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Favorite Azula Ships

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Yes, I know how Azula. She’s all cruel and egomaniac in every way and it is quite difficult to see her in a relationship and blah, blah, blaah, you know the issue.

Still, I will present you which are my favorite pairings for her and there will be some crossover ships along the way. So let’s go for it.

On the Azula Ships during the Avatar TLA/LOK Franchise here are these ones.

10) Azula x Aang;

9) Azula x Sokka;

8) Azula x Bolin;

7) Azula x Toph;

6) Azula x Mai;

5) Azula x Suki;

4) Azula x Korra;

3) Azula x June;

2) Azula x Katara;

1) Azula x Ty-Lee

And here are some crack ones.

5) Azula x Ahsoka Tano;

4) Azula x Vegeta;

3) Azula x Loki;

2) Azula x ;

1) Azula x Raven;

Well I guess that’s it and I hope you have a great day.

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  1. Belle W??c?e??er 6 years ago

    xD I laughed at calm your nipples. XDD

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