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Hellifyno’s Heavens and the New Gods

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There are many places you can go when you die on Hellifyno. Aside from the nothingness of athiesm and those celestial realms native to other worlds, Hellifyno also has a set stable of both Heavens and Hells, that have traditionally been tended by the gods of this planet. However, in the wake of the new gods revolution, the old regime has been toppled and these realms are in chaos, with the souls of countless beings left shattered, wandering, lost, or used as pawns in a great unseen game.

The Heavens once stretched out across infinite realms of wonder, each layer one upon the other in a melding miasma of time strteching back across all incarnations of Hellifyno religion, and through every realm, land, and ocean steading. They were ruled over by magnificent gods, beings of light, goodness, holy energy, and life, which poured down upon the blessed inhabitants who made it to these holy locations.

Now these are forlorn places. The golden streets, the flowing cloud like edifices, are broken, marred, cracked and shattered, crumbling without sustenance, or showing the scars of horrible invasion. Blood runs freely at the sights of battles, where the bodies of the old gods lay desecrated, broken, and rotting on pikes or hanging from hooks set among the towering heights of their once glorious palaces.

The souls, many pampered for hundreds or even thousands of years,a re now lost, wandering, without care or sustenance, direction or joy, many try aimlessly to kill themselves, to no avail. The dead have no exit. Others have taken to the worship of the new gods, those few overlords who remain. However these sovreigns are more likely to devour the souls than to care for them, starting an eons long process where they are slowly incorporated into the energy and being of the mighty one.

New souls freshly dead are finding the gates of the Heavens locked, with no keeper to admit them, and instead have taken to wandering the land, haunting loved ones, or stranger, passing through the night, howling and wishing for the oblivion or comfort that does not exist.

For now the Heavens of Hellifyno are an open question. Those with the power to claim them have cast them off, those who have not are instituting harsh new regimes, and the fate of the souls of our planet’s dead are uncertain.

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