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Name: Maddie Lexus
Appearance:  5’9″;  Light brown hair; Blue eyes; Slender but curvaceous; Cool and calm natural posture with an accent of hungarian.
Relationship Status:
Romantic Interests:
Backstory: Maddie Lexus has been around a long time. A very very long time. Her powers, her eternal youthfulness comes from her siphoning of sexual energy. She can do this in many ways but unless compelled or touched deep down in her dark heart she will consume all the energy of her most intimate of lovers. It’s impolite not to finish your plate. Maddie holds an alluring aura. It exudes a strong attractive scent that differs to what the person she is attracting find most pleasant. Her eyes are another thing entirely, they can and have hypnotized the greatest of creatures to their knees. She has the speed, strength and cunning of an ancient demon. To trifle with her is a dangerous game. All in all she is in the end a business woman, is how she has survived so long. Play is saved for special occasions and her main priority is to navigate the clientele to the consort of their wildest dreams.
And then she joined the game.
Most of that is gone now, save the increase of wisdom and intellegence from her past knowledge but she is a new person. A new woman even. She is on the grind of her life as her struggle for her new identity and the risk of loosing her sinful world completely hangs in the balance.
Class: The Gamer
Titles:  Madame
Species: Human
Level: 1
Experience to next level: 100
Current Experience:  15
Points available for Stats: 0
Experience progression:  Lvl 1 – Lvl 2 is 100 XP.  Each level after is (1.1)*(previous level)
Health Points: 585
    HP regen: 1 per minute
Magic Points: 600
    MP regen: 1 per minute
Strength: 11
Strength measures your characters muscle and physical power.
Current Strength: 210 lbs
Base = 100 lbs, each point equals +10 lbs
Dexterity: 11
Dexterity measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance.  Every 5 points of Dexterity increases movement speed by 1 mph.
Vitality: 10
Vitality represents your characters health and stamina.  Each point equals +50 HP.  Every 10 points of Vitality increases HP Regen by 1 point per minute
Intelligence: 12
Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons.  Each point equals +50 MP
Wisdom: 15
Wisdom describes a characters willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition.  Every 10 points in wisdom increases MP Regen by 1 point per minute
Movement speed: 12 mph
Unique Skills:
[Gamer’s Mind] Lvl Max
Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through.  Allows for a peaceful state of mind.  Grants immunity to all psychological status effects
[Gamer’s Body] Lvl MAX
Grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game.  The user recieves no physical damage from attacks, only pain for a few seconds.  Eating restores health and drinking restores energy.  The body recovers from fatigue within 30 minutes at most.  After sleeping for 6 hours, the user restores all HP, MP, and is cured of all lasting status effects.
[Succubi Form I] Lvl 0
At level 10 Succubus Essence, the Gamer takes the appearance of a full Succubus. With that her skills are augemented for the duration. (-50 MP per minute.) (+2 Str, Dex, Wis per lvl) 
Physical Skills:
[Unarmed Combat]
The ability to attack or defend with just the use of their own body.
[Krav Maga] Lvl 1
A fighting style developed for the Israel Special Forces. It focuses on attacks and counter attacks of the most efficient manner. (+1 Str, Dex per lvl) 
Mental Skills:
[Business Savvy] Lvl 1
Her skills with boardrooms and backroom deals has given her a silver tongue, use of this skill influences dipolomacy and business interactions. (+5 Wis per lvl) 
Passive Skills:
[Succubus Essence (Dormant)] Lvl 0
She exudes a strong attractive scent that differs to what the person she is attracting find most pleasant. Her eyes are another thing entirely, they can and have hypnotized the greatest of creatures to their knees.
Active Skills:
[Sucubus Siphon] By feeding on the life energy(perferribly in the form of sexual energy) of another, the Gamer can rapidly regenerate HP, MP, cures Fatigue and substains longetitvy. (Lvl 1) 
Current Equipment: 
Note:  While not equipping anything in a slot, anything normally worn in that spot will be visible. ie shirts, pants, shoes, etc…
Main Hand: CZ 75 BD
Off-hand: Colt Python
Ranged: none
Head: none
Shoulders: none
Chest: none
Belt: none
Legs: none
Feet: none
Wrist: none
Hands: none
Ring1: none
Ring2: none
Necklace: none
Trinket1: Zippo Lighter
Trinket2: none
Back: none
Total bonuses from equipment:  
Estimated about a billion’s worth in precious metals, gems, magical artifacts, and equipment. 
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