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Grrrr Christmas…

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So, who here loves the holidays….? Well……FUCK YOU! hahaha I’m going to play the field and join the society of I  hate this fucking holiday, and do one myself.

Okay seriously, why hasn’t Santa updated to something cooler? I mean  would much rather see a fat dude drive a bright red Mini-Cooper on my roof. Plus the funny factor would be jumped up. Um what kind of sick fucker employs only midgets to work for him, where is the progress in THAT? have you ever seen a black elf? I think that the person who actually came up with this holiday was a very high atheist. Who else would have ever thought that a fat due, could be pulled by magical flying deer, and deliver presents? Further more, I fully believe that Santa’s uniform should be black, so that the B&E’s would be more discrete. Um, there yah go….Happy Christmas from the guy who doesn’t really hate Christmas.


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  1. Dis Pater 9 years ago

    I would vote for my cousin Nyarlathotep but he is running on the same tired platform.  I think I will vote for………….. Raelin

  2. Cecilia di Sighisoara 9 years ago

    *pffs* You still believe in Santa? What a grinch. 

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