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Flame of Udun

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The flame of Udun… How had it got inside of Mack? How had it possessed him?

Mack could alread tell that it didn’t control him… No, he controlled IT.But it was there never the less and it shouldn’t be…


Mack could feel Gothmog, the flame of Udun twirling, burning, creeping through a compartment of his soul. He didn’t want this… He had never wanted to be one of the magical beings..He was human and damn proud of it. Perhaps he WAS still human? The great Balrog, fire of shadow lurked within but Mack could feel he had a great measure of control over it… Why? What did this mean? Why had the Balrog chosen to occupy him? Had it invaded his soul in the fade, when he lie there dying from the bullets Natasha Stalskov had pumped into him..?


From what Mack had read, the Balrog was an ancient evil, a Maiar demon, a fiery husk that could only be phsically destroyed…It was an ancient evil from another plane. And somehow from being in the fade too long, it must have ensnared Mack… Why? For what purpose? Mack was just a pathetic human compared to most others around these parts… Did something lie in store for Mack?

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