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Happy Birthday to Me…

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I Flinched the moment I felt the cold steel of a blade against my back just as it ripped through my shirt and had it fall lifelessly at my sides when I slumped over; leaving my slightly scarred back exposed to the freezing rain. Yes, It barley rained in Wonderland,but Ever since the war began it was Dark- stormy…While the Queen ruled it was always DARK and CLOUDY. I Could barely get to my feet but unfortunately I was held up by the hair from the nearest card knight and held up enough till I felt his leather boot swoop up and Jam itself against my rib caged. I snarled in pain feeling the wind leave my lungs and gripped my gut for air as I collapsed on the stone ground next to a Pole of red and Black.The guards laughed and mocked me singing-If That’s what You wanted to call it… “Happy Birthday to you…Happy birthday to YOU….HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR-“But before their obnoxious singing could finish they were cut off by a growling voice.

“Enough.” I recognized it before the face was even showed…I knew him since we were little…He was like another brother too me now…His face was grim and I Managed to pull my dark-eyes(Full of innocence at the time) up to The Male. He was Tall, Broad and frustrated looking…The Knave of Hearts. And As soon As I felt a smile of relief cross My Lips, his next words made me crumple back to the ground weak-

“He’s Mine.” He grinned and before I could even protest his hand was in my messy hair and yanking me to my feet. I tried to fight him off but he threw me Chest-first against the metal of the Candy-Cane Pull, and pinned me there with Heavy chains, my wrist now knotted painfully above my head, leaving me defenseless. I grunted and tried to squirm- He was so cruel now…He used to be so…Like me…Now Look at him…dark hair…soulless black eyes…evil smirk…the face of pure hatred…I clenched my eyes shut and had to look away- I HATED Him now… I Stood there shirtless against the cold poll, The icy rain hitting my skin like rose thorns and trickling down my back like cottage cheese; it felt like a eternity there as I pressed my forehead against the metal and breathed in sharply-wanting nothing more than to get free.

“ Can’t believe it’s already been TEN YEARS…” Examined the Knave with a wicked chuckle as he circled the poll…I shook my head in refusal…I couldn’t believe it either…I felt so young- so Helpless…I was only eighteen…nineteen now- I flinched hearing him from the right…Examining his ‘Tool Table’

“And To Think…” He went on, Slowly wrapping his hand around the hilt of a leather whip with odd-shaped ends pointed enough to rip skin on it and removed it from the table.“You ALMOST…Escaped…” He reminded me…And I knew this was the queen’s doing…She’s had him brainwashed…And Everyone else.

“Oh…And I volunteered,for this…” He said, reading my mind…and for some reason, I felt like this wasn’t the first time I was being BETRAYED. Believe it or not…I wanted to cry…my eyes were clutched tight and my breath was leaving- my ribs were killing me now and I wanted to be free. I tried to Jerk away from him when I heard him get closer- he wasn’t the first to do this to me…I should have been used to this kind of thing by now- But from him? It was heartbreaking…

“Such a stubborn Kid Ya’ know…And you always wondered why you were the Queen’s LEAST favorite…”He shook his head tsking- How could he do this? He was once a dirt-poor child,taken away by the queen during her reign…No doubt at a young age too- and from his family. Maybe? “Why You?” I croaked emotionlessly as I could. “Why Not?’ He Mocked in reply. Usually, for their Birthdays, Kid’s got nine spankings- Or…Ten Punches on the arm. All Fun-and-Oyster Games…But what did I Get? Nineteen Fuckin’ lashes…
The Blow came faster than his voice; The Sound of Hard-back books hitting the wet pavement stung hise ars worse than the blade-cutting into his back and ripping away again. Fuck! Iclenched my Jaw so tight I Thought my teeth would crack…A bit of warmth starteddown my spine already and I knew from that relieved second; it was blood.Violently, I tried to jerk free from these dreadfully tight binds when I hearda short pause and I Knew The Knave was grinning from ear-to-ear. “Eighteen moreto go…”

Tarrant gasped and shot up in his bed, his damp bangs hooded his amber eyes; flinching hard as if he had just felt the last lash and growled under his breath. If His heart was in him- it would have stopped, he quickly threw the many sheets off of himself and fell to the floor….Fuck, he climbed to his feet hanging on to the ruby curtains alongside the bed-set-up. Weak, his knees trembled and he took a sharp breath- anger filling him as he swatted aside some nick-knacks from the dresser and clawed the desk, leaving deep wounds in the velvet woodwork. He caught his breath as he stumbled shirtless out into the hall, it was dark and even below his feet he could feel the red carpeting.

He was awake…He told himself that as he started down the echoing hall. In The large but wide kitchen the sound of rattling bottles filled the darkness and he yanked loose a bottle of Vodka then slumped against the limestone counter; that pain, it weakened him…He was awake and it remained; this fucking day…he despised it more than there’s as he corked the bottle open. And for the strangest of things his burning eyes of hatred were full of hot tears. He choked as he tipped the glass against his dry lips and slumped to the floor chuckling as he started to down the bottle. The taste stung his lips as he snarled to himself in his head

‘Get Overit…Fuckin’ Fag.’

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  1. Amelie Zagurian 7 years ago

    Damn those Super Slayers. *secretly begins plotting their destruction.*

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