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Her Personal Hell

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Her Personal Hell

If you could describe a perfect hell for Jessica it would be that castle, the one she grew up in. It brain washed her, terrified her and the torture almost felt never ending. She will never forget the lonely nights, the bloodied knees and elbows from the cold basement floor which she called her bed each night. The numerous amount of men forcing themselves upon her, she had no control with what happened to her… and death almost seemed like the best option. She almost became numb to it all as she got older, she couldn’t change anything? Couldn’t force anyone to treat the bastard servant daughter right.

The night she watched her mother die was one of the most worst nights that will ever be stuck in her brain, worst then all of the other things going on with her. Watching her mother brutally rapped and stabbed by the Queens nights, the Queen sitting there with the largest smile upon her lips. But Jessica, No.. she wasn’t done with Jessica! She wanted Jessica to live just a bit longer, so she gave her a potion that forever changes Jessica’s. Laying there almost feeling paralyzed, she watched her mother bleed out… she remembers her mothers last touch. Jess reach over touching her mothers cold shaking hand, until there was no more shaking…. and no more sound coming from her mother. The last bit she could remember was being hit by one of the nights and it all went blank…

The water piercing ice cold water touched her skin as she glanced up, she was thrown over large rock into the depths of the sea. The Queen smile looked at her as if it wasn’t the end, she knew she would meet her again someday in this life… but she didn’t know when. For hours and hours she couldn’t swim, she simply was a Mermaid and couldn’t use her fin. What the HELL what she, and why didn’t she have her legs?! It took Jessica a good couple months to figure out how to be what she was, to control what she was. Over 2,000 years she’s lived without her mother, left with the dirty memories of what that castle did to her. Loneliness and depression was the only thing she could feel, her life there was over.. But what was to come Next? Well, little did she know it was going to be a Very long journey.

To Be Continued. . . .

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