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Girls DO Talk About Guys!

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Women likes to talk a lot, varing on what type of woman you talk to but here, on Rolepages, women do talk. Mencing facts about the strange speices known as “girls”. Heehee. Why am I bringing this up? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we talk about who we dated, what stupid acts they do, ect. Now, I know some that don’t fit into this blog but that’s okay because well…. Sometimes this for in general, common sense that to us, men don’t seem have at all! If you boys say you’re not like this and I’m sure some are like actual, legit gentlemen but others are just asses. No serious, how many asses do you see on this site? No answer is needed. Well, how does it blend into the topic? Well, we women can be social. We talk from one boring topic to the next so we find out things. For example: Guys that we’ve dated. For example of one I’ve found a trend in and let me tell you all something: He was jealous when I was hugging/cuddling/snuggling/ect. a guy and misread it as I was going to hump him. Truth is that I’ve actually was just a friend and I had a tiny crush on the one I was huggling. Lucky me that it was just friendship. Anyways, he leaves for awhile to only come back to lust for me inwhich by this time my love interest shifted to him and durring the love transition that I’ve found he had made many promises to them. Mind you that this is all on here, Rolepages, by the time that I’ve actually had feelings for me, he changed his quickly. After all that jealously, he turned into a manwhore. I was talking among other characters about this and I’ve found it quiet interesting the trend of him promising other characters to other women, having sex with them, and lets go as far as to say marrying them and then after all of that just dropping them like flies once they had his fucking children. Yes, he’s shaking his head to this right now and probably snickering but this is the truth. If you’re dating a guy who’s constantly switching characters for other purposes than dump his ass. He’s not that loyal as you may think. He’ll in the end hurt you. Save yourselves before he hurts you, he’ll do anything to. Ask all the women he had dated before you go to him. They may, if they’re nice, give you positive feedback but if they’re like me or other women I’ve talked to, truthful and blunt, than think this choice through. He made me think of my abusive uncle and made me cry. I have that deep of a scarr from my uncle. 

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  1. Savannah Lowe 10 years ago

    Seriously. Your an a amazing actor.

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