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Gaia, Romulus, and Devlin

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“I want Romulus back to the way he was but I also want Devlin back to the way he was too. They both seem unhappy like this. Devlin’s trying so hard not to transform into his chimera form. Hells, I gotta admit, Takkun, he’s cuddly as fuck in that form but it’s not Devlin at all. He can’t resist forever and ever so we, Renji, and the minions has to go out and we has to fight off all the evil to get to Ankus, Light of Dawn.”

Sassy tells the palm sized kitten who sits in her cupped hand and he softly mews at her and blinks at her with his big eyes of green. Sassy smiles at him, admiring his cuteness before returning to her more serious tone of voice as she paces around in the back room of the warehouse.

“Eh. Romulus is being an asshole, an oblivious asshole to his logical flaws. Fuck that peice of shit for now…. Gods! Takkun, did ya hear me?”


“It’s something I’d never thought I’ll say outta pure hate. I hate him.”


She sighs out of fusteration, watching the tiny kitten scratch his head before laying down in her palm. Sasuke smiles at the kitten before forming a cot in the corner and she sits in it.

“You’re right, I don’t hate Rom but I can be mad at him. Since we dunno his cure, I have to focus on Devlin’s and find some way to rescue the light. Why is he called Light of Dawn anyways, Takkun? Baah! Anyways, you need to rest so I shall put you down.”

Sasuke carefully places down the kitten on the head of the cot and then she pulls Renji, who was awake, out of her leather jacket and places him down carefully on the cot next to Takkun. Renji’s arms are folded over his chest and he seems pissed off like always and he huff a bang out of his face.

“Sasuke,” He says sternly. “You knew it. You  knew that something like this would happen and it’s happening! Devlin’s reverting back. Just give it up, Sasuke, give it up!”

She shouts at him in defiance.

“Oh why!? You hate him too, you pissy little doll!? It’s-it’s blasmephy! You are on the bandwagon of the Anti-Wyrmspawn Army?”

“No! I’m stating a simple fact that he’s a Wyrmspawn! It’s  in his nature to plunder and maim and-and everything else! He’s got you in lies and illusions! WAKE UP!”

“I am awake! Ya know what! Fuck you!”

Instantly, Renji became fully a doll. He was just turned off for a while. Sasuke looks at her hands with some sniffles. Her voice was soft, sounded like she was hurt. Her eyes starts to water with thick tears surfacing on her eyes and her vision was blurred.

“Gaia, I know your life and probably against Wyrm and I know I’m the oppisite of life but I need you, at least I think so. I need your help and so far, I’ve been using your powers wisely but…. I’m scared, seventeen and scared half ways to the most horrible part of the Abyss but I just want guidence. I can think, I can be brave but I just can’t grow up for moments. Guide me to some form of success. At least let me save Devlin or Romulus. Romulus, Gaia, may have betrayed you but he repents it. He knows he’s wrong so help me, Gaia. Just help me start somewhere so that we can win something…. Of course, that’s if you can hear me and my tiny voice.”

Every few words, there was either a crack or a sniffle. Tears starts to stream down her face and with her cupped hands she starts to sob into them. She lays down on the cot carefully and curls up into fetal position and slowly rocks on it as she wonders what to do. This is all she wanted, guidence but from Gaia to her, it’s impossible. She’s dead, something that could disgrace Gaia but she has the light of Gaia in her. She’s confused about this so she’s thinking so many things. Tonight’s her night to cry, to sob and weep in private. Just her, just Takkun, just Renji the doll. Soon, she felt herself being comforted by the light and that’s what kept her calm enough to drift off to sleep. So many things, so little time for this kitten to do. Takkun wakes up long enough to curl up next to Sassy. She doesn’t budge at all as she rests. So many unanswered questions, not enough time for her to ask anyways. 

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  1. lass the dark assassin 10 years ago

    very much so if u know how to use the knowledge you gain

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