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Ghoul’s Requiem: Cold and Celerity

Woods at night
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Timothy Dane
10/19 11:01PM
These woods were such a relief. Timothy couldn’t pinpoint whether it was simply the absence of people, or the serene hum of the birds and insects hidden in the leaves and undergrowth that soothed his stirred spirit, but but regardless, it seemed the steel city he had grown up in no longer held sway over Timothy’s inner compass. Not all roads led to Consequence anymore, though with the droves of refugees coming up from the south, it seemed that statement was holding true for some, at least. As he walked through the dense forest, Tim tried to open his senses, taking in all the conversations going on around him. The chirping of the crickets and the nightingales’ song, he strove to understand, to interpret, with the vampiric discipline of Animalism – one of the six paths he had to learn and master, if he was to make the best of his diablerized inheritance.
Sascha LeVante
10/19 11:09PM
**She had always been more at home in the woods and as Tim walked the leaf strewn floor, her eyes follow him from perching up in the trees. While she stood standing on one branch, her arms were draped over a higher one, leaning her chin against the rough bark. Her long tresses fall over to the side, and her eyes close languidly as a cool breeze washes over her face. Her own senses were heightened with smelling and hearing. At the moment she felt safe, up off the ground and able to be closer to the night air, the glowing moon. After they had vanished into the woods, a good amount of her scars gone, she sighs and inhales the smell of the trees and lets out a small laugh.**
10/19 11:13PM
-Simmering anger was there. Just below the surface at watching Them. His eyes flicker first to the boy-slash vampire-slash something else. His jaw tightens when his eyes flicker up towards Sascha in the trees. He could feel the scars. Some had been erased. Severing some kind of his hold. He would grind his teeth if he could. But he was in complete silent mode. Hidden in his hugging shadows of the night forest. Watching. He was just watching for now. And with each passing moment he was just stewing. Fists clench and unclench silently. Nails dig into his palms. Lips twitch into a half sneer as he can hear her breath releasing in a moments quiet. His eyes were red and intently flickering from one form to the other. Contemplating his next moves.-
Timothy Dane
10/19 11:19PM
Upon hearing her laugh, Timothy looks up and smiles, seeing her there up high in the tree. He saunters over to stand on a root, pressing his hand against the bark and circling the trunk, looking for a clear way up. There – a knot, and there – a branch, and there, and there… with a sharp intake of breath, Timothy jumped and and curled his fingers into a knot in the trunk, hauling himself up to the next handhold and flipping up to a thin branch. He balanced precariously for a moment before leaping to Sascha’s branch, swinging himself onto it, catching himself with that same overhead bough and laying a peck on her lips. “Hey.”
Sascha LeVante
10/19 11:25PM
**A brow raises as she seems amused while he makes his way up along the branch to where she stands. Raking her hand back through her hair, she is greeted by a quick kiss. Resting her chin back down over the branch, she crosses her one foot over the other ankle, tilting her head.** Hey. What were you doing? Talking to the animals? **She smiles, icy blue eyes looking off into the distance.** Thats always a helpful discipline in the clans. **Her scars were itching at her. But she was ignoring them, thinking it only a response to some of them finally being gone.**
10/19 11:30PM
-Eyes go wide as the boy climbs the tree and DARES to kiss her. His body leans tensely against the shadows. His canines press harshly into his lower lip and he snarls as those same shadows swirl around him to lift him from his hiding spot. They swirl and converge and his form slowly appears at the trunk of the tree they were playing in. Leaning against the trunk he lifts his hand like he were inspecting the dirt under his nails. Inhaling deeply he finally parts his lips.- “Saaaaaaaascha. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I suggest you come down, dear. Or I might come and get you.” -He would scale his red eyes upwards to stare violently at them both.- “And by all means….bring the boy wonder down with you.”
Timothy Dane
10/19 11:35PM
“…Oh, hey.” Timothy blinks. He’d been about to address her comment about his talking to the animals – or trying to, anyway – when this man had materialized at the foot of the tree. Tim gets the strange feeling of being a possum in a tree, with a wolf lurking at the bottom, waiting for him to come down. He almost shivers, but then he feels his beast growl in response. The man’s obviously a vampire, and anyone who says ‘tsk’ unironically is someone who Tim doubts he could get along with. So this is her sire… who has yet to address him at all. Tim shrugs and steps forwards off the branch, letting himself drop to the ground a few feet from the the man. He says nothing yet, waiting for Sascha to come down.
Sascha LeVante
10/19 11:40PM
**Her smile wipes away completely when she hears his voice. She lifts her head to peer down below, seeing his dark form there, blood red eyes looking up at her and making her go rigid. Wetting her lips she reaches a hand out to keep Tim from moving, but he has already jumped to the ground. Gasping she clutches her fingers into the bark, a loud snap sounding as she does so, the bark splintering beneath her fingers. She was pushing all the blood into her viens to lend to her strength, her speed, her senses. After a moment of hesitation she drops to the ground as well, next to Tim and looking cautiously at her Sire. His eyes bore into her, still pulled at her blood and she grits her teeth.**
10/19 11:43PM
-His form shifts off the trunk and he tilts his head. Long pitch black hair falls over a shoulder as he takes in Tim landing before him. Eyes squinting he sniffs at the boy like he were an animal inspecting another animal in his territory. Then Sascha jumps down next to him. His eyes focus on her in a vicious way. A jealous and obsessive way. Then he turns back to Tim.- “What the hell are you supposed to be? Your smell is all off. Sascha. Come here.” -He motions to her to come to him with a flick of his fingers. His broad shoulders stretch out and he elongates his spine to reach his full height of 6’3”.-
Timothy Dane
10/19 11:53PM
“Or, um… hold on, Sascha. Don’t actually go there.” He doubts it will matter, since he can practically force her to come over there just by asking, if he decides to invoke their blood bond; still, he feels it needs to be said. As to the question of what the hell he was, he decided to give a deliberately frustrating and evasive answer. “I’m Tim. I used to be the manager at a McDragonald’s in Consequence. These days, though, I mostly just run around with your childe in the woods and have amazing vampire sex.” That was a complete lie, unless one considered the Kiss to be tantamount to such a thing. Tim didn’t; he just wanted to see how Adrastus would react, even when the smirk on his face plainly gave it away. “Who the hell are you supposed to be? Your face is all off.” Timothy is nowhere near as tall as Adrastus, only standing around 5’7, but the height difference doesn’t bother him. Werewolves are taller still.
Sascha LeVante
10/19 11:59PM
**He wasn’t calling to her blood just yet, but his voice still had a sway over her. Her body lurched, but she was already fighting against it. Tim holds an arm out to her keep her from moving. And when he answers her Sire, she blinks and jerks her head towards him. Was he crazy? Why the hell was he antagonizing him?! Her hand reaches out, snagging the back of his hoodie to yank back in warning, her teeth grinding harder against her jaw. Icy blue eyes shoot to her sire, brows furrowing down in concentration, the force in which to stay from going to him strained. Pressing her lips together she nearly pleads with her eyes for him to leave them alone. Even though she realizes nothing she could say would make him go away.**
-Moving his head to the side there is a resounding ‘crack’ as it pops. There was a low growl growing in his throat. He didn’t find the boy’s jest amusing. At all. His motion towards Tim is one of a few calculated steps. A brow lifts skeptically and his eyes look up and down at him. Measuring. A slow and insidious smile spreads across his lips.- “Was it you then? That erased some of the lovely scars from her?” -He looks to Sascha then. His gaze would clearly communicate that he would give her new ones to replace the old once he got a chance. Without warning he would call to his shadows. Vanishing with just the silhouette of where his body was in front of Tim. And when he reappears he would be behind Sascha. A hand would quickly grab at her arm and pull it back against the small of her back. Threatening to break it. His gaze would go to Tim from over her shoulder.- “I don’t have to hurt her. Its up to you though. Leave and I’ll be nice. For tonight.” -he smiles and nuzzles his face against her ear.-
Timothy Dane
“Hm?” Tim blinked again, this time at seeing the Elder vampire vanish through the shadows. An immediate dip into his auspex told him exactly what had happened without looking, but Timothy glanced over his shoulder anyway, looking at Sascha, and Adrastus holding her in place. A quick assessment of the situation, his immediate surroundings with auspex, and a sifting through prior memories. “Oh, wow. A hostage situation right off the bat? Sheesh, you don’t play nice.” Timothy stretched, shook out his hair, and took a moment to loosen up, his face kept carefully impassive. This was a different Tim from the one familiar to Sascha – the one who had taken apart six vampires in as many seconds, his mind and face kept cold and illegible. “It’s kinda funny you’re so threatened by me. I’m just an ex-fast food worker. But to be honest – yeah, I took the scars off her back. They’re not hers, they’re -yours-, and she doesn’t want them. So I got rid of some of them. And when she and I are ready, I’ll get rid of the rest.” Having limbered up, Tim faced Adrastus, his brown eyes cold and fearless and his hands in his hoodie’s pockets. “I’ll give you three seconds to let her go. -One.-” A raven called from somewhere close by, as a chill wind swept among the trees, as if heralding what was to come.
Sascha LeVante
**Blinking she starts to move as soon as she felt his shadows starting to callous around him, but her arm was pulled behind her and she lets her lips fall open in anger, teeth peaking out from beneath them. A hiss was in her throat, wanting to rise to her own growl. Her body shifts against him and she can feel him tightening its grip. Looking back to Tim she frowns. Couldn’t he tell her Sire was toying with him? Prodding and poking to find his weakness? At least he kept his outward appearance cold and unwilling when the threat came to her in order to get to him. Closing her lips she stays still for the moment. Keeping her fortitude intact. And her eyes close slowly in regret as Tim starts to count down.**
-A thunderous laugh echoes in the air.- “Ahhh! A cocky one. Very well.” – He roughly releases Sascha’s arm but just as quickly grabs her jaw while keeping his eyes on Tim.- “Sascha. Stay put. Don’t try to help him.” -He would strictly call to her blood now. Using every fiber of his vitae that flows in her veins to command her along with the mental strength over her. Then he turns his attention to Tim. His hands leave Sascha all together. Watching the boy limber up he smirks broadly. This should be entertaining. Feeling his body burn the blood into his skin and he calls to his own disciplines. His knuckles pop as he flexes his fists. Anticipation was boiling beneath his skin and his eyes seem to glow in their red light.- “Let’s just hurry this up. THREE”. He would use his speed to lunge at Tim. A hand extended out to grab him by the throat.-
Timothy Dane
“This isn’t a wrestling match, you oaf; it’s a fight. Treat it like one.” The world -froze-. At least, for Timothy, it did. Sascha wouldn’t appear to be moving at all. A bird, in mid-flight, had paused with its wings upturned. Everything had ground to a halt… except for the supernaturally fast vampire lunging at him. However, this did just the trick to even their ground. He noted the outstretched hand, preparing to seize him by the throat. A terrible move, Tim noted in disapproval. Well, the guy had been alive for a long time; Tim supposed it was only natural he should be even more cocksure than the average vampire. Still, that wouldn’t help him here. Tim wasn’t cocky; he just knew he could fight, and refused to be victimized. Timothy didn’t blur so much as outright vanish, leaving the afterimage of himself standing there for Adrastus to grab; he seemed to materialize under the Elder’s outstretched arm, pivoting to take advantage of Adrastus’s forward momentum, with a controlled windup and a vicious punch – not to the stomach, since he knew knocking his enemy’s wind out wouldn’t do anything. So, in that thousandth of a second, Tim just sent the base of his palm up to smack Adrastus in the nose, a move that would shatter bone and could possibly even drive bone fragments up into the brain if it connected solidly. as soon as the blow been flung, Timothy would pivot around to the vampire’s back and bring his leg up in a high kick to the back of his opponent’s head.
Sascha LeVante
**She couldn’t get the gasp out of her mouth as Adrastus ordered her not move to help Tim. Her eyes go wide with rage as her body seems to betray her, obeying the command that is given, despite her own will power. Her body could move but it would make not move to fight against her Sire in order to help Tim. Her icy blue eyes look to him, lips trying to work as if to warn Tim she could do nothing against her sire. Her body visibly shakes in attempt to do so. Biting into her lower lip she lets the growl die in her throat, eyes glaring at her Sire before he moves with such quickness she cannot barely see him.**
-His palm would connect with Adrastus’s nose. And he would quickly find that his skin was like solid stone. Fortitude allowing for the bone to not get broken or shattered. His head merely tilts back at the force the boy throws his way. Watching Tim blur around him with quick speed he is able to lift his forearm and block the kick to the back of the head. His hand would curl around the boys ankle with like speed in order to twist it and yank him forwards onto the ground before Adrastus. Eyes would sear into him. His concentration becoming intent as the blood pushes inside him. Hundreds of years of living lending to his experience in fighting.-
Timothy Dane
Tim felt Adrastus catch his foot, eyes widening in surprise. No vampire had -ever- been able to match his speed… but then, all the vampires he had fought had been in a single city. A populous city, to be sure, but he remembered his experience was still limited. Even to Adrastus, though, he’d be a blur; to all others watching, he would be quite literally invisible, moving at such a speed that he could only be seen in the nanosecond he struck – and even then, only after the fact. Now, though, he used vicissitude to completely mollify the bones and muscles in his ankle; with his strength, Adrastus would find himself holding Timothy’s severed foot, while the boy shoved his body into overdrive. Pivoting on his single remaining foot, Tim reached down to swipe the vampire’s foot from off the ground, and whether or not he fell, would then twist into a punch to Adrastus’s jaw. Only, this time, he put to use one of his advanced celerity techniques: Momentum, allowing him to focus his speed in one moment to deliver a blow capable of splintering concrete – giving him the power, just for a split second, to overcome that fortitude.
-Adrastus was quite impressed with the boys celerity. He must have taken a lot of time to work on it and it gain his mastery over it. Though the boy couldn’t be very old whatsoever. At least in the grand scheme of things where Sascha was concerned or himself for that matter. He blinks in surprise as the foot comes off in his hand. Watching the blur of him move again Adrastus pulls the shadows to himself. Tim’s hand would grasp only shadow as he tries to flip him off his feet. As he forms in a few steps backwards from the boy he feels the momentum of his punch into his jaw. There was the faintest sound of a ‘crack’. His head pitches to the side and he pauses before his eyes flash red in growing anger. It was time to show him his own skill speed. Pushing the blood further he would match Tim’s speed. Forcing his fortitude to maximum strength he then accelerates to plow both hands into his chest. Essentially like shoving a person back. But this ‘shove’ would send him flying into the tree behind him with such force it might crack its bark.-
Timothy Dane
“Tch!” Tim clenched his teeth in alarm as Adrastus moved to match his speed. The unexpected increase in velocity caught him off-guard, forcing him to block instead of dodging like he normally would. Tim had some experience in fortitude as well, but nowhere near as potent as Adrastus’s. Still, it allowed him to survive that hit, as he crossed both arms in front of his chest, reinforced the bone and tensed his abs. It still couldn’t prepare him for that monstrous strength, though, sending Tim flying back into the tree. He gasped as his back met the trunk, indeed cracking the bark behind him, as he fell to his knees. There was a key weakness Tim possessed that Adrastus did not: he needed to breathe, and his hitting the tree had come very near to winding him. He slumped to one knee, his forearms throbbing painfully from having blocked the strike. “Damn… Sascha wasn’t kidding. You’re -really- strong.”
Sascha LeVante
**Her body tries to move to help draw Adrastus’s attention away from Tim after he went flying into the tree. Gasping as he hits his back into the trunk, she still cannot move against her Sire. Her neck muscles strain and she staggers again, trying to work against her own mind and the blood in body. She wants to call out, to demand he stop. There was never a time she wished she had control over him instead of the other way around. She leans against the tree closet to her, nails digging into the bark and scraping it away without a second thought.**
-Adrastus was walking up to Tim in normal time. Giving him a moment to compose himself after cracking back against the tree. Towering over him the contempt in his face could not be mistaken.- “Get up. I didn’t hit you that hard. I can do harder.” -His knuckles crack again as he continues to force the blood through his body. Keeping his stronger disciplines at his beck and call. Awaiting for Tim to recover and stand back up.-
Timothy Dane
Tim spat on the ground and stood up, tilting his head. The moment he had been hit, he had exited celerity so as not to hit the tree at… well, Mach 50. So once again, the ground was even. “Figured. Dunno why you’d let me get up – like I said, this isn’t a wrestling match.” There was one glaring advantage that Timothy had, that he doubted the vampire wouldl have figured out yet. Tim cracked his back, twisting this way and that, before giving Adrastus a confident smile. “I’ve no doubt you can hit me harder. But you’re not going to hit me again.” He sounded pretty sure of himself, even as he left his afterimage smiling at his opponent and vanished again, this time only stepping forwards and aiming to kick Adrastus in the ribs.
-Again the foot would connect with him. Slamming into his rib and making him take a step back against it. But still engaged in fortitude would still keep his entire form solid as stone. The sound of shifting stone beneath his clothes is heard but that is it. There is no expression from Adrastus’s face to show he even feels the pain the kick may have caused. But there is a sneer that crawls to his lips. His form blurs as he moves in speed again. Dropping to his knees in a skidding like position he would swipe his whole left arm for Tim’s left leg and lift upwards to throw him up and into a flip to land onto the ground. After the blur of motion to take Tim off his feet he would turn on that same knee and come to stand again. Ready and anticipating another counter from the boy.-
Timothy Dane
Tim’s kick to the ribs, delivered with hardly any power behind it, had been a feint. He had expected Adrastus to not take the simple movement seriously, but the casual arm swipe had been more fortunate than he could have imagined. By the time the arm connected with Timothy’s outstretched foot, he was already moving, his newly-regenerated other foot spiking with struts and ridges of reinforced bone. The movement of that swiping arm, with Adrastus’s monstrous strength behind it, sent the revenant pirouetting upwards, twisting his entire body into it. Once again, he applied the Momentum technique, multiplying the power behind his blow manifold, and then, added Adrastus’s own strength to it as well, aiming for a devastating kick right to the vampire’s neck. It if connected, the force would be too much for Timothy, sending him tumbling to the ground with a burst kneecap and a snapped tibia; however, that same power would be delivered to Adrastus’s neck by that foot of spiked bone, with more raw force than either Timothy or him could deliver on their own.
-It was a surprise. The force of Tim’s kick combined with his momentum strikes into his neck. Though fortitude is still engaged he could feel the bone crack into his neck. Getting past the stone like flesh to cut and stick into the skin. He also hears the snap and crumble of the boys kneecap and tibia at extending such a blow. Adrastus lifts from the ground and reaches up to the bone jutting from his neck. Red eyes are glaring at the boy who is most likely on the ground now. His chest heaves with anger. There was only one clan he knew of that could flesh bone the way he did. Growling he pauses and then yanks the bone from his neck. Black blood oozes out of the wound for several seconds. Flashing his eyes up to Sascha he forces her with just a stare to come to him. His glamour working from the few feet he now stands from her. Keeping his eyes on Tim as he throws his own piece of his bone down near him.-
Sascha LeVante
**Swallowing hard, she has no choice but to move to him as he beckons. She can already hear him in her head as his eyes meet hers. Her body couldn’t resist. Moving to him her hand reaches out to his neck. Against her will she heals the large gap in his neck, fingers shaking as the blood stains at her flesh. Her head turns to look down at Tim, seeing the knee angled grotesquely, wishing she could pull away to tend to his wounds to help him heal faster. Pulling her hand back she hisses as if she were burned. He was holding her against her will by their shared blood. She hated herself in helping him. Tim had made several hits….but at what cost?**
Timothy Dane
“ARGH!” Timothy clenched his teeth to the point where his gums bled, somehow finding it in him to launch himself into the air and spin away, breathing hard – not from the physical exertion, but from the horrible pain of having his leg shattered and his kneecap burst. If this is what it would take to land a solid hit on Adrastus, Tim knew his odds were terribly slim. And he was now, somewhat ridiculously, balancing on one leg, while his revenant body and vicissitude worked to repair his splintered one. Even that felt horrible, and if he knew if he had to repeat such an attack, he’d eventually pass out from the sheer agony. Still, he wasn’t ready to give up. He’d promised Sascha that he’d fight until his entire body was broken, and he would do just that. He laughed shakily, pushing his sharpened phalanges through his fingers and fusing them into a single spike of bone. Only one thing for it, now. Gazing up into Adrastus’s eyes, Tim smiled, revealing his sharpened canine teeth, and -winked-. “Gotcha good with that one, didn’t I?”
-He could heal on his own. But he was making a point with making Sascha do it. His mouth is turned down in a sour glare as he watches Tim form his fingers into a spiked bone. And he nods slowly to the boy as he gloats.-“Your fast I’ll give you that. But do you really expect to shatter your body while still taking me on?”-He shakes his head down at the boy. His arm would loop around Sascha’s waist and yank her to him tightly. An arm lifts to his side in a clawed manner. The shadows lick against their feet and crawls up their bodies to engulf them both. Those blood eyes would not leave Tim as the boy no doubt wanted to keep going. But there were things to accomplish tonight. Other than exchanging blows with the anomaly.- “I’d love to stay and break each bone. But lets take a raincheck kid. Sascha and I have a date.”-While Tim was still wounded Adrastus would use the moment to quickly disappear with his Childe before the boy could use his celerity to try and keep her from being swallowed in those shadows.-
Sascha LeVante
**A hand pushes at his chest once she feels his arm tuck around her waist and pull her in against his stone like body. Baring her fangs she stares down at her feet as the shadows lick up over her. Her eyes blink to Tim and his leg still nearly shattered in pieces. Before she is able to reach out a hand imploring for him to grab her away, the shadows take her over completely. And that sickening lurch of being ripped from where she was at to where they were going, heaves at her stomach. Gone. Once again, gone.**
Timothy Dane
Timothy exhaled at length, the cold stare being leveled at Adrastus now fixed on the space where the vampire had been. With his damaged leg, he couldn’t give chase – a careless slip. He should have been more conservative with his strikes, and worn the Elder down with his superior vitality. He had given it his best shot, and nearly torn the monster’s head off with his kick, but ultimately, it didn’t matter. With his leg serviceably repaired at last, Tim put both feet on the ground, and as the cold focus of the fight slipped away, anger and shame quickly surged forth to replace it. Damn it. Damn it! “DAMN IT!” Tim screamed, silencing the forest with his cry of anguish. Once again, it had not been enough. Tim’s eyes slowly dropped, looking down into the open palm of his hand and watching as it closed, unbidden, into a knuckle-whitening fist… while the Beast he had so carefully caged now came to drag its claws along the bars of its cell, smiling in wait for the chance it knew would come.

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