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::Forlorn’s Information::

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  “My real name is Forlorn. My birth name, actually. Why my mother named me that, I have no idea. I will never be able to ask her. “

                                                             ~   ?   ~


Full name: Forlorn. 

Name after curse: Laura Woods.

Preferred / nick name(s): Lorn, Lorne, Lor, Lo. (only those closest to her may call her Lo.) :: AC (after curse) – Sissy, by Elina. No others.

Age – Appears to be about 20, or 21.

Relationship status – Single

Orientation – Straight

Mother – Amore; a powerful forest nymph. 

Father – Arguable. Never involved. Technically; Rumpelstiltskin. 

Siblings – One. ‘Adopted’ by Lorn. Elina Little. “Touch her, you die.” ~ Lorn

Friends – So far, none. 



Favorite season – Early Fall, Late Spring. (Lorn LOVES being outside)

Favorite foods – Berries (black, blue, and rasp.) , various pastries, hot coco, etc.

Hobbies: Reading, singing in the shower, going on walks, doodling…dancing.

People – Undecided. It varies, really. 

Men – Dark hair, blue or green eyes..she has a thing for ‘bad boys,’ or men in suits. She is also a sucker for men who are polite (Help her carry something, open a door..pull out a chair..easy.)


Dislikes :: 

Being too hot or too cold. 

She has an unexplained fear of heart surgery.

People who – Repeat themselves relentlessly, tell her things she already knows, pick at her when she’s trying to get ready for a show, being asked for money a lot, etc.


Personality ::

Lorn can be nice with people she likes well enough,and for the most part tries to be friendly, though her niceness should never be taken for granted. Just because she’s smiling, doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you..she very well could be imagining your head exploding, for all you know. 

Lorn is basically just hard to read. She’s never really had ‘friends,’ so she doesn’t really know how to make or keep them. 

Due to keeping to herself a lot, she can also be quite socially awkward if not at an event or a charity. Sometimes, she is still awkward either way.

Overall, Lorn is pretty nice. She isn’t usually overtly rude to people, unless they annoy her right away–then she won’t be so kind. 

She has a weakness for children that she can’t explain. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, Lorn will do almost anything to help kids or to benefit them. (Most of her charity events are for kids who have lost their parents)




Lorn is a model, she works for more than one agency, and works many events. 

She is thinking of becoming a librarian or something, though…she’s not exactly very happy despite her fame. 

                                                               ~   ?   ~

-Lorn’s canon story OUAT-

Before the Curse:: A Contract of blood

        Lorn was born long ago, to a Forest Nymph named Amora. Amora was known for two defining things. She was known for her magic skills far and wide throughout the land which she lived, powers that in some areas were a wonder to even her own people–who were a slowly dying breed. 

     The second thing, and most painful thing, that Amora was known for, was the fact that she not only wanted a child, but that she would do almost anything to get one. 

     The last thing Amora could be known for, by herself and by her debtor; the fact that Amora held a very high debt in deed. Amora had once, very long ago, promised a man that she would do him a favor in return for setting her free from a hole she’d fallen in. Agreeing to it without a second thought, Amora went on her way afterwards, never once thinking on what she’d said would truly mean when her debt came to call on her.

                                   “I’ll give you anything! Anything at all!” 

     And so, she would. 

Many years after having been freed and having made her promise to the dark and mysterious man, a knock came upon her door in the dead of night. Finally, her promise came due. However, Amora had nothing to give–only something to ask for. Which had been her first thought, when she heard his name. The man she’d given herself away to without even realizing it. Rumpelstiltskin

     Amora was distraught. Horribly so. Not only could she not ask him for a child as she so dearly wished to, she was indebted to him. She bit her lip, her eyes cast to the floor in despair. Just as her eyes began to well over, the Dark One spoke to her. 

     They would strike a new deal. This time, she would give something as promised–were she to want her wish fulfilled. Amora knew she had nothing, so she began to sob once more. “What could I give?” she wept, shaking her head. She’d heard tell of him bargaining with children as the asking price, and this only made her more out of sorts. “Not my baby..!” she shook her head, pleading with the smirking male. “Surely, you wouldn’t give me a daughter only to take her from me?” Amora whispered, chewing at her lip. 

     Rumple snickered insanely, shaking his head. “Of course not!” it caught her off guard to be certain, for she did not understand. “What kind of monster do you take me for?” he asked, looking at his odd-shapen nails. 

     Amora’s answer, was never truly given to her. 

                                                              ~   ?   ~

Before the Curse :: Life and Death

    A contract made she didn’t understand, Amora and her child lived happily in the woods for many years. Lorn grew in the ways of a Nymph, and her magic swelled within her. She was a happy child, always curious, and ever-helpful to her mother. Amora and her daughter’s bond was all that she’d hoped for, and more. 

Lorn’s smile was as radiant as the sun, her beauty as graceful as the flowers which grew around their home…Amora couldn’t be happier. And neither could Lorn, who looked up to her mother more than anyone else in the world. Not having a father, and never being told anything about who her father was, her mother was all she had anyway. 


     Amora and Lorn’s life together didn’t last very long, however, after Lorn had become a young lady. Without warning, and without remorse, their life took an unexpected turn–and made a rather rapid halt.

 A woman, who Lorn had never seen before, appeared one day, demanding for something from her mother. What it was, Lorn never knew. She’d been sent to retrieve something for her mother, and had come back silently to a rather loud argument. She then watched in horror, as the woman before her plunged her hand deep into her mother’s chest. Lorn shrieked, trying her best to stop the woman, but to no avail. The next thing she knew, the woman had ripped out her mother’s sill-beating, bloody red heart. 

Lorn’s mother slumped over, falling onto the floor. Lorn herself, had been knocked into the wall, away from her mother’s now dead body. As her eyes closed and her world went dark, Lorn swore to herself. No matter who this woman was, no matter what she had to do, no matter where she had to go–she would find her. She would find her, and she would kill her. 

                                                           ~   ?   ~

After the Curse :: Lorn’s Career – more in depth.

After the curse struck, Lorn was one of the few who didn’t end up in Storybrooke. She ended up elsewhere, with a career that would have fit most anyone but her, in some ways. She became a model. Not like most of them, though. Lorn kept mostly to herself, reading most of her time off. That, is, unless she decided to treat herself to the occasional dance club. Lorn has a secret obsession and talent with it – that, and her favorite songs to dance to are by Ke$ha and Lady GaGa. 

Lorn, now known as Laura Woods, was famous beyond all belief. Everywhere she went, it seemed like people knew her, knew her name, or knew something about her. Yet she still didn’t feel exactly complete. Something felt off, something felt..wrong, somehow. 

Lorn felt like something was missing – yet she had no idea what it was. Eventually, she set out for a career change. Donning her glasses instead of her contact lenses, Lorn set out to do something else. She’d always loved to read, so she set out to become a librarian. Hoping to find somewhere quiet and nice to settle in, Lorn went the first place her finger landed on her map – Storybrooke, Maine. 

Little did she know, there was someone there who had been on her mind lately. — Rather, the vague memory of, had been on her mind. 

“Nice town, nice people. Could care less for the mayor, though. She’s a royal pain.” 

                                                                     ~   ?   ~

Big sister Lorn :: Elina Little

When Lorn was trying to figure out what to do with herself, or when she just needed her time to think, she would walk around town. Often times, she would end up passing by a flower shop. This particular flower shop was run by a couple who had adopted a little girl named Elina. The strange thing was, Elina wouldn’t talk to them. Never would one word pass from her lips when they were around. Yet if Lorn was walking by, Elina would dart out and carry a flower to her, a small smile on her lips. 

Every time. 

No matter how Lorn tried to deter her, Elina persisted. She was drawn to her for some reason, and her adopted parents could see it. It caused a bitterness with Elina’s mother, and an odd rift in the interactions with her and Elina’s father. 

In the end, when Lorn went to leave her home town, she became an elder sister — through means not of her own decision. 

                                                                      ~   ?   ~

Life in Storybrooke :: Ongoing ~

(I will update this also as RP’s happen..) 

Lorn and Elina live in a house near the library, not far from Granny and Red’s inn. Elina spend most of her time cleaning at home or gardening, but doesn’t interact with others unless her “Big Sissy Laura” is at home. As for Lorn, she spends a majority of her time in the Library taking care of the books and papers; she is the secondary librarian at the library aside from Belle. When not at the Library, Lorn stays at home and does what she can to teach Elina herself. Both of them keep mostly to themselves, though the one person Lorn cannot stand is Regina — though she has yet to discover why, she is coming closer and closer all the time to finding out why…

                                                                  ~   ?   ~

Marvel Universe – (WIP)

     Forlorn is an orphan with no idea who her father is or was. Her mother, however odd other people thought she was, was very close to Forlorn before her death. Murdered in front of Lorn when she was little, Lorn has never forgotten the face of the one who did it.

Since then, she has been cared for by her Nanny Rosa. Her ‘Nanny’ is the one who legally changed her name to Laura, seeing as she thought it improper for Lorn to have such an odd name. Even though Lorn told her she wanted to keep her name. This is why Lorn wants to be called Lorn despite her name change..a way of remembering her murdered mother. 

As a child, Lorn loved three things. Reading, outside, and clothes. She’d dress up in her Nanny’s old clothes and traipse around the house proclaiming to be the ‘queen of fashion.’ Her Nanny couldn’t get enough of her. 

When Lorn hit 18, she became a model. It was slow and rough going for her, but she persevered regardless–earning her fame at a young age. 

Through her fame, Lorn does have a few odd quirks. Those being, Lorn is definitely not normal. As if the birthmark-like markings that adorn her skin weren’t enough to say so, Lorn has various powers that like to show up sometimes. She still doesn’t know what all of them are, and / or how to control them. 

This makes her potentially dangerous — especially when she gets angry. 

In Lorn’s spare time, she not only wanders whatever city she happens to be in, but she is also searching for the woman who murdered her mother. She is convinced she is still out there, and will not rest until she finds her, and kills her. 

Although Lorn is more of an antisocial, she has had a few outbursts which have put her on SHEILD’s radar. Her exact description and name are still up in the air, fortunately for her. Though how much longer she can keep hiding her powers, even she doesn’t know. 

As for who she’s involved with in the ‘hero world,’ she’s only met a few of them in passing. At charities, and through her modeling career, mostly. Aside from the fact that she likes to read about them, the Avengers, that is; from time to time. She finds them to be interesting ‘reading material.’

(Work . In . Progress . Possibly to be updated through RP’s to come.)  

                                                                 ~   ?   ~

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