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Haunter of the Light

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I left the Inn and flew to the clouds. I then met the Angel of light. She was as beautiful as the sun itself. I walked to her and bowed my head. The angel of light spoke softly, “Haunter old friend. You have fought and protected this world and the other worlds from evil for many years. I think it’s time that you take this reward. I will give you strength of the light inside you.” She then touched my forehead and her hand glowed. I felt the power spread throughout my entire body. After a while, my coat had white markings on it now. She removed her hand and said, “This is your reward. And now you are no longer Shadow Haunter. From now on you are The Haunter of the Light.” I bowed down again and thanked her. I then flew away. 

I am returning back to earth as The Haunter of the Light.


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