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Frog-Child. Clearly, Ooc stuff.

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Well, in the name of my breasts I claimed a frog to be my child. Sadly, the frog’s a toy so, nyah! I haven’t given a name to the cute guy. Yes, it’s a boy! It’s blue and sparkles and green on teh bottom with dark blue patterns and it’s so damn cute! I need a name for him though. I don’t want any “F” names because it sounds like he’s from a child’s cartoon. Meh! >w< He’s comforting, though, because he’s blue! Blue is a calming color like green. So…. My froggy is a relaxing froggy! Yay! Lol. I’m bored when I was typing this so there’s nuffin’ like a muffin. Speaking of which, I gotta beg for those good muffins again! Yummy, good, chocolate filling muffin. Anyways, the frog’s my tiny shadow. OH! Today, there was a gas leak at this one school called the Career center and me and my classmate were outside for 50 minutes, a bit longer and the trip would’ve been canceled! Anyways, it was fun, gotten to see some friends and NO EX’S! Whoo! TwT This ex of mine is like a puppy-dog in short terms because now he wants to get back with me. Boo-hoo. I’m GONE! FOREVA! It was his fault that we’ve broken up, claimed sooo many factors of why we’ve broken up. I swear, I should just slap him like he was a ho! XD Lol. Seriously, I mean who would blame their fathers and reilgon before blaming the other person and call them a slut!? No body does! It’s such a poor excuse. Anyways, it’s done-over with, though, I wanna know if I could have people to beat him up…. >> *Evilly grins!* Now, the unnamed frog child is important. Why? That was my topic I’ve wanted to talk about. Mhm. The frog is able to fit in the palm of my tiny hand. It’s so cute. Anyways, I’m not sure what else to write so Imma think of something for my next blog. Most likely gonna be icly this time around. Mhm.

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  1. Kadin Cyr Deathdealer 10 years ago

    noithing is going to happen to annie so everyone one calm the hell down okay..

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