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Fight Those Damn Emotions!

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A note would be left upon Eva’s pillow at her place, shimmering with an ebbing silver light. Dearest Eva I am being called away to a place far beyond even my own home realm, and it is a call I cannot deny. Thus, though it pains me greatly, I must leave you. I do not know if I’ll be back, or if so, how long I’ll be away. I have cherished the time we’ve had together, and I am glad to see that you have a good family around you to support you in your times of need. Fair well, and may life send you a clear path. Yours Truly



   Eva arrived home, a bright smile upon her face and called out, just in case he was already there. “Hey beautiful, you hungry? I brought something.” Stepping into the bedroom, she saw something sitting upon her pillow and set down the box of donuts to collect it. A bright smile was upon her face as she expected a love note but it slowly faded into sorrow and loss as she realized it was nothing of the sort. She swallowed a couple times, trying to rid herself of the lump in her throat. The girl reread the note four times, her tears dripping onto the paper as she nodded, realizing the words were never going to change. 

   Rising from the bed, she moved to her dresser and opened one of the drawers. Inside was a small, battered lockbox and it was opened. The note was tucked away with a couple of other items, an old dried rose, a necklace with a butterfly on it, and a man’s ring. Her fingers brushed over the items before she closed the box and returned to her bed. Crawling onto it, she cuddled his pillow and closed her eyes. Everything had come undone in seconds. A heartbeat. A mere breath changed her life yet again.

   She lay there for hours but alas sleep eluded her. Eva hda never dealt with sorrow and loss well and could not cope with it. Her usual tactic was to change it into anger, then kill things. That she could understand, that she could cope with. Rising from her bed, she wiped away the last of the tears and grabbed her armour. Pulling it on, she strode across the room. She knew just where to find a fight. Vanishing in a burst of her tainted Hellfire, the room was left silent, cold and empty. As it usually was.

   The girl reappeared deep in the depths of Hell, standing before the tall, black stone gates of her father’s realm. Stalking along the length of the gate, she was not in the mood to wait. Eva screamed for her father to let her, yelling that it was poor parenting to leave your daughter standing at the gates while everyone else could simply enter. Each word she screamed was growing lower, her voice deeper and slowly her visage changed. Soon her silver hair grew as white as snow with a crown of horns atop her head. Massive wings flared to life from her back. However, instead of the usual membrane like wings, they were black feathered. She had no idea what that fucking meant and for once, did not give a living fuck. Her tail swayed to life, stirring angrily behind her, the spade end twitching slightly in response to her growing and misplaced anger.


   “How dare you come here and scream at the Lord of the Court?” A low, deep voice rumbled from behind her. 

   She knew the voice instantly and a dark smile formed on her face as she slowly turned to face him. Cyprian, Captain of the Guard stood there with a look of shock on his face. While he had expected her, whose voice could it have been if not hers?, he had not expected her appearance, nor the change in her wings. He moved closer, the silver haired male reaching out to touch one of the feathers upon her wings. His fiery green eyes rose to meet her purple ones and instantly he saw the pain there, the loss. Eva wore her emotions like a cloak sometimes and it was impossible for someone who knew her so very well to miss. His hand fell away from her wing and he saw her lower lip tremble slightly. Cyprian gave her a small smile before stepping back. 

   “Still a child,” He whispered the words though there was no venom in them. He did not mean them but he had promised to help her centuries past and the male would honour that pledge until his dying day. “When will you grow up and learn that the world does not revolve around you nor is your happiness something the universe cares about.” The words were chosen just for her, knowing they would wound and unleash her anger.

   Eva gave a roar of rage as her entire body burst into flames but Cyprian took pleasure in the fact that her lower lip had ceased its tremble. He was backstepping as she rushed him, her arm swinging toward him. They had sparred enough for the male to know what was coming and he had barely the time to summon his own blade to meet hers as she moved through the downward strike. His green eyes burned in his face as he watched her purple eyes ignite. With a wild yell of his own, he shoved her back and watched as the girl slid about five feet away from him. 

   Slowly, he moved, pacing almost before her. “You come here to vent your rage,” He growled, aware that other Demons were now lining up at the gates, watching with great interest. “You use me as an adversary to vent your rage. You are still nothing more than a child but please, little one, please come and show me what you have learned now. Certainly there is something new.”

   Eva had been pacing to match him, keeping that five foot distance, and laughed at him. “You love it Cy, you love the fact that I always choose you to fight when I need to release the rage.” Her flames flared a little as she spoke. 

   “Then tell me what has unleashed this session.” He said, it was not a question nor a request. He expected answers.

   “Michael has left me.” She said loud enough for him to hear. The Demons watching were too far from them to hear their conversation but her Father could and she knew he was listening. “He was called away and as he has no idea how long it will take, or if he will even ever come back he thought it best to leave me fully. I would have fucking waited..” she screamed the last. “If I had mattered enough to ask, I would have waited. Hell, I may have gone with him if he had asked.”

   “You would have left everything to follow a man you have only known for a few months?”

   Eva glared at him and snorted. “Better than sitting around waiting for someone to come back to you. Better than sitting alone in your stronghold pining for a woman who will never come back to you.” The words were snarled and meant for Vergil’s ears. She saw Cy wince at her barb and regretted it. With a cry of rage, she attacked. 

   The girl rushed at him, vanished in a burst of hellfire just inches from him and appeared behind him. Cy, used to her fighting style, had already spun on his heel to meet her charge, his sword up to block hers. As they stood there, locked against one another, he whispered. “At least he is not dead, Eva.”

   The words dropped her jaw and she stepped back. The massive sword vanished from her hand and she shook her head. “You’re right. At least he is not dead. He just left me of his own free will.” She gave a soft laugh before looking up at him again. The next words were barely whispered but he heard them. “Then why does it hurt almost as much?” 

   The Captain of the guard tossed his sword away, it vanished as it left his hand, and moved to hug her. With one hand on the back of her head and the other stroking her back, he said. “Because he is gone. One way or another, he is no longer yours. That is the pain but it will ebb. I promise. It leaves you in time and you cling to the memories you hold.” How he wanted to tell her, ached to speak the words and as he parted his lips to do so, she vanished in black flames. Cyprian knew then that his master had been listening and knew what he had been about to do.

   He stood there a moment before turning toward the gates. “Back to your training, nothing to see here maggots!” He roared and the Demons rushed off. He entered the compound and closed the gates. One last look was cast behind him before he too moved toward the building.


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