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Her father’s love.

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Her father’s love.
A story of a dreamscape.

Hannah’s footsteps were echoing in the hallways of Embruja’s mansion. Letting out a light laughter. It was lunch time. Holding her curled dress like every good lady should, she stepped down the violet carpet with swift steps, before the little girl landed and ran to the dining hall. Mother and father were already sitting by it. “Come on, Hannah.” mister Embruja said. “I think we thought you that being late is the recipe for disaster.”

“Sorry father.” She took a step back and gave a slight bob, before running to her seat by her father’s side. The aftertaste of etiquette lessons were having a slight effect on the girl. Eyeing the cutlery, whilst the servants opened the door, letting a moth watering smell of fine goulash soup fill the air. Whilst the servants were placing the dishes of soup, mother looked at her silently.

Mister Embruja then spoke. “Now then Hannah. How are your studies going?” He lied a drape in his lap, and slightly fixed his apparel before taking a spoon. Eyeing his daughter with slight demeanor.

“I managed to complete the basic principles of courtship. Miss Bella was very happy. I… Didn’t do so well at mathematics…” Shamefully she looked at her soup. How came that always the dinner was ruined by these talks.

“Sweetie, lets eat the soup and not our daughter.” The woman tried to ease the tension at the dinner table, barely touched her soup.

“For goodness sake, Christa! I am the one who is the head of the family! Are you really saying that I shouldn’t be able to talk at my own table?” He raised his voice, and with great fear the woman returned to eating, so did the daughter. “Good.” The man replied to that, and for a moment there was silence. For a moment that the first course was finished. The room then was filled with the scent of freshly baked ham, and young baked vegetables.

“I don’t want to see you running, until you can show progress in that subject, Hannah.” The man said, and picked up the meat eyeing it, before placing it on his tongue, letting the sensation of freshly cooked juices irritate his taste buds. “For each success there is it’s own reward. Learn that, and you will fare well.”

Hannah nodded to her father’s words. She did not fully understand father’s anger and obsession over mathematics. But she did fear what would happen if she would slip up. Unable to finish her meal once more. The girl shamefully eyed her dish. “Oh, don’t worry sweetie. I am sure that there is something to look forward to, once you manage!” Christa looked at her daughter with an ever-loving smile before eyeing her plate. “Eric, we should let her play a little as well.”

Having said his peace before, and eaten, the man was less tensed up. “There is time for play. And there is time for work. And time for work can eat the time for play, if you aren’t vigilant enough.” He glanced at his wife, and sighed, before looking at Hannah and letting out a tired smile. “Do not worry, you will grow in a fine lady yet! And then, oh then you will have the world in your palm, just like your mother does!” He gave a glance towards the woman.

“Eric, not at the table. Hannah is here.” Christa said, timely noticing he flirtatious mood of her husband. Cleaning the corners of her mouth, she pushed the plate aside. “We will have desert later.”

Hannah slight sighed, seeing that the sweets will have to wait, nevertheless the thought lingered in her head. “Mamma has power? What power do you have? She eyed miss Embruja with an inquiring eye.

“Oh you will know soon enough. Now it is time for some afternoon rest!” The woman eyed the man, and he nodded, standing up, and dropping the drape on the plate. The servants were quick to run and clean up the table. Hannah stood up and fixed her dress. Eyeing her parents walking off to take an afternoon nap, the girl smirked. She had a whole hour to herself!

“My lady, should we…” Her caretaker Bella was finished with the quick snack as well. It was usual for caretakers, and servants, who were serving lords directly to feast the same time as they did, to maximize their ability to be there in times of needs.

“Hey, hey, Bella! What is the power of the lady? My mother has one!” She inquired.

Seeing that the masters once more have pushed explanation task to her, she smiled, for letting out a sigh would me highly unprofessional of her. “Well, the power is the spell to make a boy instantly fall in love with you! Did you notice how your mother saved you from further questioning? That is just a small part of her power?” She placed finger on her lips, indicating a secret. “This is the secret of the women from the Embruja family.” She then eyed the little girl pondering to herself for a moment.

“Can I?” She slightly fiddled with her fingers, before she leaned in to whisper to Bella, slightly ashamed of the subject of love. “Can I make Papa fall in love with me?”

Oh how difficult the children were. Bella made a slightly pained expression. Thinking of the best way to help Hannah in this question. “Oh, sweetie. A man’s heart can only be taken by one of the Embruja family. Once taken, it will always stay faithful.” Noticing the pained expression on the little girl’s face, Bella rushed in. “But do not worry. Surely you will find someone who you will love as much as mister Embruja.”

“No! There is no man as amazing as papa!” Overtaken by pain, knowing that she won’t be able to get it her way, Hannah ran off, towards her room.

“Young lady!” Powerless to stop her as her servant, Bella, placed her hand on her apron.

Shutting the heavy door behind her, Hannah ran trough her dark room, and umped in her bed, drenching it in seas, of regret and lost hope. Hadn’t she never asked Bella, she wouldn’t feel this way. For a long time the girl was sobbing in her pillow, as the caretaker knocked by the door. “Lady Hannah! Lady Hannah! Please, do not weep, lady Hannah!” her servant’s words were muffled, growing silent beneath the pillow the young lady was hiding her head, to cancel the pleas.

Then in the darkness and moist silence, a whisper, echoed in the back of her head. “Surely there is something you can do about it.” Softly the hue of pink enveloped the girl as she sniffed, talking to herself, whilst Bella had given up. “What can I do? Papa will never love me. He will never marry me!”

“Very well” Bella said in far distance. “I will notify you once supper comes.” Defeated the old woman walked off.

“You remember, that spells are broken once the caster lies asleep.” The soft tone spoke to her ear. “And while mommy sleeps, you can marry papa. And then you will be happy!”

Sniffing the girl sat up, eyeing a small mouse plushy eyeing her, as it walked towards her. “H… How do I do that?” Hannah asked.

The doll revealed a two small pieces of chocolate. “This candy is so delicious, that it can put her to sleep! Once the spell is broken. You will have all the time you need. To marry Eric.” The doll placed the treats in her palm “Give one for mommy and the other for daddy.”

“Won’t papa fall asleep as well?” She asked the obvious question to the mouse. “If papa falls asleep, I won’t be able to get him love me!”

“Don’t worry, it works only on the women of Ebruja family”

How long they were talking was unknown, but a knock at the door, made Hannah look to her side. “Miss Hannah! It’s time for dessert! You should come! It will make you feel better!”

By the dinner table miss and mister Embruja were sitting, watching their daughter enter. Her eyes still slightly red from crying. “Oh sweetie, did something happen?” Christa asked her daughter, eyeing the girl with slight worry.

“I…” She hesitated for a brief moment. This is where she had do decide. Not, the decision was made. She will do what must be done. She gave a solemn smile before walking around the table and placing the two pieces of chocolate on the table. “I wanted to say sorry for not being so good at mathematics.”

“Oh sweetie! That is so fine of you!” The mother hugged her daughter, whilst Eric watched the two, with almost radiant smile.

“Now, now, we must save some spot for the dessert.” He took the chocolate and eyed it. “But maybe you won’t tell that me and mommy snacks before dessert.” He chuckled and popped the sweet in his mouth. The mood clearly had lifted around this time. As Christa followed her husbands example, Hannah stood there, waiting.

“Dearie, we cannot feast, while you are standing there! Go sit, we have something great to tell you!” Pushing Hannah by her back, she urged the girl to take her place by the table.

Moments passed, and a serving of Rye-bread arrangement with whipped cream and cranberry sauce was served. After few bites of the delicious delicatessen, Christa gave a glance at Eric and he nodded. “Hannah.” the woman said, “You will have another sibling!”

There was silence in the room. “I will have a brother?” her fork fell in the dish, making a slight, metallic sound.

Seeing this affect as a positive reaction, Eric nodded. “Possibly. You will be the big sister! I trust you will teach your younger kin well!” He said proudly, looking at his wife with tremendous joy.

Hannah’s heart sank. She knew what having a brother meant. With slight fear in her eyes she glanced at her mother, who was feasting on the dessert.

“What is wrong Hannah? You look a little pale?” her father said. The question was answered with a fork falling on the table. Eric and Hannah looked at Christa, as her body tilted sideways, soon landing on the violet carpet, lifeless. “Christa?” The man said silently, clearly shocked, unable to act upon the situation fully, as moments befoe it was filled with joy. “Chirsta!” He soon got up and rushed to his wife. Servants joined the man.

“Lady, Embruja!” A rain of exclamations filled with fear and worry washed over the hall, as Hannah eyed what was happening before her very eyes. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t right at all! Even if Papa loves her, once Mommy wakes up, it will be all over, knowing that another child will be there to do the same! Hannah was quick to hop off the chair, and run off towards her safe haven. Her bedroom!

“Hannah!” Her father ordered the servants to take care of Christa, hoping that she will be taken care for. Right now, he was worried, that his daughter doesn’t fool anything foolish. “Hannah!”

Thunder struck the skies, as outside heavy rain started to pour. Bashing against the locked door, that lead to his daughter, Eric shouted her name, desperately. Finally the hinges gave in and breaking the tall door, the man stumbled in, only to see such sight before him.

There on the ground, in a pond of dark, she lied there. Hannah’s neck had been pierced by a broken shard of a hand mirror. Blood on her petite hands, which were clenching the broken heart of the little girl. “No…” The man stepped back and fell backwards. “No…”

“EXTRA! EXTRA!” A boy was shouting on the street giving out newspapers for measly copper coins. Handing out the papers, the boy added the headlines. “THE END OF EMBRUJA FAMILY! THE CURSE OF BEWITCHED!” On the headlines was a story. A man had murdered his family in cold blood. Poisoned his pregnant wife and killed his daughter in cold blood. Authorities were looking for him.

“Indeed.” A woman passing the boy with the paper in her hands spoke. “What kind of man does this to his family. Clearly he has no heart.”

“A monster, if I ever known about one! Shame. In Hellifyno, even the most promising entrepreneurs are filled with greed, and disgusting lust for blood!”

And so ends the tale. of Embruja family.


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