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Gaurdians of the Galaxy meet the Ninja Turtles!

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“Okay so we saved the world and defeated Ronan the Accuser but what’s our next crazy quest I have no friggin idea whatsoever. Okay so the NOVA corps have officially gave us badges, a rebuild ship and a soundtrack station so we can hear today’s music and some old school my mom used to record on the mixtapes did I even mention Groot is back to his big normal, happy, fuzzy, tree branch, “I am Groot self?” Everything is going well for The Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora is busy practicing her sill butt kung fu or Gam-fu with her spear, Rocket well he had another hangover when we went to the bar last time but he loves that mug which keeps him hyperactive but don’t ask me why. Drax on the other hand, I mean this guy you can barely catch on with his metaphor speaking like he’s a friggin Native American but all and all this is our unlikely team I mean what else could go wrong?”

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  1. ?onatellø 6 years ago

    Donatello was getting  beep on the machine, he’s not sure what it was but it was loud. “Whoa this is new and second it might be Foot trouble, hey guys ya might wanna check this out it’s a bogie a big one too, but it might be the Foot who knows.” Donatello was uncertain where this bogie was coming from but he told his brothers they need to head on out and call April to see if she can try to get the scoop on the Foot’s plan and using the turtles in action but kept out of the media for now, Donatello picked out his bow and his other gear heading to the turtle van along with his brothers.

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