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Goshawk Familiars

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((I’ve received help with this from Labyrinth. LOVE YOU! She offered the bird. ‘Cause I have no knowledge of birds. Or many things, honestly. Should probably work on that.))

It’s often you see Grim Reaper drawings featuring the Reaper and then a black bird companion, usually a Raven or Crow. Oddly enough, Caelem has neither crow nor raven, but a collection of birds by the name goshawk. 

As seen above, they are black and white birds with red eyes. While a rather common type of bird, they can be rather fearsome to look at, and a large gathering of them tends to signal that he was arriving… If the storm that gathers beforehand doesn’t do that already. 


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  1. I do not mean disrespect towards you in defending him, great grandpapa, but I also that what might be said in idle jest might turn to thoughtful action if you truly desired his wings. Though whether it be to study them or to have them as your own, I do not know.

    *Antoinette glanced towards Jussi for a moment when he flinched, and Antoinette felt a wave of sympathy for him. Sympathy because she knew that meeting a man like her great grandpapa for the first time could be a rather upsetting moment to someone unused to his ways and personality. Still, Antoinette took Odin’s touching his wing for what it was; a sign of accomplishment considering that was all the old man did.*

    I do not fear him having wings because I had sensed there was something more to him that what I could see. I did not know what it was, but now I know. Besides, how could I fear something that does not change who he is at his heart? A boy who has accepted my differences and personality regardless of how….abnormal other people thought I was. Besides…is it not hypocritical if I could not accept him considering my own lineage, great grandpapa?

    *When Odin explained what needed to be done, Antoinette turned to face Jussi, staring up at him blurrily.* Jussi…you heard what my great grandpapa has said. He is willing to help you, but in helping you, he needs an offering from you. An offering in return for a service provided to keep things balanced. Do you trust him, Jussi? Do you trust me? Like you trusted me with Mr. Bear? *She breathed, hoping beyond hope that he would allow her to touch his wings and give her great grandpapa a vial of blood. He had trusted her before but, perhaps, this would be too much for him.*

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    C????? M????c?? 5 years ago

    ((YOU KNOW HOW. 



    ‘KAY? KAY.))

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