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Hellish Armies Reaping Souls on Regime Planets

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Power… It makes the world go round.

There’s a finite amount of it in the universe, spread out in what’s supposed to be a balance across all realities. To get more power for yourself… you have to create a vaccuum. You have to wipe out the power, the life of others, and make it your own.

At least, that’s what you do when you’re the devil. Souls are strength, money, energy, labor… power. The more souls in Hell, the stronger he’d be.. And Havoc was determined to amass as much power as he could.

But he isn’t your traditional devil… he’s no Asmodelius. He has no wish to reap the souls of the innocent… And so he formulates a different plan.

Spending considerable money, resources, and personal time, he devotes himself to the Hellish armies. He commands them in ways Asmodelius would never have thought of, treating the demons like individuals instead of fodder, rewarding their viciousness, perserverence, intelligence, and skill with meat, souls, women, and rank. The personal attention he gives to even the lowest demons boosts morale and loyalty.

They grow more and more to enjoy the luxury and freedom of Havoc’s rule, and thereby don’t mind following his single decree: Hunt only members of the regime, and destroy the forces of Plainview. Hell is everywhere. Souls are everywhere. Plainview has spread like the plague.

But now there are uprisings… the gates of hell are bursting open and floods of demons march against the regime on planets far and wide. Guilty men and women are being claimed, their souls harvested…

The power of the Nine Hells grows… all while chipping away little pieces of Daniel’s empire. There are rumors the devil himself leads the minions of Hell… and when his cloven hooves hit the ground, the very walls of cities crumble down…

Beware, Plainview… No sin will go unpunished…

  1. Declan Rian 8 years ago

    He tried to keep the rage and jealousy off his face.  Gods damn these Breakers and their propensity for using mortal affections against the Elohim.  She was so clearly in love with him.  He had no idea how much of her words to take as truth.  Her biased was obvious and how much did that color her judgment?  She mentioned that Raiden was in the kitchens with Gray.  He’d ask Gray about that.  He’d definitely give an honest opinion.  But the chances of any Breaker changing and being willing to rebel?  Next to zero. 

    Though if what she said was true … it could turn the tides having an Archangel and renowned Breaker join the rebellion.  They still needed to finalize work on the remote finial deactivation but a Breaker’s knowledge could help with that tremendously.  He leaned back against the arm of the couch, still crooked-legged, touching her, because he didn’t want to stop.  He bit his thumbnail softly as he pondered what she’d told him and the possibilities it could open up. 

    “I can’t trust your opinion in this,” he said.  “Sorry to say it like that but it’s the truth.  You’re far too emotionally invested to be objective.  I respect what you’ve told me and I’m going to talk with Gray about him since they’re working together.  I’ll want to talk to him too.  Maybe more than talk,” he growled.  “We’ll see.  First Gray.” 

    He lifted his eyes to hers again.  “Not to be too frank but … how safe am I and these people here having brought you here not knowing you were getting friendly with a Breaker?”

  2. æ Xena Vielle æ 8 years ago


    *She thought quietly to herself for a moment before speaking* Nay, violence is not in Gaia’s nature. However, as long as Havoc and the Hells stay true to this cause… Maybe an Alliance is in order…. For balance must be restored within this universe, life and death, darkness and Light…

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