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Hagistead’s Debt

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The Transmission would be broadcasted all over Cadenziera and all Planets associated with the Soulhelm Pact as Emporiumer Bryson would chuckle “You think because De Terra told us to leave you alone?! Eventually you’d have to face us or face the consequences of the murdering of many Violettes..and marry ins, there families are very angry with you”

“So guess what Hagistead, you have a debt to pay and why not some good old fashioned planetary destruction!” Bryson said to the camera “This is not a act of war, this the price you pay to avoid War!”

Kelea Lulia would be locked onto by The Mafia’s Enterprise’s Starnoughts and began to be lasered and soon it exploded into nothingness, many gods would perish in this explosion 

“Now your debt is fulfilled, comply or we will take Wolves’ Star, Hagistead by storm, whatever terms you like but be reasonable” Emporiumer Bryson said before the camera clicked off

    1. Yeliana Hageshi 2 months ago

      “Fine for the safety of my people i will not declare the war, however my terms is that you leave me, my people and my nation out of this war and STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY MOM WITH THAT EMERALD PLAUGE STUFF!” – Yeliana

    2. Dahila Dragonfang 2 months ago

      “With the destruction of Kelea Iulia, it only means that those Nordic God’s and Goddess are gone, now the true Era Of God’s and Goddesses can begin” – Amelia Skymoon

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