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Gone, but never forgotten. Kishimoto A.I CWA-051697 ‘Gaia’

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The Heavy Stealth Frigate was currently floating aimlessly through the void of space, with the Crimson Weapon Alchemist hard at work in the A.I core of the Gabe-I-El. [Yes Kurai. I’m receiving that information now. Compiling the organic neural pathways and translating them into a digital positronic array.] Cortana replied to unspoken command as the redhead typed furiously, directly into the terminal in front of the core.

“Very well Cortana. I don’t care how much time you need, or how much power you use; while maintaining the minimum of course. This operation needs to be perfect, this is Hellifyno’s greatest hero we’re talking about.” Of course she was talking about that worlds most recent Scion, her beloved niece, Anthem Lucas Kishimoto.

[Aye Ma’am, appropriating 62% of power and all of my processing power to Project ‘GAIA’. Estimated project completion 7 hours, 24 minutes.] With that, all the excess lights powered down, the normal soft moonlight that lit the rooms and corridors dimmed down; leaving only the walkways and the rooms currently being used with lightning. Kurai nodded and stood up, the hardlight chair disappeared as part of the energy saving protocol. “You can disable the gravity in all compartments but the helm and my quarters. Authorization Kilo Yankee Kilo, 1105.”


That was done without response as the mass effect field creating the artificial gravity was turned off, and Kurai slowly started to float off of the metal floor. With the ease of motion, Kurai pulled herself out of the A.I core, passed life support, and into the galley as she headed towards the lift. It too was disabled, but that was fine as she floated all the way up the latter well to the first deck; then into her room where the gravity returned.

From there she pulled out a rather cushiony chair and sat at her own terminal, still adding her input and ability to the project as she was determined to get it right. What had the entirely of her motivation and attention right now was Project Gaia, her own personal project to craft Anthem as an Artificial Intelligence. Now in order to do this the scientist had to heavily scan Anthem’s dead brain, and the process was so intense that the original had disintegrated; which is why it was done in secret. 

While Anthem was cremated anyways, Kurai didn’t want to run the chance that someone would uncover the fact that she /desecrated/ the corpse of a Kishimoto. So while the intention was the A.I to sound, move, and look like Anthem when it presented itself, it would go by the name Gaia. So while Cortana was Kurai’s personal A.I, Gaia would be the Gabe’s dedicated intelligence; to defend the best of her ability.

So in the 7 hours that it took to compile, Kurai spent it on her partial capacity terminal and omni-tool creating an entire suite of subordinate programs, or subroutines to support Gaia for maximum efficiency. The subordinate functions will act as Gaia’s tools and codes in her toolbox; Kurai going that extra mile to make sure that Gaia would be the very best that she could ever be.

[Operation Complete] Cortana stated out of the Captain’s omni-tool, rather than onboard speakers. [10th generation A.I CWA-051697 ‘Gaia’ now initializing.] “Cortana, I have written several subordinate functions to add to the capabilities of Gaia. Please find any errors in the coding and correct them. Compare the functionality to the actual system and assure compatibility.” [Yes ma’am. Working now.] Then after a few minutes, [I’ve detected and corrected 37 errors, but compatibility tested to 99.4%.] “Excellent. Now when Gaia is ready, have her integrate with the subprograms. Then I’m going to have your programming evacuate the A.I core completely, you can come back home on my tool.”

There was a few quiet moments where all the lights turned off, and all systems besides the hard wired environmental support either turned off or went passive. That’s when Gaia first opened her /eyes/ and all the lights and systems on the ship returned to normal. She had no memories of what Anthem had experienced, nor did she even have the name; but Gaia kept aspects of her personality.

Kurai officially met Gaia on the Bridge, standing next to the table as it created a holo-tank in front of her. The disheveled redhead running off of two hours of sleep in the last three days stood before a holographic representation of her favorite niece. So Kurai’s hair was in a mess, she had some bags under her eyes, and one didn’t even want to talk about her clothes. 

A woman stood at 5’6 with a brown complexion, crimson eyes and raven black hair. She wore a simple dark green karate gi, blue arrows with oscillating ones and zeroes running up and down her arms and legs and hand wraps. If one knew the late Scion then they’d see that the resemblance is uncanny, even if it wasn’t an exact replica.

–A warrior trains everyday.-

Was the first thing she said, which made Kurai’s face shift into a wide smile as her eyes started to tear up. “And that is very true.” The Kishimoto woman responded, her voice cracking ever so lightly. “How’re you feeling?” The holographic form looked at its hands and legs before responding. –My primary assessment shows no runtime or cognitive errors. Memory banks are still being initially updated and processing the sum of recorded human history. But I understand humans like to greet one another formally.- Instinctively, the A.I put a closed right fist into a left open palm and bowed her head in greeting. –I am CWA-051697 ‘Gaia’ 10th generation Artificial Intelligence.-

Kurai Kishimoto choked up a little, coughing and laughing at the same time; of course Gaia would bow like Anthem once did. “Hello Gaia.” She responded, using the palms of her hands to wipe away tears. “My name is Kurai Yuki Kishimoto. I am the Chief Science Officer at Kishimoto Incorporated and I go by the title Crimson Weapon Alchemist, I’m also the one who created you.” It was wonderful to hear Anthem’s voice again, even if it was through her Bridge speakers.

–Aye aye ma’am.- Then Kurai got over her emotions to get back down to the science of the matter. “Gaia, have you tried to access your subordinate functions yet?” The holo-tank shimmered out of existence as Kurai appeared back on the Gabe-I-El. –Negative Captain. I’ll settle in now. Standby.- And with that, they got to work.

Gaia took her place in her new home on the advanced ship, looking over to her subroutines and seeing the small compatibility errors. –Oooh. I’m fitting in rather nicely here. Correcting the compatibility errors now.- A few seconds went by. –Staring with subroutine Eleuthia for Life Support.- Of course Anthem would start with life support, and decisions like that is why Kurai thought she’d made a great A.I. –Sync in process…100%- Gaia was handling things very well, she was just as efficient if not more than all the other A.I’s the scientist has crafted. –Aether for Navigation… Sync 100% Apollo for Combat Systems..Sync 100%- As Gaia fully integrated into the ship, Kurai could hear the different terminals activate, lights brighten, the ship listing a few feet. –Artemis for Stealth… Success. Hephaestus for R&D and Minerva for Electronic Warfare….Success. Initialization and synchronization of subsystems 100.7% complete.- The A.I of course accounted for the corrections she made to the subroutines.

“Excellent Gaia, really. Now, let’s shake you down shall we?” And with that, Kurai moved to the Helm, took her seat in the pilot’s chair; then her and the A.I took the Gabe-I-El across the stars…


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