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Falling from Abyss.

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Falling from Abyss
Featuring Asa and Chyrsa.


Falling from a battle with merfolk by the great Hellifyno fleet, Asa had ended up at the very depths of an ocean. Once a hero falls, they say that a revelation is afoot. Join as the senseless man glares into the abyss, and it glares back. (unedidet for comedy purposes.)

His eyes opened lazily, as the stars of the endless night of the depths still danced above his face. Sand from the streams in the dark depths of the ocean had partially buried him in the sand. Couple of lamp rays were passing, but having no scent of death on the man, they passed, moving on. With a wince, the man sat up, and tried to adjust the eyes to the endless dark, but as it was, there was no light to touch. Seemed like a torch was needed, to walk in these wastes. So he stood up, making sure that he was stable in the soft sand and remains of animals of above, and reached in his pocket to pull out a waterproof torch, before lighting it on, letting a beam show couple of small creatures scurry to sides from fear, before he saw a small path of white sand, that lead to darkness before him. Looking to the sides, he saw that all was the same to those as well. Still lost at the bottom of the ocean, Asa sighed, thankful for the charms he had put on himself to survive. The hole in his shirt still remaining him of what was that brought him here in the first place. But reassured he was that one day he may get out, as almost like a dream a fish had visited him. He began walking, hoping to find something of interest, before aimless swim upwards.
Like on a moon, the sand danced lightly to the sides in the weightless walk of the void, as all that the man could hear was the blood rushing in his own ears. His breath, as time to time couple bubbles escaped upwards, immediately forming from the pressure. Being struck with anti-magical grenade out of nowhere would be absolute nightmare. Something he believed that a stray entity could possibly use. Alas it was such a rare event, that he may as well press on for now. Eyeing the sand, couple of ocean feathers waved, a lone octopus hid in a crevice of a lone stone. Couple of ghost sharks, smaller than his feet were scavenging in the darks. A place, where no large being would be accustomed. Unless some spell took place in that case. Like it was for him. The silver gaze winced, as time to time cloud of ocean debris washed up, as land was almost like wool in this case. Soft and easily troubled. Seems like somewhat wrong he was about a giant spider crab passing him, meaning a colony could be nearby. Still, a creature he knew about. At this moment it was like a negative of Saharan Desert.
Above his head could be anything at this point. A belly of a beast. Void of vast universe. A blanket, that hid the world just enough from his eyes. For a brief moment he stopped, as a feeling again was dancing in his chest. The head turned to the side in the water, letting it kiss his cheek, but all in all, it was but a motion of nature. The silent desert seemed more silent at this point, as he saw no light in his torch beam. Even more so, when he scanned the surroundings. A vast, silent nothing. Asa swallowed. This nothing so pressing that it almost could make someone faint. He squeezed his light source, clinging on it hopelessly, as if remembering forgotten emotions of long times that have come to pass.
Almost as if frozen in place, his legs refused to move, somewhat overwhelmed with meaningless expanse before him, that seemingly had no end to come. Wherever he looked he was greeted with darkness, that ate away the torchlight as if it was a beast in it’s own right. The silver gaze frantically looked around, succumbing to some form of primal fear. It was not pressure that took him by the throat. It was something he had not accounted to. The reason children hide in their blankets once the lights turn on. The reason, why dark alleyways are avoided. Why forests are rarely visited in pitch black. This fear. Fear of unknown as vast as one could imagine. Asa dreaded it. His exploratory nature was with every fibre of his own being against it. But there he stood. Unable to face this fear. This vast nothing with no stars. This vast lifeless curtain, of beginning. The ears almost rang, expanding and contracting the blood vessels by the lobes of his ears. Chest rising, making him hear every breath. Even his own hearth beat, in a long, torturing sonata of isolation.
Chyrsa Piscium
In the sweet comfort of the sand, what could be seen as a tail came sticking out, popping out from the otherwise flat sand. A moment some more and a movement could be seen as if a burrowed crab came out from its home, the tail moved about flapping as a contented sigh came out from the huddled form upon the sand. The sound was barely audible before two sleepy orbs blinked upon the dark cloudy expanse of the surroundings. She blinked once and twice, unsure of where she is. Still groggy from her sleep, she kicked her tail, moving it, wondering if she’s either gone blind or it’s real and she could not see anything. However, kicking her tail did nothing for her predicament, she still could not see anything. She couldn’t help but blush at her stupidity for kicking her tail to test if she can see. She giggled a bit at her silly thoughts before a feeling of unease came creeping upon her spine. Panicking, she tried to remember from where she was last time, however, all she could remember was sleeping upon a soft warm sand bed. Confused and flustered, she panicked and swam up in blindness. Her tail swished fast as she swam speedily up, her heart beat fast in her panicked state for all she could remember was sleeping somewhere where the sun could reach. She, at her age, has never ventured deep where the sun could not reach for her folks foretold of a slumbering dark creature living in the depths of the sea. Despite her panicked state, however, she was able to see a flickering light amidst the darkness, it was quite far for it flickered like a fragile state of a candle soon to be extinguished. Her mind was in turmoil whether to speed upwards in blindness or to venture where the light is. It was small but there was a glimmer of chance that she’ll meet an anglerfish, she could ask
it to lead her up. A sparkle of hope was enough to change her course, moving sideways, she swam slowly as still, she knew that it is the depths of the sea, dangerous and unkind to her kind.
Lost in the chaos of his own heart beat running amok Asa heard nothing but dread to himself. Moving his torch light from side to side, still frozen like a stone to a sound of a magical being. Looking for something he rationally couldn’t explain. Never had he experienced such emptiness. Never had he hoped for something to solve itself as much as this time. The tension at witch he held his light was almost cramp inducing as he couldn’t feel his own sweat underwater. Panicking, feeling the pressure of the water falling on his shoulder like a world, so ever ungrateful, crushing upon his consciousness. Waiting for something. Anything, that could spark some attention seeking attributes. His silver eyes began rolling up, as the light began to dim out lightly. The fingers finally loosened, and graciously falling to the bed, the torch landed on the soft sand, that became unsettled even from that slight movement. At this point his knees followed, as consciousness was waning once more. His breath slowed down, as if accepting this as something inescapable. There was no plan. There was no return. He may as well release the elementals, and let the current take him. His gaze looked towards the nothingness, to which the torch was pointing at this time and point.
Chyrsa Piscium
Her breathing grew heavy as she posed as a predator stalking its prey. Her excitement could almost be seen as she grew closer to the light. Slowly, she swam, gently swaying her tail towards the light as she squinted. Suddenly, the light moved down, as if it lost its life. Panicked, she yelped fearfully as the thought of the anglerfish dying scared her. Her tail swished speedily yet still afraid she might get ambushed out of nowhere, her speed was deliberately fast, fast enough as she grew nearere the light’s source, the flickering of the light taunted at her as her nerves started to unsettle. She wondered if this was a good idea, she could have been half way up now if she didn’t change her course, however, what’s done is done.
His cheek now touched the sand, as the silver eyes closed with light glint, looking into the void, as the void looked right back at him. Reflecting the mind was scared to think. Any rational thought that he had amassed over the years and years now went through the window, as the small particles of sand and ocean debris grew more and more blurry. In the distance he saw a glimmer. Could it be another deep water jelly fish dancing to mock him? Or perhaps an eye of a vicious beast, that saw the man giving up. Maybe he had gotten in space by sheer luck, and now was in more familiar waters. Whatever it was, it did not matter any more. Yes. A smile formed on his face, as the eyes closed expecting anything. Accepting the darkness, that he fought so much against. May it eat him, as it was already surrounding him from the very beginning. Whatever happened, happened. He did not care. The water that surrounded him, kept flowing feeding him the air, to keep him alive almost instinctively. But as for his conscious thought. Asa dreamt of a mermaid finding him. Possibly to take him to her kin to murder him for sins he never committed. Then again, he did borrow a polearm from a serpent.
Chyrsa Piscium
Closing the distance from the flickering light, she could already discern what the object was. It looked like some sort of a torch. She grew confused as her speed slowed down, blinking her eyes a few times as she looked at the flickering torch, wondering what kind of object it was. Fire under water was something she never thought was possible, well, at least until this moment. Her eyes were focused upon the torch and unknowingly she failed to notice the form lying near the torch. Her excitement was palpable as she saw the torch, she knew that with this, she need not be afraid of the dark, for a light glimmer of light was all she need to go up, much less a full bodied torch. She giggled as she speedily caught it by her hand. She was filled with delight as she danced, her tail swishing before it hit something from the floor. Scared, she dropped the torch and speedily hid in the blanket of darkness before she looked back. The torch now lying beside the form, as the previous unnoticeable bundle is soon displayed from her view. Her eyes grew wide as disbelief was written on her face, it was certainly a being belonging on land. However, what was it, no, he/she doing down deep in the ocean. She was uncertain, it looked like the being was dead. Should she poke it and see if it’s dead? or should she not? The question wrung from her mind as she debated before relenting to go and poke the being. If worse comes to worse, she could just pick up the torch and speedily run away. Shrugging, she moved close ever so slowly before reaching her pointer finger out to poke his cheek. It was clear from her view that it was a guy who looked like he was sleeping, slumbering….sleeping beauty?
Feeling something that my be an eel, poking his cheek, Asa winced, with an effort opening his eyes, less fro exhaustion and more of the uselessness at the given time. But with an given effort, he widened his eyes, seeing that the torch was pointing right towards him, held by someone. Blinded by the eyes, he winced, and pushing his hand against the ground, he moved away, in an effort to not be eaten or similar scenario. However, a thing that poke more often was curious than ravenous, that he had learned throughout his studies. So he rose the same hand, and as the dust settled, hiding the light shining at him, he tried to make out what it was. Not being a sea dwelling creature himself, sounds could as very well be mute to him, so his eyes in his darkness were his only tool to see what was before him, and what he faced. Forehead frowned naturally, as three bubbles escaped the corners of his mouth, rushing upwards with a dancing motion.
Chyrsa Piscium
Amazed at the sight before her, as the softness of his skin sunk her finger, enveloping a small part of her finger in its fluffy softness, as the man blinked squinting from the glaring light of the torch. But more so, as her finger could not stop on poking his cheek as it was really soft. Her face grew hot as she blushed before with great effort, she removed her finger from where it was poking at. Curious, her eyes looked at the being. Male, and undoubtedly attractive. But, what’s he doing out in the deep sea, this, she could not fathom. She moved the torch away from his face as she let his eyes adjust from the light formed by the torch. She knew that if ever it comes to a brawl, she could win him. The sea is her territory, her domain, there was never a fight she lost at sea. Though her form seemed relaxed, and her smile amiable, her nerves were taut and if any malicious intent is so much directed at her, she would act accordingly.
But just like before, as it was, the man found no interest in fight. As much as sea could be her territory, if the sea was suddenly implode and vanish, then what territory was there? But Asa had greater things on his mind. Something he had never stumbled upon in a while. The man would have loved to rub his eyes, but in water that didn’t seem that good of an idea. He blinked once, twice, before turning his eyes to the light, to see a fin by the mouth of the torch. That was his torch. But as much as he would have wanted to take it, sudden movement would result as it results with monkeys in India. The man followed the hand that lead to darkness, unable to fully see the figure. But a hand and the tail did it’s job. Was this person here to contain him? Didn’t seem like the serpent. Or like the koi-like marine girl he met before. Even more so, there was no bloodshed, destruction and mindless killing. Just another being in this vast nothingness. Even if Asa could speak, he didn’t know what to say. Any word could obstruct his light, that was now in her hands. Thus, he simply eyed her, leaning slightly more away from the poking, remembering time at a certain space station. Being plagued with photographic and ideal memory as well as cognitive powers, it came at the price of understanding contact. And Asa was very bad at establishing this one as well. He rose his hand to point at the torch.
Chyrsa Piscium
Her curious finger stopped on poking the guy as she cleared her throat, deliberately moving the torch away, however, it was enough for her to see his full figure. She saw him pointing at the torch and her face grew hot as she tried to contain her amiable smile, wondering if she thought her to be a thief. Their predicament seemed to flow out of her mind as she was focused more on this unknown and out of place being. She blinked at him again before speaking, relaying her intent and her reason for the torch, gesturing at the torch. In her mind, she thought since the guy was able to breathe under, he could hear her, and so she spoke until she had no more words to say. After letting out her load, her fear subsided as she found a companion down this dark abyss. Her fin swished left and right as she tried to contain her excitement of finding a fellow life form. After relaying what she wanted to say, she felt a bit silly. Telling her predicament to a stranger stuck with her in an abyss was a not so good idea, for all she know he’s some kind of a new life form, deliberately taking the form of a man to lure in her kind.
The man saw some form of movement, as the torch shone somewhat on her, but more on him. It took a good time, before he could see that hand gestures tried to relay emphasis of something the creature was saying. But his silver gaze looked at her with light, stupified look, as the tail waved slightly raising the dust around them. He winced lightly, seeing that whatever or whoever it was, it was in a rather talkative mood, thus not an enemy. There where countless ideas why it could be so, that mer so deep below was chatting without understanding who or what Asa is. Thus he sat up, with his legs folded, and as soon as some lingering motion was seen from the fish-like creature, he was about to tap his ear, but considered that he could call her stupid in that way, so, he used both ears, to point at them, and then shook his head, folding hands in a cross-shape. Uncertain if the communication will work that way, since some alien creatures hear with their knees, and some see no as yes. For all Asa know, he could be asking for the nearest directions to spa. But hopefully that was not the case. He threw a glance at the torch. If he loses it, the gig is up.
Chyrsa Piscium
She looked at the stupefied look of the guy as she cleared her throat, wondering if he got all of it. However, he kept on gesturing at his ears. She wondered if he was deaf or there was something stuck on his ear before remembering that if indeed, he’s a creature of land, then breathing might have been aided by magic but hearing could not be. Hoping that the torch was not too bright to clearly display the growing hotness from her face, she gestured with her hand, hoping against hope that he would agree. Her hand gestured to the torch then up and three consecutive gestures to both of them before repeatedly gesturing at the torch and up the dark expanse. She was trying to ask him if he would be going up, and if so, she’d like to accompany him up. Despite her calm face, it was all but a facade as she remembered her predicament. If the guy refuses, she will have no way but to blindly swim upwards in darkness. However, if he agrees, she would receive a companion and her fear would be greatly alleviated. She knew she was powerful enough to fend off other sea creatures if she could see them, thus, she hoped against all hopes he would agree as she continued gesturing. It escaped her mind to use the wave to echo the words into his ears, but then again, at her excited flustered state, she was not thinking much too clear.
This did bring Asa back a bit. Tries of forming a discussion with no words or known meaning. The man eyed her movement and gave her time to let it all out, because interrupting someone’s act without intent would lead to much more complications. For a while he eyed, trying to connect what a creature of sea could mean by that. However pointing up was was quite straight forward. Why go with him, however. As luck as it would have it, Asa seemed to have stumbled upon a polite mermaid. And it now seemed reasonable, that torchlight may be wanted for navigating up, as the darkness indeed was rather confusing. But then again, Chyrsa was in luck as well, as torch would do no good. Both had something they wanted. And Asa showed the crossed hands, before pointing his finger up in a waiting motion, before reaching in his pocket, looking for something, before pulling out the cap of the torch, that was used to protect the glass front of it, and blew bubbles under the cap, letting it float for a brief moment, before catching it. Actions did indeed speak louder than words. Then again, thus far he had little clue what kind of creature it was exactly.
Chyrsa Piscium
She looked at what he was doing, failing to comprehend, but as it was, the torch was not hers so she reached out to give the torch back to him, as she moved a distance nearer, waiting for him. If he refused, she could just tail him up. She knew she could not do without the torch light, and so she was already plotting ways on how to get to the surface if he rejected. As she looked at what he was doing, blowing bubbles from a cap, her hand holding the torch waved as she gestured for him to take it. She knew that even at this point where she don’t know where she is and the only being is someone she is not familiar with, she still could not forego the teachings she was taught by her father. “Polite and Kind is the way to go, Chyrsa” he would always say. She is a mermaid, and despite a mermaid’s cold bloodedness, her father was warm and kind. It might have been due to her mother, being a human. However, she knew that her father was right. Before she could delved deeper into her past, distracted from her thoughts, she shook her head, clearing her mind as she focused on what she was doing, giving the torch light to the guy. She could just steal it, but this guy looked like he was ready to die as he laid down upon the sand. She don’t want the blood of an innocent on her hands.
The man took the light, and despite the most alluring of impulses he decided to shine it upwards, pointing at the dark skies of the ocean that had nothing, looking at her direction, waving it diagonally as there was no difference. But blowing out a bubble, showed that it was going directly up. The man then turned the torch down to the ground, so that it would illuminate his feet, and torso, and waited for the girl to react, whose face he could now see. A mixed array of emotion washing over it. Somewhat lost, yet trying to figure out how to act. Almost like a mask of one’s personality, but not quite. Almost as if truth was breaking past the facade, in a good sense. In word, one could describe it as innocence. The man had however issues with touching someone directly, so he decided to take it in his hands already. If anything, locating points of earth would be easier with stars, or at the very least in light and air, where speech was available. So he did the following, he hid the previous cap in his pocket, hanged the torch by his wrist, and pulled his collar, before blowing air behind his shirt, slightly bending forth, to let the trench coat hide any escaping water. Heavy as it was, it still would begin floating, trying to hold the air like a balloon.
Chyrsa Piscium
She could not fathom what he was doing but decided to just follow him, as it seemed to her, that he had no intention of hogging the torch all to himself. Lightly, she flipped her tail as she moved forward towards him, she shook her head earnestly as if they were two deafmutes, unable to speak and hear. She gestured towards him before she gestured towards her, making a motion on her fingers as if saying “You lead, I follow”. She hoped he was able to understand. However, if he could not, it’s better to be safe. She swam towards his back as she tailed him, tapping at his shoulder before her hands gestured up, enough for his eyes to see on his front without turning back before she tapped him again, urging for him to look back so she could signal that she would follow. It was harmless, she believed. He had nothing to gain with killing her but she did have something to lose.
Asa had intention to do so from the beginning. The tap was blatantly ignored, as it was quite common for Asa to miss such notions. What could be even more amusing, that while he was blowing in his shirt, his legs lifted. Slowly at the beginning, but soon it became to pick up some pace. The torch swung from his wrist, dancing like a lighthouse in the dark, leading the mermaid upwards. As comical as it seemed, in the darkness, still around them, glowing creatures let themselves be shown like stars. Floating out from the imaginary earth’s stratosphere, the two neared the stars, as light tinge of blue began invading the darkness around them. The silver eyes of the man focused down to keep the air going and not escaping, as he looked down at the possibly following creature, reaching for his torchlight, both finding way out from the darkness, in which the two had met. Now clearer was her face, wondrous more than anything. Silver-like tinge like an polar opposite from her colourful kin. Asa did wonder to himself, could these land hating creatures instil hierarchy of their scales upon one another as well. That would explain this one’s exile as well. So far, they ascended.
Chyrsa Piscium
Happily, as excited as she is, she contained her excitement from bursting and her tails from moving too fast as she followed the man, diligently. It was magical and wondrous at the same time. How she, lost in the dark abyss of the deep sea, found a companion, much more, an otherworldly being, a land creature, to reach the surface with a flowing torch. Now, they, ascending, is surrounded by different lights from the other beings as they sparkle, much like the starry night sky. It was a wonderful sight, but she knew such sight could pose danger. For they are now like an angler fish, baiting prey but could also be stalked by a predator. Her happiness was short lived before she seriously scanned her surroundings. She knew that materializing her trident would do her no good but harm, as it seemed that the guy might misunderstood, from their conversation, they couldn’t communicate much, more so with her holding a weapon. Her tail moved as she followed, her form seemingly relaxed yet subdued at the same time, ready should anything surprising burst forth. Her eyes followed the guy, indeed, now that he was holding the torch, his features are highlighted, it is quite sight beholding. For a creature such as herself, born cold blooded but raised by a kind father, this kind of beauty seemed quite enthralling. She knew that once her kind saw his face, they would fight tooth and nail to possess him. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts. For now, that was not an immediate concern. She wanted to get out of this blinding darkness and see the light of day, once again.
Seas as vast as they were, had tendency to seem rather empty and endless. Soon the familiar blue surrounded them. And the man reached to turn off the torch, eyeing the girl gaining more and more distinct features within the ocean. Soon it was like endless sky, as they were falling upwards towards the brighter lights. Still dim as an evening, the morning came as the ascended. The lights and stars had vanished, replaced with occasional beam escaping deep enough to be recognizable as such. There was little point in adding the air, as the ascension now was rather moderate. With air it took minutes, but distances were conquered just like that. The surface glimmered behind Asa’s back, as he held the shirt, floating up like a form of puffer-fish. There was another issue that he needed to solve at this point, but that was kept in his mind for now, as the two mutes were blinded by the reflecting light from above.
Chyrsa Piscium
Her smile grew distinct as she chouldn’t help but to welcome the familiar blue in her embrace. As they grew near the surface, her tail flipped and she swam faster up, bypassing the guy as she desperately swam up, breaking the surface of the ocean. Her mood now light as the previous darkness is now replaced by the glaring of the sun. She swam a few times, dancing as she reveled at the warmth of the sun and the sea. Momentarily, she forgot that she was not alone, and that she left the guy she was with just a few feet near the ocean’s surface. Having not seen him still, she dove down to take a look, wondering if his puffer suit’s proving too slow to break the surface or she was just too fast. Either way, it was thanks to him that they were able to safely and speedily move back to the surface. She admit that she was ready to fight if there was any danger but, surprisingly, it was smooth. Shrugging, she decided not to think about it too much.
The man soon surfaced, and with a cough, he finally had a taste of fresh air, as water poured from his mouth, almost as if living. He slapped his hand against the surface of the water almost blinded, as he waved his feet. As much as he could do what he had done times before, he wanted not to think about things for a change. So his palm slapped to the other-side, away from the girl, to form ice blanket. Salt, distilled from the water, flew down under the surface, as a sizeable platform grew, whilst Asa was holding onto it, trying to climb on it with little strength that he had. Unlike the mermaid, he had completely forgotten about the girl, as both had reached their target, he expected her to simply leave, as many did often.
Chyrsa Piscium
As she dove down the water, she still could not catch a sight of him. Maybe he already surfaced at a different part, was what she thought, and so, she moved back up, breaking the surface as she looked around. Her eyes managed to catch on to the platform of ice, slowly floating and a form trying to move up towards the platform. She tilted her head wondering if she should talk to him or leave him be. After debating about it for awhile, she decided to gift him a pearl from her necklace. It was a portion of her trident, but it wasn’t enough to greatly impact its ability. In gratitude, she swam near him and waved as she called for him. “Hey Mister!” She said. It was a form of informal speech she heard from a girl as the girl addressed a male person.
Having barely gotten on the fragile ice platform, the man turned his head, as the water dripped from him, eyeing a head popping out from the side of this make shift ice platform. The man eyed her with slight confusion, as this was a rarity for him to be addressed in such manner. As much as he didn’t know how to act himself, he decided to respond at the best of his limited ability. “Y.. yes…” he said, despite his miserable look, and the shaking in his voice, he kept an eye contact with her, wondering if she had a change of heart and now he was a prisoner, or perhaps there was some problem occurring during the ascension. Nevertheless, it never dawned upon the man, that someone could show gratitude towards him. It has never happened before, and now, that he had emerged from the darkness with this singular mermaid, he couldn’t lie. Being approached like that, did feel a little bit good. As long as a distance was kept, of course.
Chyrsa Piscium
She smiled, wondering if her smile was looking harmless enough. She reached her hand out as she presented a part of her pearl necklace. Blushing, she elevated her hand, reaching it up towards him. “T-thank you.” She blushed. It was the first time she’s met a land being, at this proximity and distance, it is much too clear the difference between observing and socializing with one. She couldn’t help but avoid his eyes as it silently bore towards her. Such intensity was not something she was used at, especially a gaze with no malice. She waited for him to reach out and take the pearl as she remained on floating, her gaze cast on to the platform. She did, however, wondered what’s taking so long as her arms started growing weary.
It took a man a while to realize what she was doing. Asa was horrid at contact, but basics he did manage. Rude it was to not take a gift. He slid towards the girl, and their fingertips touched, as he passed and take the pearl. However the touch was short lived, as he took the pear, but his focus was on the girl. He for a moment hesitated, before he asked what was boggling his mind for all this time. It made no sense for this creature to not to be opportunistic, so “Why?” he asked her, looking into the face that turned away from him. A question that probably had no answer, as most of his inquiries did. The lonely iceberg-like platform floated in the middle of endless sea with the two of them only.
Chyrsa Piscium
She felt his finger touched hers as the weight of the pearl was robbed from her hand. Sighing in relief, she pulled her arms back down upon the water as she prepared to dive. However, before she could even start, she heard his question. “Why?” He said. Confused, she looked up at him in perplexity, wondering if it was uncommon to gift something in return for a favor placed upon someone. She did tail him, making use of his torch and his companion to alleviate her fear and to break through the surface with no harm done. It was enough to be grateful and to warrant a gift for. She couldn’t help but blurt out a question instead of an answer to his. “Why what?” She asked. Her head tilted as her brows furrowed into a confused frown. Her eyes in askance as she gazed at him steadily. Gone was her previous shy demeanor, and now present is a curious creature, wanting to learn if she’s done something she shouldn’t have, as per another being’s custom.
The man breathed, before sliding the pearl below his chest, inhaling deeply, before looking at her with a tired gaze, once more drifting, now for a change in a rather peaceful mindset. The eyes closed as he did not answer her question. The water waved by the sides of the berg, as it seemed like Asa had a world of his own, disconnected to the customs and what was and was not well behaved to do.
Chyrsa Piscium
The silence grew deafening as the guy silently slid down the platform, laying on it as the question was left unanswered. She didn’t know if this was her cute to leave or he’s just getting a breather from everything that happened. But as it was, her interest was piqued and she knew she could not leave. So, she decided to crawl on the platform and slid near towards where he was laying. She wondered if laying there would give her an answer, and waiting would prove useful. So, she waited as she stared at the vast expanse of the sky. The light was not too bright nor too dim, it was beautiful. The clouds were scattered and the sun was hidden by some clouds in the distance. There were birds flying too, it was peaceful.
The man inhaled deeply, before noting the glimmer of the scales on the ice through his half-opened eyes. A little bit cautious of it, he decided to force himself up, and in a more lied down position he eyed the pearl. Somewhat collecting himself, he mumbled to himself, “release.” a splash in the water nearby commenced, before he exhaled, evading his look from the woman, whilst he saw silence as a rather positive thing. Needless to say, he had all the time in the world, hence he was where he was, when he was there, if there is what where he was at the beginning. But nevertheless, the man eyed the pearl, that reflected the light, wondering if he now should give something in turn. He eyed the torch, before looking at her. Sure it will run out of battery at some point. But if they were exchanging mementos, this may very well be the most memorable. “Here.” he said, sliding the light towards the girl, before looking at the ocean.
Chyrsa Piscium
Rustles from her side was heard, she could hear him moving and mumbling but she decided on watching the skies instead. This was a memorable moment, meeting someone new, laying down and watching the sky with its peace. Although this can be cut short and just momentary, this was enough, for now. She hummed a tune as she looked and watched the sky with its variety of colors. Her thoughts were slowly growing deep as she was lost in the serenity of it all, her favorite memories with her father grew clear on her mind as she remembered. The nostalgic feeling seemed rather suffocating as her tune grew from happy as it jumped higher in a climax, ending with a sad tone denoting of the past that cannot be undone. She sighed before realizing that she did have an audience with her, and hopefully, her humming was not too loud, for this would be embarrassing. From her peripheral view, she could see him holding out the torch to her. Now that she thought about it, there were these customs where humans tend to give and receive from one another as a form of exchange. She didn’t think much of it as she took the light, knowing the importance it now hold in her heart. A light, a flicker of hope in a dark abyss. This is something worth keeping, treasuring more than anything. She sighed softly before thanking the guy. However, up till this moment, she doesn’t know his name. She couldn’t help but look at him, eyeing him. “W-what’s your name?” She asked then cleared her throat after realizing how hoarse and unused her voice sounded.
Time as vast of an expanse as it was, always had a chance to fill thoughts of future. Collecting the events that led him here on this floating island of serenity, he recalled the creatures he had met, the revelations and bounds he had overstepped. Seeing that the sun was indeed readying itself to reveal stars above them, going full circle from beginning, the man responded hearing her mild song turning in a question: “Asa.” he said. However it was more of a reflex than anything, as no turn to prompt the girl to relay her name was put forward. If she wanted to learn customs of a man, Asa was the last one that could bring reasonable overhaul of human being. If anything he was anything but. But atlas. She wanted a land dweller and gained this person. Asa wanted additions to his magnificent spacequarium, and ended up sitting on an iceberg with an outcast mermaid. Both lingering in the consolation reward of their efforts. Which was each other’s company.
Chyrsa Piscium
“Asa” She mumbled as she repeated before she beamed with a smile towards his direction. My name’s Chyrsa. She held out her hand, as she did observe, a customary handshake was what will seal the deal of friendship towards humans. As it was, she wanted to befriend this one, and so, she decided to opt for a handshake, for now. Reaching out her hands, she waited for him, wondering if what she was doing is right or she’s making a fool of herself and her observation was quite askew.
And there it was a shake. Something that Asa was offered. He turned his head to the hand, and then looked at the girl, giving an awkward smile, before, looking back at the sea. He didn’t quite ignore her. Simply his decision was not to do this specific motion. “Chyrsa. People who’s names start with C, tend to be attached to things.” he said from experience, as it was a way how he saw the world. An interesting concept, but a concept that worked in this world at the very least. Almost as if they were given, not born. A mystery, the man was aiming for.
Chyrsa Piscium
She nodded her head, agreeing with what he said. “I’m usually attracted to different food delicacies and sometimes, beautiful beings. Quite attached with a heavy reliance on it, at times” She said, as she eyed him sideways before happily humming an upbeat tune. “Asa. People usually starts with an A will reach great heights. The first letter of the alphabet humans use. A rank, one which denotes ones own status in a hierarchy of many varieties.” She said. “Although, that’st just my opinion. I guess, you living and breathing right now is one miracle cause by your name” She giggled at that, wondering if it was true, fate or destiny. Whatever it is that humans believe. For once, she reveled at the peace and serentiy Asa’s company brought her. This was good. This was lovely. She wished this would last forever.
The man looked down at the pearl, recalling revelations of names like Ash, Aurelia, Azula, Azura. That did make him ponder, what was his name, if his name was chosen by naivety, by himself? Because it seemed as a wishful thinking coming from the mermaid. “I am pretty sure it was your attachment to light, not my flailing hand in dark.” he said, and stood up, looking down at her, pointing at the torch. “You sure you will find a place to be now? There are some things I have to make sure back in the stars.” he said that, and as these words passed, the stars were revealed within the red light of the sunset, showing that the world above and world below were not so different, when it came to the basics. Same stars, same earth. Same water. Same sun. Same people. Asa looked down at her.
Chyrsa Piscium
“Wondering aimlessly, I have nowhere to be, that’s where I will be. You can find me by the sea. Well, in other words, use the pearl. You’ll know how, it’ll show you.” She said. “You’re going now?” She looked upon the stars he displayed, and then she wondered how it would be like to be up there instead of the sea. She knew that she could turn into a human, but that’s not something she’s ever tried before. As it was, her father did tell her that it was a very painful process, not like the movies shown to kids on cruise ships in a big platform. Nevertheless, it was something she could try, for later, perhaps. “The sky is vast, its limit knows no bounds. Be careful as you venture deeper, the harder it will be to pull back.” Her voice was filled with a solemn tone as she gave her advice. She beamed up at him afterwards, her smile a contrast to the dark sky. “It was a grace meeting you here. May we meet again.”
“I may just use that pearl someday, Chyrsa. Thank you for…” well he didn’t know what he was thanking for exactly. Many things he did learn. To fall upwards from the darkness was not an easy feat. Then again, it was simpler with someone that had the time to actually look pass the childish arrogance of this man. “…the pearl.” of course he couldn’t say it. If he knew something about misunderstandings, keeping things simple was easiest, as well as most efficient and memorable. As he looked at the girl, he said, “May we, in the light next time.” he said, and as the girl blinked, almost like a dream he had vanished from her sight. If it wasn’t for the torch, it may very well been such, but there she was, alone on the iceberg, as the sun slid beyond the horizon.
Chyrsa Piscium
Blinking as his last words echoed to her ears. She laid down still upon the platform. Her eyes blinkingly staring at the vast expanse of the sky. Wondering at which point and at what point her new found friend will be. The ice platform, without the magic of Asa, slowly melted as now she’s floating on the ocean’s surface, moved by the currents of the sea. For a long while later, she sighed in contentment as this meeting she treasured in her heart, her eyes rove in on her surroundings before realizing that she was still in a pinch. She did not know where she was but she knew her words were true. Nowhere, that’s where she’ll be. With that thought, she dove down but not too deep as by the light of the moon, she was guided to shallower parts of the water, towards a near island where she can rest, and hopefully, by the end of her stay, turn human once.

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