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Goodbye everyone

  1. … I feel like I should feel bad, but due to all the things this person has done, I can’t find it in my heart. Auf Wiedersehen

  2. Glitch-Trix 5 days ago

    Nuuu don’t go! I’d miss you too much… stay! Heartbreak! Pain! Sorrow! I’m being dramatic right now but seriously please stay.

  3. Nacht 5 days ago

    Putting the Site as well as yourself and fellow writers at risk is not a reason to threaten or emotionally manipulate those who know you. Enough. You were banned due to violating the TOS.

  4. Pacific Bull 5 days ago

    Cya old friend, hopefully I can find your socials or something.

  5. lol, Nacht, i honestly thought you would be upset with me for talking like that, that woulda sucked

  6. Yui 3 days ago

    Please don’t self harm. Instead, try to search for ways to improve.

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