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Her last fight.

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Mayven looked through the glass doors of her pal Dominics night club. Dom was a nice guy, he took in orphan kids and taught them how to make there way in the world. He was the one who taught Mayven how to properly pickpocket people, and he taught her, her some of her knife fighting skills too.  She shouldn’t have bothered looking the glass was tinted so you couldn’t see through. She exhaled and opened the door. “Hello?” She lifted her self onto her toes and shifted around like a meerkat on guard watching for eagles. “Anyone here? Dom? Margret?” It was dead silent. Margret was Dom’s assistant. It was dead silent for a few more moments until “Kit-Kat!” She heard from the back room. Kit-Kat was Dominics nick-name for Mayven. May felt a surge of relief and walked to the back room passing all the leather sofas and the bar looking around at all the colored lights taking note the soft jazz music playing in the background. She finally found herself at the heavy metal door to the backroom. She didn’t have a key so she knocked on the door. She saw the handle turn, she expected Dominic or Magret to be there so she put on her best-crumpled copy of a smile. When she saw who answered the door the smile melted into a shocked look but blank at the same time. There he stood. A man she thought had died a long time ago. Snow-white hair, fire red eyes, long lean build, shirtless showing off his many tattoos, Wearing a leather jacket, a pair of pants that had gone to a suit, and a pair of brown dress shoes, splattered with blood already. It was hard to believe the guy was only 17 and even harder to believe still living. “Christian,” May said in a hushed tone.  “You remember me?” Before she could answer Christian snatched Mayven’s wrist and dragged her inside, shut the door again, and locked it. May looked around the room, Dom and Margret were tied to chairs and gagged looking desperate, emotional, Next to them there were three guys in suits. Mayven just had one thought which came out loud. “Dom…you sold me out?” Her voice cracked, and she could feel her eyes start to well up with tears, testing to overflow. One of the men pulled the rag out of Dominick’s mouth. “I’m sorry Kit-Kat…Too many people offering to much money.” Mayven’s saddened looked turned into this look of deep Hatred as her eyes stung and she felt the tears rolling down her cheeks. She looked to Margret. May had never liked Margret, she was rich, had wonderful toned skin, thick red hair, pretty green eyes, she was tall, and today dressed in a strapless red body con dress with a fur boa and black stilettos. Mayven today was dressed, in her opinion, like a total badass. She had on a pair of leather pants, a black tee-shirt, her pale green bomber jacket, and a pair of black combat boots. She turned around to face the bigger problem, Christian.  “You are the reasons I have blood on my hands. The reason I no longer hesitate to pull a trigger. The reason why, even now, a whole year later, I can’t sleep at night. Dam right I remember you.” Mayven put her head down, looked up at him with a scowl. Christian smirked and looked to the men in suits. He nodded and them men came walking towards her. Mayven blew the hair out of her face and looked at them. “Oh hell no.” My rested her arms back on the top of a stool, lifted herself up, and kicked on of them right in the chest hard enough to knock him over. The second one she turned around, in on swift movement pulled the small handgun off her side holster and smacked him right across the face with it, knocking him out. The first one was back up and the third coming at her. Christian was leaning back sipping on a soda. “Oh, how I do love a good show.” He called. May listed her leg up and spun around in an attempt to kick the third guy across the face. Her leg was caught though and guy number three twisted his arm to flip her onto the ground. Mayven grunted, hitting the hard pavement ground.  She felt a knee between her shoulder blade and her arms being held back. She looked up as she watched Christian walk over, bend over next to her, and take her gun. “Ch-Christian.” She struggled “I hate you.” she snarled. Christian chuckled. “Well, I could  say the same for you.”

“What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me?” 

“Kill you? No, we, Mayven, are going to see how many times a person can break.”

That was the last thing Mayven heard before a rag was forced over her mouth and she passed out.  

Mayven woke up to footsteps. Footsteps of someone walking in an empty, hollow room. Her eyes fluttered open, her vision was refusing to focus. She could still make out who it was though, standing in front of her. The shaggy white hair, the lean body figure, the way he stood with his hands behind his back “Chris-” she coughed, she could feel it, blood sputtering out of her mouth “Christian.” she managed to mutter. Mayven made an attempt to walk but she stayed put and only heard the clanking sound of heavy metal. Shackles? Had Christian really put her in shackles? “Who re you?” said the voice of a little boy May turned her head and blinked a bit her vision adjusting to the dark and focusing. She saw a little boy short shaggy brown hair, big green eyes, shaggy ragged old cloth clothes. “Eli?!” Mayven asked in a panic. Was it him? Why? Why wold Cristian take Eli? He was just a little boy and he wasn’t an elemental like Christian and Mayven were. He was just an elf boy. May screamed out when Christian walked closer to Eli. “No! Christian! Don’t hurt him! Don’t touch him! Why- Why do you have him? You can- you can hurt me instead just..don’t touch Eli…” Christian walked over to Mayven “Mayven, I was planning on hurting both of you, just you worse. .”There was a pause. “You bastard.” Mayven began to shout “You Lying, awful bastard!” May seeing as her legs were free and it was her arms that were chained jumped up and kicked Christian in the stomach.  “Let him go! You-You, let him go!” Christian swiftly slapped Mayven across the face with the kick. He pulled her gun from his side and held it at the side over her head. “Excuse me? I  am in full control here. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He shot off a warning shot by her foot pieces of pavement coming up and hitting her.  Mayven stared at the Fire elemental boy. “Watch yourself.” She started ” If this turns into a fight, you know who wins.” Christians grin widened as his gaze locked with hers. The burning red and freezing blue leaving the light of purple between. “I’m glad you know when to accept defeat.”  Mayven smiled a little. ” You sir, are a manipulator. of fire and emotions.” 

“I like to think of myself as an outcome engineer.”

“- But I am a manipulator of water. And all it takes is a bucket of water to put out a raging fire.” Mayven smiled as she started to turn to mist happy he hadn’t given her anything to take away her powers yet. She appeared behind Christian and kicked him in the back with all her force. Christian yelped and tumbled forward. Soon enough he turned around and tried to pull Mayvens gun on her but May had taken it from him when she moved. Christian had to think quickly. He pulled a knife from the knife sheath he kept on her ankle and held it up to Eli’s neck. Eli started to scream and cry and kick. Mayven froze in her tracks. She knew she could lift things with her brain she had done it once before. In an attempt to kill her friend. They weren’t friends at the time though and ironically enough he was the only friend May had left who was still living. She whispered one soft word under her breath “edge lord.” She smiled. She knew now that she had to make it out of this alive. She and her friend had suffered too much loss already and she couldn’t live without him,  she needed him. He was all May had left.  Mayven’s electric blue eyes began to glow. The knife in Christian’s hand began to float shaking in the air. It was thrown to the side. They could all hear it when it slammed on the ground and echoed. Christians Red eyes glowed and his right hand became encased in fire. She shot his hand out, fire shooting at Mayven. Mayven was hit with the fireball on her left shoulder, and already hurt shoulder from a panther attack. She screamed in agony and trembled to her knees.  “I-i…” She couldn’t even finish a sentence, just lay on the floor letting out blood-curdling screams every time another surge of pain went through her. Four men in suits came into the room. Each one picked up a different limb. They lifted her up and started to walk away with her.  She continued to scream and struggle she couldn’t give up that easy, but the men were stronger than her. They brought her into a room where she had to squint it was so bright. There were bright lights everywhere and this big tube thingy. They forced her into the tube though she struggled. Her hand locked into these tiny separate capsules. A few hours later, the men had left her, she had no way of escape. Christian walked into the room. “Finally” He dragged “Now, lets get on with this shall we?” Mayven coughed up more blood having to just spit it the glass door of the tube and watch her own blood slide down onto the bottom where there was a drain. “Fine.” May muttered “But first, you have to tell me why? Why you are doing this.” she demanded. 

“Because I want to,” 


“To see you in pain.”

“And you want to see that, why?” 

“Because you should be dead already!”

“I was dead! I was dead and no one cared! Not even my best friend! And can’t you see? Can’t you see it? I am still dead! I will always be dead because You took the life that was inside me. So…I give up. I surrender. Do whatever you?e gonna do. Do you want to kill me? Kill me. Do you want my power? Take my power. I’m done trying to save myself. I give up ” 


Mayven felt herself choke, the tears started to stream down her face. Christian walked over to the tube thing she was in and went to the side. He started to press buttons and flick switches. Finally, the tube starts to make a rumbling sound and starts to vibrate. Mayven held her head down and continued to cry until she felt it. The pull. The pulling on her arms and herself had this heavyweight put on her making it hard to breathe, hard to move. She saw the swirls in her skin that would look like normal burn marks begin to glow white.  She looked into the capsules her hands were in and her magic was going sucked out of her. Two large streams of blue fire being sucked into who knows where.  All of a sudden Mayven felt it. That last bit of hope, the last fight she had in her. She gritted her teeth as what was happening to her hurt very much. Mayven noticed something. The door was made of glass. Normal glass. She could tell by the way the light glistened in it. She took one gasp for air, listed her legs, and kicked the door so hard it shattered. Christian stood there staring in disbelief and anger. She pulled her hands out, stumbled out of the tube, and sprinted out of the room. Christian chase after her but no men in suits got involved. Mayven was at an advantage though. She wasn’t only an elemental like Christian was. She was also half tiger so she sprinted a lot faster than he ran. She skitted down the halls into the room made of pavement where Eli was. Still crying and scared. Mayven took her knife out from her sleeve, where she kept it. She shook Eli “Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s me. It’s me. I’m here, I’m going to get you out of here okay?” Her voice was soft but still panicked. She used her knife and started to cut little wires and ropes. She undid the clamps on his shackles and grabbed her hand. 

“Eli, listen very closely, Do not leave my side, do not look behind you, do not slow down. Got it?” 

“got it.”

Mayven took Eli’s hand in hers and started to sprint down the halls again going so fast she was basically dragging Eli. She looked everywhere for a door. She finally saw one. A door. She and Eli had hope. She ran faster than she did before and pushed the door open. Eli ran out and soon followed Mayven. May looked around. There was a gravel road that leads straight ahead, to there left there was a forest and to there right a bluff. Mayven grabbed Eli again and led them in the direction of the forest. “Eli.” May looked away not knowing how to tell him what she had to say. She waited till they were in the safety of the trees. She bent down so she was face to face with Eli. She took a deep breath “Eli I want you to listen to me. Please.” She pleaded. “Okay,” Eli responded confused as to why May was upset. 

“Elijah. I love you, and I need you to remember that. But you have to leave without me-“

“No! I’m not leaving without you. I don’t want you to get hurt.” 

“Eli, shh, shh. I know I know, but it’s too dangerous to go together. So just run. Run as far as you can as fast as you can.” 

“May…I’m scared.” 

“I know, bubby, I know.” Mayven hugged Eli super tight and buried her face in his hair knowing this was the last hug she would ever give him or Maybe anyone.  She let him go but brought him back in for one last hug. She stood up and turned around about to walk away. She turned her head over her shoulder and smiled remembering an inside joke of theirs “Run like a tiger, bubba.” May closed her eyes and let the tears roll down her cheeks. She heard the rustling of leaves and sticks meaning Eli was running.  Mayven walked out of the forest again and was immediate hi right in the leg with a fireball. She clenched her leg and let out a scream in agony. She limped to the gravel and fell down. The gravel was harsh and cold against her back. She just began to whimper and cry and scream in pain. Christian looked down at her. She had a pistol in his hands aimed at her head. He had finally done it. He broke her and he could have done so much worse. He won.  “My oh my.” Christian purred “How absolutely splendid it is to see the almighty tiger reduced to whimpering, bloody mess.”  Christian kicked her ribs and there was a loud “Crack!” sound and then one last scream of pain, then a “Bang!” and everything went dark.


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