So after paying for the food and drink I told the shop keeper to not worry about the bandits as they would not be a problem much longer and left.

Night fall: Battle time, there were about twenty of thes low level bandits in the building. My minions were enjoying their play time with the bandits as they took them out with little or no trouble save the two 7 foot tall muscle ones in which I naturaly  played with untill they passed out after being slammed hard through a wall.  I did not kill the bandits nor did my minions yet we simply tied them up onto a wagon and shipped them into the town square. The towns folk and major were surprised and even more happy to see th nothing realy major was damaged. 

I simply ask for the deed to the abandoned place and enough supplies for me to repair it as a reward instead of the money. This seemed to win the towns people over more as they were willingly to help out. My minions had to use a masking spell to ake themselves look more human to not scare the folks. while the ones that were sent out were gathering information of the royal families, the council and about each of the mage guild halls.

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  1. Myka Pendaran 7 years ago

    Myka was furious that he had been ordered, by full roar no less after having vehemently refused Rydith more times in a row than the old dragon could withstand and keep a shred of his pride.  Apparently no one less than the Vice-Commander would do for the King and Queen of the Eskovian Elves.  He seemed like the most unlikely of diplomatic choices considering his lack of and general distaste for tact.  But Rydith had warned him, with fire literally coming from his lips, about offending these particular diplomats.  Too much was riding on their cooperation. 

    So he pulled hard on the hem of his violet silk vest so that it snapped smartly, and then raked his long, slender fingers through his thick, wavy hair.  He slipped a moonstone ring onto his finger and walked out the door, slamming it not nearly as hard as he wanted to, and headed for the formal dining room in his quarters, a room he visited only a couple times a year when he was forced into doing this very thing. 

    He stood by the door for several long moments, listening to the sound of conversation thought to be said in private.  A male voice full of disdain made some snide sounding warning about not shaming the family.  As if the family’s honor resided on the shoulders of everyone but him.  Myka’s eyes narrowed.  This was the sort of mortal he hated most.  Self-righteous and completely oblivious to the world outside his own desires.  This was why he despised dining with, or engaging with at all, royal dignitaries. 

    He opened the door quietly and leaned against the door jam, his arms crossed over his vest.  A young woman was perusing his books, the few he had out here, and he sneered.  She would probably recognize barely a word of the titles much less inner content.  But then he saw her smile.  A small, wistful smile as one smiles at a lover sleeping, a baby cooing, a flower blossoming amidst rock.  A smile so full of love that it’s almost palatable. 

    Stepping closer, he said softly, “A precious, mouldering pleasure ’tis to meet an antique book.” 

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