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Falling Apart

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I can’t hold myself together while I know my best friend is stuck in the hospital being torn apart by the flu and I just sit there doing nothing to help her through this. At this rate she’ll be dead by next monday and I’ll go EMO. it just runs in my blood as people just keep not doing what they were gonna do and for goodness sake I can’t even write a pure story line without people vanishing…I’m sick and tired of it..IT NEEDS TO STOP!

    1. Abigail Angelang 9 months ago

      Thanks guys

    2. Faolon Fire Eyes 9 months ago

      sorry, computer freaked out on the rating thing, but i hope your friend get better, yes it is hard, but things have to get worse before they can get better, i wish you and your friend the best of luck

    3. Dragon Teers 9 months ago

      Sometimes there is no difference between a story and a vent 🙂

    4. I can’t tell if this is a Story or a Vent. If its In real life, I’m so so sorry about your friend. Hopefully She’ll make it!! You just gotta keep Hope, I know its Hard, But it’ll hopefully get better.

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