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First Meetings

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*Appears back at the cottage and looks in over the children, Iris kisses each in turn as she walks the rooms and pulls up a blanket here and there. Nyra’s room was the last that she visited. Iris knew the girl had a knack for waking up and following her but this time Iris wasn’t sure that she wanted Nyra to hear or see anything. Iris pulled the covers up and bent to kiss the child’s brow when she heard the change in breathing*


“Mommy” a sleepy voiced Nyra says a little confused, “what’s wrong?”


“Nothing, my little one. I just wanted to make sure everyone was tucked in and give you all my customary kiss goodnight.”


Nyra was the one that filled her heart most out of all the children that Devek had brought into her life before the twins were born. “Mommy? Can I stay up with you for a little while?” Nyra asks a little more awake now.


“Sure, my darling but lets keep it down so that we don’t wake the others. What shall we do while you are with me?” Iris could wait and talk later to nature for guidance and such.


“Well…” Nyra seemed like she had already have something in mind. “…I know you go talk with the forest. I’d like to come with you, Mommy. So I can learn to talk to them too.”


Nyra sounded so hopeful and the forest always loves children to talk with that Iris couldn’t say no. “I suppose you can come along and it’s much easier to learn when you are young and can connect better.”


Nyra frowns and looks up at this woman loves her and her siblings so much even now with children that shared her blood. “What do you mean, easier to learn because I can connect better?”


Iris laughs, “It’s because when we are younger, we are open to new ideas. There is so much potential. When we become older sometimes we get stuck in our ways and seeing things in just a certain way. Fey and a few other beings don’t always get that way though.”


Nyra nods and smiles, “Thank you, Mommy.” At that the girl throws her arms around Iris.


Iris enfolds Nyra in her arms and gives her a squeeze, “What did I do?”


Nyra gives a small giggle, “You didn’t treat me like a child, you told me exactly how you’d tell someone else. I love that you do that.”


Iris snuggles the girl and then pulls a little away and says, “Okay, well we still have to get you out of there and talking with the forest. But, it’s not just the forest that you can talk to, Nyra. You know that just like you talked to me when I was sleeping years ago? You can do that with any plant, bush, or tree. They love to be talked with.”


Nyra nods some and says, “Will they talk back, Mommy?” As she starts pulling slowly away from Iris to get ready to go outside.


Iris lets her go and says, “Well, some times they’ll talk like you and I are doing right now but that’s not how most of them talk back, Nyra. It’s little things, movement without a breeze…a perking up when it looked a bit wilted before…things like that, but if you are really good at connecting you can hear the whispers.”


Nyra nods as she finishes getting ready and says softly, “I get it, Mommy. It’ like when I woke you up. I didn’t know that you could hear me but you moved and when my tear fell you woke up and came back to us.”


Iris takes Nyra’s hand and they head outside to talk with the forest together. Iris’ heart soared now even with the night’s earlier events weighing her down a bit. “I love you, Nyra.”


Nyra smiles up at Iris and says softly, “I know, Mommy, just like I love you and so do all the family even Daddy.”


“I know that Nyra,” Iris says, “whatever makes you say that?’


Nyra shrugs, “I don’t know, sometimes I think you need to hear it more.”


Iris smiles and stops a moment to give her daughter a hug, “Thank you, Nyra. Now, lets go talk to the forest.”


*They move the rest of the backyard and to the edge of the forest. They talked of many things as Iris explained to Nyra how to talk with the forest and other plants, how to connect. They laughed and the forest talked back with the over joyed Nyra. When the little one started to yawn Iris kisses Nyra and sends her back into the cottage. Then came the hard part as she turned back to the forest.

Iris talks over how her first meeting of the other in Devek was. Of how scared she was but how resolute that the other wouldn’t be getting in the way of her and Devek. Iris speaks on how sore she’s going to be after that tumble she took in the bar and of how she was willing to hurt Devek at that moment to prove a point to the other about how ruthless she could be but a slight miscalculation threw that down the drain. All was not lost but Iris was still on a shorter end of the stick than she’d wanted. Iris had plans of trying again to make the other see her as something of an equal or at least someone to be a bit more weary of but at the moment she didn’t know how.

Iris also acknowledges that she’s going to maybe ask about an asylum for Thak from the fey highest powers. By the time she’s done talking the morning sun has come up and Iris sighs and heads in to make breakfast for her wonderful troop of children and start the day thanking the gods that there was sun today to help perk her up.*

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  1. Tessa Mavagin 9 years ago

    Gideon laughed Tessa couldn’t take it another moment. Her eyes went back and forth between Gemini, mewling pathetically against the wall struggling to at least touch the others fingers, and Raiden looking so broken. Gideon was the true monster here, and she hoped that Raiden could see that. The pain in his eyes and demeanor…

    Gideon placed a hand on one of their heads, pressing his face against the wall, and gripped his wing with a cruel grin. When he started to pull and the first scream split the air, Tessa had to do something. “My Lord! Stop! Please… stop.” She clung to him like a frightened child might. “I am scared, please don’t make me relive it. Even now I can feel the pain.” Her eyes fluttered and she let her knees buckled and he caught her, concerned. She opened her eyes and kissed him softly, nuzzling his cheek. “Mercy is the sign of a great man… all that this will do is make me relive the pain again. Please.”

    Gideon huffed and whined. “But he, “A long finger stabbed in Raiden’s direction, “defied, disrespected, and almost ruined you for me. I want to teach him a lesson.”

    Tessa tightened her jaw and clenched her fist in rage and disgust, but almost instantly relaxed and brought it to his cheek instead for a soft caress. “I know, I know, My Lord. They were very badly behaved. But in seeking to avenge me, you are causing me more pain. I do not expect you to care… I wouldn’t want to be worthy of such regard. But there are surely worse punishments for these two… Like… they hate me. They have done me wrong. Did you not see how they lunged at me upon their entrance? Take them with us when we return home and force them into my service while their master remains in the kitchens. Make them watch as he is punished and force them to endure service to one they hate. Is that not worse?”

    She nuzzled him, kissing along his jawline, ignoring the urge to rip his throat open with her teeth.

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