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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

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Ugh, where was she this time?  The last thing she remembered, she was on the trail of one of Yjarl’s Generals, and now she was…here?  She tried to move her body, but couldn’t.  It was almost like sleep paralysis.  She was awake, and aware, but she couldn’t move, no matter how hard she tried. Her senses were even dulled, though not enough that she didn’t smell blood.  A whole lot of blood. The scent was so strong, that she could only wonder just how potent it would be if her senses were on full blast right now.  So just where was she, and how did she get here?  Who did the blood she smelled belong to?  It could be her blood, though even if it was, and despite her being unable to move, her body would have been healed completely at this point.  The fact that it was her body and all of her senses that were dulled told her that her being injured wasn’t the cause of it.  Shit, her father was going to kick her ass.  She was supposed to be on the job, and she somehow ended up like this?  She wasn’t some goddamn noob.  What the fuck was going on?!
Wait.  Just wait.  Calm down.  Don’t get too carried away.  Just think for a moment.  Ahhhh…that was it!  That was fuckin’ It!  Carried away!  Of course!  Despite everything she was, Eden Seed, Harmonixer, sexy bitch, all that, she was also the Incarnation of Rage and slaughter thanks to her mother passing it on to her upon her death.  The cycle!  She’d been keeping it at bay thanks to all the shit going down.  What happened when you tried to keep nature at bay for too long?  Nature said fuck you and did what it needed to do.  NOW it was coming back to her.  She’d hunted down her lead but had come up empty.  She’d been ready to return to Eden to find another lead when an old friend had found her.  Ares, Olympian God of War.  He’d been one of the gods powerful and resourceful enough to survive the end of their pantheon.  Much like she and her siblings, he was a being of chaos and thrived in the new order of things since the twilight of the gods.  He had no doubt sense that Estelle had been nearing the end of her control of her cycle, that the spirit of Rage and Slaughter had been about to break it’s chains and sate it’s hunger.
Finally she could feel again, her sense of touch returning, and with it a bit of motor function.  It seemed the more she remembered the more returned to her.  She could feel a breeze all over her body, and a wet chill.  So not only was she naked, but she was wet.  Great.  She couldn’t quite move enough to bring herself upright yet so she focused on recalling the events leading up to her predicament.  She remembered Ares being sexy as fuck, though he was always sexy as fuck, but that night he was REALLY sexy as fuck.  She didn’t know if it been her own natural attraction to him, or if she’d been influenced by the spirit within her.  Either way, he’d invited her somewhere and she had graciously accepted his invitation.  A party!  It’d been an invitation to a party, and a rather exclusive one too.  She’d remembered her long silver gown made from the magical silk of an ancient dragon who had lived long enough to become a world wyrm.  They’re silk was literally divine, and she could remember how it felt like an ocean of midsummer’s night chills against her flesh.
The party Ares had taken her to had been in a place called New Olympus, and many of the Greek Gods scattered by their end of days had gathered there.  The place was beautiful, though it was no match for Olympus Prime, well it wouldn’t have been had her father not laid waste to Olympus Prime a few months prior.  They were in a mansion-like temple atop a great mountain.  Pillars of marble forged in such a way that only Hephaestus could have crafted them.  Walls of mirrored glass that let one see inside, but if you tried to look out, you only saw your own reflection.  Statures, beautiful art, all illuminated by orbs of light made from magic.  It had been quite the sight.  There weren’t just Gods there, but other beings, angels, demons, it seemed New Olympus wasn’t as close minded as Olympus Prime had been.  At first things were fine, almost normal.  Everyone knew of her, of course, and most of them were rather uncomfortable that a Harmonixer who also happened to be the spirit of Rage and slaughter was among them while on the arm of Ares, God of War.
No one questioned it though.  She and Ares ate, talked, danced, but it wasn’t long before she realized that she was getting hot, that she’d begun to sweat a bit.  Estelle was known for her love of hitting things, of fucking, having fun, letting loose, going wild, but she was as smart as any of her brethren, though that part of her had come too late this time.  Too late she realized exactly why Ares had brought her to this party.  They all thought he was a part of their plan for this new Olympus, but Ares wanted nothing to do with it, in fact, he wanted to destroy it.  He’d hunted her down when she was on the edge of her control and brought her here, a ticking time bomb ready to explode, and explode she did.  That was when her memory went red.  Oh, it was clear, she’d been fully aware during that dance, but the blood flow so thick, that she’d literally saw through a crimson haze from the first through she ripped out to the last.  Oh she had danced, and danced well that night, and not alone.
Ares had relished in the slaughter of his fellow Gods, as well as the other beings who had been there. He had arranged a spell that kept any of them from escaping by ethereal means.  They’d been trapped like pigs in a slaughter house.  Even in her blood drunken haze watching Ares in action had been beautiful.  No wasted motion, each and every move he made killed.  He was death in motion, dancing massacre, absolutely beautiful.  Sure, he could learn some things from Her father or brothers, and her sister Malice could put even Ares to shame, but that was exactly why she loved watching him.  Ares, she could fuck, and that’s exactly what they did.  No one in that room survived physically, only a few of them had their essence intact once the bloodletting was over.  She’d rank deeply, no doubt the main reason Ares had brought her.  Not just because she was strong enough to slaughter them, but because she could make it permanent, where even he couldn’t do that.  So some of them would be reborn over time, or take new bodies, but only a few, and they would never think about creating a new Olympian order again.
Mmmm……that had been a great night!  Now she knew why her body couldn’t move, why her senses were dulled to such an extent.  Feeding that force of nature within her took quite a toll on even her, though being who and what she was, it only lasted a few hours instead of the days, months, even years it effected other vessels.  Feeling returned to her as her memories came back to her and she could feel Ares still beneath her, his cock still buried deep inside of her.  She could still feel the molten heat of his seed in her belly and moaned a bit as she moved, shifting herself from atop him. Flashes of their blood soaked fucking came back to her, causing a grin to curl her plush lips upward. He’d fucked her like some godly beast in heat, and she’d fucked him back like the goddess of fucking she was.  They’d fornicated in the blood of their victims until……oh fuck.  As the last bit of her memory came back she looked down at her right hand, in which she held Ares’ heart, ripped right from his chest.  Ohhhh……right.  She’d gotten just a LITTLE bit carried away hadn’t she!
She’d stole the poor darling’s heart literally it seemed.  Fuck, well his essence was still intact so he’d no doubt be reborn.  Besides, who DIDN’T want to die while letting off inside such a beautiful, sexy bitch as Estelle?  Right?  RIGHT!  Rising up she looked down at herself, completely drenched in blood and sighed as she began to walk through the pools of crimson that covered the floor.  At the very least SHE’D had a great fucking time!  After all, girls just wanted to have fun.  As she moved towards the exit she paused to look at herself in one of the many mirrors, eyeing herself, as she twist and turn a bit, hefting up her large, round breasts.  Shit she looked fuckin’ great covered in blood!  With a giggle, she moved on out, and once past Ares’ barrier, she teleported her sexy ass home for a shower.

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  1. Draco Miloki Murdock 5 years ago

    -The dragon seemed a bit shy being in the presence of vastly larger members of its species, but he spoke back anyway.-

    “Hey, uh… I’m Onyx, the shadow dragon. Nice you meet you?”

    -The dragon continued to seem slightly scared, shaking slightly. Draco started petting him as a way of keeping him in a maintained calm.-

    “Pardon my dragons nervousness. He doesn’t get to talk to other dragons much.”

  2. “Now that is what I call, Blood …… Lust.”

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