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Ok here we go again with my trashy, random words. Enjoy!

Lunation- The full cycle of the moon

Chimerical- Purely imaginary

Susurrus- A whispering or rustling sound

Clinquant- Glistening, like tinsel

Raconteur- One who exels in storytelling

Sepinternal- Lasting forever

Ephemeral- Lasting a short time 

Storge- A love that develops from similarities

Mania- Possesive and fragile, this relationship is like a rollercoaster

Jetacular- Breakfast like

Vespine- A female who doesn’t like others in her buisness, and doesn’t nose in others either

Selcouth- So unfamiliar yet so marvellous

Balter- Do dance rather artlessly but with great emotion

Whew! We’re done for today but don’t think this is the end! I’m probably going to post such and such sooner or later


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    1. Centa Parsagon 1 year ago

      Wow! Thanks!

    2. Lol mind if I borrow some of your words for the story Im attempting to write?

      • Author
        Monika 1 year ago

        Sure! Why not? These aren’t my words, they’re in the English dictionary (I think?)

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