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i need help with my story, and if you’ve read Acceptance – Part 1 then you know why im asking for help..

i left it off on a cliff hanger cause, honestly, i dont know how to continue. i wanna make more characters but i dont have the creativity to do so, as i ran out with Lily. i need someone who is okay with the whole “Zoey’s first time actually on hellifyro” thing. im usually on at around 12-3 AM (time zone – UTC 4). if you need to, look at Acceptance – Part 1. just sort of PM me and start it up at random, i guess. i’ll continue when i see it. 

i dont do too much detail but i do enough to get the image going.. so dont worry about giant walls of text. so, if i was gonna introduce myself in Rp format…

   Zoey walks into the Inn awkwardly. she stuck out, as she noticed from observing the crowd. she looked at what she wore, band shirt, un-zipped jacket, jeans, a pair of Vanns… compared to everyone else she was the most out of place between them. she went to the nearest corner and took a seat where she can look out at the crowd.

there, one good paragraph that wouldn’t make a wall of text. that’s my norm… unless im busy or too tired to do that much detail.

again, please PM me if you can. just start it up as if it was going off the end of Acceptance – Part 1.

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