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From Light to Dark

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(WARNING! This post contains scenes of coarse language, nudity and mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.)



Chapter 2


     “Why do ya get’er first? I wanna ‘ave a go!” The abused whore whined loudly as the group shuffled their way into the dark alley.

Being tugged by her face, Amaranta squeezed her body close together trying to fold herself out of reality. She could feel the blood already pooling in her mouth from how hard the gruby man was holding her face; feeling the sides of her cheeks being pierced and squished by her teeth.

     “I get ‘er first cause I say so!” The man holding Amaranta’s face sneered back at the drunken woman. “She be a better fuck than ya, and I wanna make it count. Dis lass be screamin…beggin’ me to stop…” He chuckled and threw Amaranta’s shaking body into the darkness.

     Amaranta stumbled and fell to the cold cobblestone tripping on her own dress. Skidding on her hands, she fell to one hip and turned to see her two kidnappers.

     “ I..I have money…” Amaranta pleaded trying to avoid glancing down at her bloody palms, “Anything you want…I..I can g-get for you…”She started to sob harder feeling desperate, “please…I beg of you…just let me go.”

     “Shut it ya wench!” The man growled at her.

     “Oi, Phelip, I tought I was ya wench?” The drunken woman snorted, giggling uncontrollably at her own pun.

     Amaranta trembled on the damp stones as the two humans bickered above her. She wiped at the tears from her cheeks; the sting of her bloody hands sending a slow throbbing sensation through her arms.

     “Aye, ya are my wench. Along wit every other bloke in tha town.” The man tore his gaze from Amaranta to his filthy companion. “Now, I need ya to ‘old ‘er hands down.” He motioned with his head toward Amaranta on the ground.

     Now! Go! Do something!

     With a sudden burst of desperate energy, Amaranta stood on weak legs and rushed the drunken woman on the far side of the alleys opening. Hands stretched out, Amaranta ran as fast as she could trying to knock the foul smelling whore out of her way. Amaranta reached the woman, even had her hands touching the cold clammy skin of the sickly female’s shoulders, but she missed the man’s heavy fist flying at her face. He landed his punch squarely in the side of Amaranta’s head, causing her to topple over and smack against the brick of the building beside them.

     “Oi, get off a me!” The woman shrieked moving away from Amaranta’s limp body.

      “SH! Are ya feckin nuts? Keep ya damned voice down woman!” The man lifted his fist to his companion, sneering at her.

     Amaranta ricocheted off the brick wall and staggered backwards with her bloody hands holding her bleeding head. Her mind screamed at her as the world around her became dim and foggy. As she staggered, she fumbled on her own feet and fell back landing hard on her ass. Keeping a small hand on her pounding head, Amaranta leaned to the side supported by her left hand.

     Stay awake! You go out and you’re dead! STAY AWAKE!

     Amaranta groaned and tried to pull herself out of the unconscious hole she was drifting toward. She could hear the two criminals talking, but they were just muffled voices behind the slow ringing in her ears. Under her hair on the right side of her head was a large gash that had been bleeding into her silky brown hair. She could feel the pulse of her head continually push the blood out on to her scalp nearly causing her to gag.

     Suddenly, she felt cold boney hands grab at her wrists, yanking her body down further onto the freezing damp cobble stones. Amaranta’s heart jolted with panic as her body was moved for her. It pounded mercilessly within her chest, painfully pumping blood furiously through her veins.
     “No…No, please..stop. Release me! I demand that you RELEASE ME AT ONCE!” Amaranta shrieked and wailed fighting against the woman holding her wrists. As much as her head hurt, she was fully awake and extremely aware of what was going on around her.
     The man who had been standing at Amaranta’s feet now was abruptly kneeling, placing his shins on her ankles keeping them from kicking anything important. Amaranta’s tear-moistened left cheek was struck with a back-handed slap as the man leaned over her struggling body. The crack from the hit exploded in the dark alleyway, echoing all the way to the opposite end. Amaranta whimpered as the pain began to seep though the initial numbness of the hit. Within seconds of the hit, she felt her skin tighten and throb as her cheek started to swell.

      “OI! Shu’ up!” The man above her warned. Supporting his body weight with one hand, he grabbed at Amarantas face with the other, pressing his palm over her mouth and squeezing her cheeks agonizingly against her teeth once more. He continued to lean forward, now pushing down on Amarantas face, crushing the back of her head into the cobble stone. Moving off his supporting hand, he took the rusted switchblade from his pocket and began to slowly saw at Amarantas dress starting at the very small and modest line of cleavage in the center of her chest.

     Amaranta squeezed her eyes shut as the surprisingly sharp piece of metal cut its way down her body. Cutting at her modesty, her dignity and her hope of getting out of the situation. Hot burning tears streamed down the sides of her pale face soaking the deep brown hair at her temples.


God of mercy,
you know the…..secrets of all human hearts,
for you know who is just and you forgive the repentant
H..Hear…my prayer in the m…midst of destruction;
give me patience and h..h..hope,
so that under your protection….and with you as my guide,
I may one…one day be reunited with mmmy family and friends
in peace, tranquility, and love.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

      “ Oi me maker..look at dees….” The kidnapper on top of Amaranta’s body whispered to his accomplice. With the switchblade in hand, he grabbed a dirty handful of her right plump breast quickly after ripping her once vexatious bodice open. He leaned all the way down and with a quick movement of his hand, he released her breast from it’s concealment behind her corset watching with greedy eyes as Amaranta’s small perfect rosebud nipple protruded in the cold night air. With an exaggerated lick, his diseased tongue flicked and played over her sensitive skin. He sucked on it, nipping roughly at the darker pink skin, pressing his greasy face down into her soft breast.



B..Behold me, my beloved Jesus,
weighed down under the burden of m… trials and sufferings,
I cast myself at Your f-feet,
that You may renew my strength and my courage,
while I rest here…in Your Presence.
Permit me to lay down my cross in Your SSSacred Heart,
for only Your infinite….good…goodness can sustain me;
only Your love cccan help me b…bear my cr…cross;
only Your powerful hand can lighten its…its weight.


      Amaranta squeezed her eyes closed as her muffled sobs pressed against the grubby palm at her face. Her hands scratched at the whores wrists to let her free..but her struggle seemed to have no affect on the woman. Amaranta’s cold and helpless body jittered against her human restraints as well as the cobble stones beneath her. Amarantas cries peeked as soon as the mans hot mouth encloses her protruding nipple. The normally sensual feeling made her want to vomit…she could feel the bile bubble deep down in her body threatening to be spewed up through her nostrils and over the mans hand at her mouth.

      The revolting man opened his eyes as Amarantas muffled cries became louder. His hand eased up in her face as he leaned up releasing her breast from his mouth. But, before Amaranta could have gotten a decent scream, his fist came flying back down smashing squarely on her right cheek. Her head cracked to the side and her eyes rolled to the back of her head…she was drowning in pain…in confusion…in torture. Everything went black in Amaranta’s vision, but she ccould still feel the pressure on her wrists and ankles keeping her pinned down.

      “O…D..Divine..King, Jesus,” Amaranta whispered…the words flew past her lips in weak desperation. Her head lolled back and her eyes continued to roll in her head as she forced herself to keep conscious. “whoes…hea..rt is so com…pass..ion…ionate to……” Blood spilt from the swelling cut on her face. It lazily rolled down her pale skin and began to collect in her ear. Her world was spinning: nothing was how it should be.

      “Phelip…Phelip..she be prayin’…” The drunken woman’s face lost it’s grin and was instead replaced with nervousness.   “Maybe…ya needa stop, eh? Ya be ‘itin’ ‘er hard…look at ‘er. Da poor tings brains be scrambled….”

      The man hovering over Amaranta’s now limp body just grinned, pleased with himself. “ she na be fightin’ so ‘ard…” With hurried and clumsy movements the man moved his body, sliding his legs up to around Amarantas hips to steady his balance. With a free hand, he grabbed a hold of the waist band of her skirt and started to saw down the powder blue material with his switchblade in the other.

     “I..I wish to…live in you…” Amaranta’s voice gained some strength as her mind untangled itself from the darkness trying to creep over her senses. “sss…suffer and..die in you…Oh..L…Lord…at my hour of…hour of my..hope…hope and…be my..rr…refuge..”

     The man threw his switchblade aside and resorted to ripping her skirt the rest of the way. The tearing of material stabbed at Amaranta’s consciousness…warning bells started to go off inside her confused and numbed mind. Her mindless praying ceased and her unfocused eyes tried to watch what is happening at below her waist.

     “Wait…p..please..don’t..s..stop it..” Amaranta started to stir again. Her once immobilized limbs now gaining more movement since the plainly disturbed man atop of her now leaned higher up her body.

      He hissed as Amaranta’s movements kept him from reaching his goal quicker. “Oi said,” The man lifted his thick fist and brought it down colliding with the side of her small body with a sickening crack. Two fragile ribs fractured under the powerful hit. Amaranta screamed as the jolt of pain woke her from the haziness her mind was in. “Shu’up!” He swung his hand down again, his time in a more karate-chop style to Amaranta’s slender neck. From the painfully accurate hit, Amaranta’s eyes widened and her body tensed causing her frame to want to curl as the excruciating pain stabbed at her mind and will power. A disgusting gurgle rippled from the back of Amaranta’s throat as her voice became lost within her swelling neck. Her hands tightened around the, now scared, whore’s wrists as the throbbing pain spread through her neck. Amaranta struggled to take in oxygen as the agony of her ribs and the tightening of her windpipe difficulted such a simple task.

     “No more of ya prayin either. Do oi look like a ‘oly man to ya?” He snickered watching her squirm in pain under him. His cock throbbed against his filthy pants as he watched fresh hot tears stream down Amaranta’s temples.

     “Phelip…ya be one sick fecker…I dun wanna do dis no more..she be dead by the time ye finish..” The woman holding down Amaranta’s hands whined. Her face was contorted into disgust as she watched Amaranta’s helpless body gasp, gurgle and squirm before her.


Our F..Father who…art in…Heaven,

hallowed be…be..thy name…


     Amaranta’s body stopped fighting…her mind seeped lower into the darkness of the pain swallowing her consciousness. Her breathing came in low shallow gasps and her eyelids refused to open. Her mind was lost in a sea of hurt, a sea of regret and humiliation. Amaranta didn’t even bother to whimper as she felt cold, dirty hands slide under her clean undergarments toward her sacred womanhood.


Thy…ki..ingdom come,

Thy…thy will be..done,


     With greedy stubby fingers, the mans hand smoothed over curly untamed hair pushing past the natural barriers of her folds to the inner warmth of Amaranta’s body. With one quick shove, the man forced two fingers into her bone dry hole. Her body reacted even if her mind is preoccupied with the throbbing sensation around her body by jerking at the uncomfortable skinning feeling of her sensitive area.

     “Oooo, ya didn’t like dat eh?” He grined maliciously, “Lemmy try again…”


On…on……earth…as..i…in Heaven



     His grime covered fingers stabbed repeatedly deep into Amarantas sensitive and small womanhood. Liquid…moisture of some sort eased the tearing feeling making the violation of her body less agonizing regardless if she knew whats happening to her. He watched Amaranta’s face like a hawk as he forcefully plunged his phalanges deeper and deeper, wiggling them around to try and get some sort of pleasurable reaction of his beautiful, bleeding victim.

     The woman holding Amarantas wrists looked away as her partner in crime took complete advantage of the woman out cold on the hard cobble stone. The whore winced as she felt Amarantas body move in unresponsive rhythmic jerks as the mans fingers worked between her victims legs. The show before her sent chills up her spine…like a memory she suppressed was coming back, burning it’s way into her mind.

     But, Amaranta had been sucked too deep…sucked down into the pits of Hell themselves to thankfully be aware of what was happening. Lying there getting weaker as more blood is pumped from all her wounds, including the bleeding torn mess between her legs, she let go of herself…let her grip of life, of sanity go.  Amaranta felt her mind slip through her fingers, departing from her broken body. For the first time since leaving pudgy Gwyns house, Amaranta felt calm and safe as she waited for God, her Savior, to guide her into the light.




     Far off in the back of the darkened alleyway, bright red pulsing eyes watched the small group of humans…calculating….yearning as the curiosity of the beast pushed it’s undead form toward them masked by the shadows of the night.

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  1. Avery Seone 10 years ago

    I KNOW THAT PERSON IN THE PICTURE! But I can’t remember it!!!

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